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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Simon Watkins, City Editor of the Mail on Sunday, and


The Telegraph leads with potential new laws to tackle


Their picture story is of the BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire, who's


leaving Radio 5 Live along with fellow presenter Shelagh Fogarty.


Both will be replaced by men, despite the Director General


of the BBC saying he wanted more women on the air.


The Metro also leads with the revenge porn story.


That's alongside a celebratory picture


of the unseeded Australian who beat Nadal at Wimbledon this evening.


Nadal crashing out of Wimbledon is also the main


Nadal is twinned with former champion Maria Sharapova,


Their main story is a call from a leading doctor for a change


in the law to help end the lives of terminally ill patients without


are no risk to health " is the Express's headline on the


cholesterol`lowering drug, that's according to health experts.


The FT leads with what looks like good news,


with sterling hitting a six`year high against the dollar ` although


it could mean the Bank of England becoming the first major central


Let us begin. We are going to begin with the Daily Telegraph.


They have a piece about how there is a new law that could come in to


tackle this idea of revenge pawn. I think it is another example of the


law playing catch up with what is going on on the Internet. There are


websites dedicated to revenge pornography. If you have an


acrimonious break`up with your partner, you can post pictures of


you in more happy days doing whatever. Images taken in happier


times and then used as a weapon. It is surprisingly this does not


already contravene some law. Obviously the feeling is the law is


not being used, and maybe the solution is to pinpoint a specific


offence. Have there been cases where they


have been able to get a conviction? The piece is suggesting there has


been a spate of suicides on the back of this. They mention a particular


incident with a young woman in `` who was working in Abu Dhabi, and


she feared her ex`boyfriend was going to post pornographic ``


pornographic pictures. She feared for her safety and her job and she


sadly took her own life. An extension of the bullying we have


heard a lot about online. Yes, and as I say I think there have been


efforts to prosecute over certain types of harassment, and stalking


laws have been used in some cases, although obviously this particular


offence, which for those who are victims is particularly upsetting,


is not getting the attention it seems.


The other story is about Isis, `` you can now save more. What have the


banks done? The rates are not very good. The rates have been tripped ``


trimmed back. We have historically low interest rates. And this to have


come back even further. And that is the Budget.


`` and that is after the Budget. But it always feels that you are given


good news on the one hand and the banks always seem to find another


way to clobber you behind the scenes.


Have they given any possible reason? The bank stake in deposits


to lend them out, and if they do not, `` if they do not want to lend


out, they do not need deposits in. There is a bigger economic picture.


One of the reasons interest rates are at a historic low, one of the


reasons low interest rates work to stimulate the economy is that it


encourages people to spend rather than to save. So in some ways it is


part of the solution to our current economic situation. We have had low


interest rates encouraging people to spend... If you do not want to


spend, that is unfortunate. We think on the one hand we can put more


money in, tax`free saving, so we put money aside to do that, then we


realise we are no better off. And lots of people who have retired,


their income is the interest on their savings.


We can take a look at the Guardian. The picture of the shot at Wimbledon


today. But let us that about the main story, top doctors `` top


Doctor's assisted `` assisted dying coal. He is making a lot of points.


He is saying doctors should be able to help terminally ill patients to


take their own life. Last week we heard in the Supreme Court that the


bid to have the ban on assisted dying was not upheld, so he put the


issue back on the agenda. It is very emotive, and I think unless this is


something that personally affects you, you do not really know what it


is like. It is a hard thing to judge. If it is brought in there are


fears that the law might be abused, to get people's savings or cash in


on life insurance. But when you are personally affected by this you see


a different side. But it is a very hard thing to roll on. The thing


some people find hard is that you give prior approval to somebody to


help somebody die effectively. Plenty of people can accept that


there are circumstances in which that is the morally compassionate


thing to do. Legally sanctioning it in advance is a line I think some


people will find hard to deal with. This is an issue that is good to be


debated in the House of Lords next month.


Talking about compassion, he is talking about the need for the


equivalent of midwives to sort of nice people through their final


days. When you put it like that, these will be specific people who


will help people with palliative care and be given that legal...


The manner of death, which we all have to face at some point, I think


we do not handle it very well as a society. We do not have mechanisms.


The medical profession are there to keep people alive rather than help


it would die, and I think it is something that perhaps


understandably not a lot of thought has gone into it.


There are other points, he is talking about a four`day working


week. Excellent idea! What the is also the serious issue of mental


health. `` but there is. These are things we do not pay enough


attention to. I think he is spot on on that one.


The other top story is quite interesting, they have got access to


the Tory party guest list at their main fundraising event of the year.


Only a year late but nonetheless! What do we learn from who was there


last year? These tables for the privilege of sitting next to David


Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, it was ?12,000 to sort of


Rob shoulders. `` Rob. The suggestion is that it was sort of


clouded in secrecy, they are quite reluctant to release the names of


these guests, and I think it just has generalists asking more


questions. `` journalists. Underlying this is the whole


question of political funding and how it comes forward. Both Labour


and the Tories frequently get into trouble as to where the funding


comes from, whether it is big business, billionaires, unions. On


the other hand the other option of taxpayer funding of political


parties is probably equally unpalatable.


Difficult to see how much they make from these types of events, although


I think it does say that they took ?1.1 million in the week following


that particular event. There will be a lot of entertaining tomorrow


evening, where ever it is this year. `` wherever.


The Financial Times, this sounds like good news. It is not that


straightforward. The strong pound is good if we are going on holiday. The


serious risk is that a strong pound makes exports in this country will


`` more expensive overseas, makes it harder for British manufacturers to


export their goods abroad, and getting growth and exports up is a


critical part of the next phase of the economic recovery. So a strong


pound is not... Unless you're going on holiday.


Let us top about our final story. What happened at Wimbledon today?


Lots of people have been watching that. And deep shock.


What is going on? Serena Williams is out, Maria Sharapova, now today, one


of the favourites, Rafa Nadal was beaten by this completely unknown


19`year`old Australian unseeded guy. This is the beauty of Wimbledon, as


much as we have our favourites and we want them to do well, Wimbledon


is about moments like this where people come from nowhere and explode


onto the scene. Andy Murray has hailed him as a future date of the


sport. `` great. It is what Wimbledon's all about. If the


seeding was actually the order in which the tournament ended, it would


be terribly dull. The whole point is that seeding gets mixed up.


Who do you reckon Tom then? Murray is still in there. I think there is


a quote from him in one of the papers about this amazing young


Australian saying, he is a future champion but presumably Andy Murray


is hoping not this year. More from you a little later.


That is it for us from the moment `` from us for the moment. Sport coming


up. It's been a day of upsets


at Wimbledon. Nadal follows Sharapova out


at the forth round stage.


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