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rain in the north`west of Scotland by the end of the day, that will


push further southwards, threatening rain in the south`east in time for


the weekend. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Eleanor


Mills, Editorial Director of The Sunday Times and Owen Jones, the


author and columnist for The Guardian. Pretty much all of the


front pages are in. Both have a look at them now. `` let's have a look. A


police mugshot of Rolf Harris dominates the front page of the


Telegraph. The veteran entertainer been found


guilty of 12 charges of indecently assaulting four girls.


The Metro says some of Rolf Harris's crimes took place while he was


fronting a campaign to raise awareness about child abuse.


The Guardian shows a picture of Harris leaving court with his


family, after hearing the guilty verdicts. The Express also shows the


police picture of Rolf Harris. That picture's also on the front of The


Mail. The Independent shows Rolf Harris


with his self`portrait, alongside the caption Portrait of a Predator.


The Financial Times says bankers at BNP Paribas are facing pay cuts,


after it agreed to pay a fine of around $9 billion for breaking


sanctions laws. The Times leads on an opinion poll


by YouGov for the paper on voting intentions in Scotland's


independence referendum. We are going to start with the Daily


Mail. For 50 years, the face of wholesome family TV. Now we know the


truth about Rolf Harris. A story about another man with power and


prestige, the national sweetheart who used his celebrity not only to


gain access to people he abused, but to protect himself on the basis that


no one would ever be able to come forward. If we look at the horror of


the incidents he was involved with, the fact that it would happen in


public, where he would us all people as young as eight years old and act


as though nothing happened. What is important that has come out of this


is the sense that, however powerful people are, however much prestige


they have to their name, people can come forward. That is important,


this Operation Yewtree has had its critics, saying it is in the past


and they have been other incidents where people have been found not


guilty, it is estimated that 400,000 women are sexually assaulted each


year, 80,000 women are raped. Very few and up with guilty convictions.


Many people don't come forward. If anything comes out of this, this is


what has been set by the prosecution, that people will be


able to come forward. This is another horrific example following


Jimmy Savile and others using power and prestige. Operation Yewtree came


out of the investigation into Jimmy Savile and was widened and as a


result the net was thrown across a number of people who were very high


profile for a number of years. That sings in for a lot of people as


well, that these people they grew up with on TV, people like Rolf


Harris, who were a staple in households up and down the country,


were actually hiding something much darker behind`the`scenes. It was


Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, Stuart Hall, I think what I find


interesting is that I hope the sexual mores have changed enough


that people would speak out against those kind of president is now. It


is about deference and a match Okore cha, it was about stars who seemed


to be above everything `` culture. What is heart`wrenching is the


stories about the victims. The tabloids are doing Jimmy Savile and


Rolf Harris and how they went together to Broadmoor, they used to


watch women are dressing and so on. There may have been some collusion


going on, which sounds grim. There is a sense that these men thought


they were entirely above the law, omnipotent, they absolutely used


their power over people to get their way for a long time. What is awful


is the tales from the victims. There is a brave Australian woman called


Tonia, who waved her anonymity to speak about it and she speaks about


being 15, sitting on his lap and what he did with other people


around. It is the brazenness of it. This man assaulted his 13`year`old


daughter's best friend while she is lying next to him. He revelled in


the power that he could do this in plain sight and no one would pass


him. It must have been an amazing power rush for him. `` bust him.


That is why justice is so important. It is why I hope people no one feels


they are above the law. If we go to the times. Rolf Harris has 40 years


of depravity `` Rolf Harris's. Eating up on the point made, and the


point made by the public prosecution, who helped bring the


charges against Rolf Harris, he made the point that no one is above the


law `` bringing up on the point. Hopefully, the sexual mores have


changed and developed and hopefully, no one in a position of fame or what


ever will feel they can get away with it. If only things have


changed. Statistics show it is the case that most people sexually ``


who are sexually assaulted are raped come forward and very few get guilty


verdicts. Is that due to the police? It is, yes. The possessions


of these massive cases are changing. `` perceptions. What is it they


discovered about Jimmy Savile? People saying, he did it to me also.


They could not do that while he was alive, which is awful. The


floodgates have opened. I don't think someone would reckon they


could get away with this. You disagree? That has to be the hope.


We have moved on from this narrative and this commentary but there were


some critics of Operation Yewtree who said this was in the past. A


sense people pushing of false accusations, how the real victims


are the people who were falsely accused. Who were all represented by


Max Clifford, one of the worst ringleaders. The point that we


should focus on is that there are so many people in this country who are


victims of sexual violence who never get justice. That is why these cases


are important. All of us, let's be honest, saw this today and instantly


a lot of us thought, my word, that is part of my childhood. A cultural


violation of everyone. That is what protected these people in the first


place. Rolf Harris? The beloved artist. He couldn't do something


like this. He draws bunny ears and animals. Rape is always about


power. It isn't about lust or Selt shall attraction. It is totally


about power. `` sexual attraction. These people know they have this


power that they can wield. That is how they get a kick out of it. It is


frightening. We need to look broader, beyond the celebrities. It


was a culture in which old, powerful men had a sense of themselves about


`` around the women around them. You hear the narrative about men not


being safe in taxis and that it was up to women to deal with it and


fight them off. There is a shift in the society now. Everyday sexism,


pointing this out. There is much more of a sense that women are more


empowered. If anything comes out of it, it has to be a good thing. Those


campaigns are hugely inspiring initiatives. What they do show


is... How prevalent it is. The objectification of women by men.


That is why we cannot separate rape from the broader sense. It is the


case in society that women are treated as sexual objects to exist


for the gratification of men, which we need to fight. It is almost


becoming worse. Internet porn and the extreme varieties of VAT, which


are so available everywhere and two very young kids, is fuelling the


worse objectification of women that we have seen `` varieties of that.


We must be aware of that and campaigned against it. Let's move on


to the Guardian. The bottom they are, Israel says Hamas will pay


after teenagers are found dead. The voice of Israeli people will be for


the call for some kind of military response to the discovery these


three teenagers kidnapped weeks ago have been found dead. How awful for


the families, that they have been found dead and they are so young.


Missing while hitchhiking back from school. At the centre of that is a


real human tragedy. There will be far more tragedy because what always


seems to happen in Israel is that you get a terrible thing will happen


and Israeli authorities say it was Hamas already and 500 people have


been rounded up and there have been raids. What has been clear from


Netanyahu and the economy minister, they say that now is the time to act


and there will be reprisals against Hamas and Palestinians who are seen


as the people who killed these children. It is awful for the


Israeli families. There has to be a fear of a wider conflation, more


hostility, horrible things happening. We have the caliphate


announced by ISIS. Terrible things going on in Syria and Iraq, it is


depressing. A word we will hear a lot of his proportionality and what


kind of response is warranted from Israel, who claim that it is Hamas


who are responsible for the deaths of these teenagers `` is


proportionality. These deaths are horrific and sickening crimes which


have torn entire families apart and have provoked a huge emotional


reaction. We must learn about five Palestinians have been killed as a


response to raids which followed the disappearance of these three lads


who have been murdered horribly. We have five people dead, life is our


life and death is a death. The danger is collective punishment that


might follow the deaths of these young teenagers. That there won't be


a proportionate response. Everyone will support justice. Those


responsible must be taken to justice. Where you have a Nokia


nation that remains and is a illegal under international law, where you


have Israel committing, in response to other acts of disproportionate


responses, where innocent people die, the danger is that these wind,


the five Palestinians who have died in the three young teenagers who


have been killed, that will not be the only death we see. If there is a


disproportionate response, it will end in the deaths of people on both


sides, which we need to be levelheaded about, because the


danger is now, in Israel, there will be such an emotional response it


will be manipulated to support that angle. It has been said already


there needs to be a widespread operation to eradicate Hamas. Israel


claimed that Hamas are responsible and claim they have evidence they


are responsible. Is the evidence is there that Hamas leadership is


connected with what happened? From this story, there don't seem to be,


and from what one reads in the paper, it does not seem to be this


person was ordered by this Hamas commander to do this. You would


wonder why Hamas would order the execution of three young Israeli


boys. They know what is likely to come down on them from the Israeli


army if that was the case. Why would you do it? I think it is incredibly


sad and awful and it will be even more horrible violence. Israeli


intelligence say they have the names of the people involved. There needs


to be a proper judicial response. Due process. Not collective


punishment where it innocent civilians die. It has already


happened as a result. That never happens in Israel. You get a tribal


setting up against each other, in a place that is already full of


inflamed tension. Let's go on to the Sun, the back page. Mr Suarez. I am


sorry. In brackets they have, can I join Barcelona now? This guy has


beaten three members of opposing teams over the last three years.


Three! This is the first time he has apologised. Why? He wants to go to


Spain. He accidentally fell over and his teeth happened to collide with


an innocent shoulder. Normal rough and tumble of a contact sport. Would


you believe that if your kids at that? Did you read the statement?


What appears to have happened is the man happens to have been bitten as I


passed him. Today, he says he did it. That's what it says in the


statement. The rumours are this is his attempt to get to Barcelona.


Unless he apologises, psychologist has said that if he has beaten


someone already, he will do it again. There is something clearly


going on. There are other controversies. It is weird to go


around biting. Zombielike response. Let's not discuss his mental state


to note. It will take too long. The Daily Telegraph. `` tonight. You


aren't selling it to me, we aren't interested. I am sorry, this is a


massive story. The Daily Telegraph said, so much for summer, autumn is


here already. This hinges on beech nuts and butterflies which are


already here. And, raspberries are out early. My mum is making jam.


That is the kiss of death. The barbecue summer. The Express rarely


get it wrong. Analysis shows. I don't think it feels autumnal. It is


a typical summer. It definitely cannot reign. You are in trouble,


love. Many thanks. Much appreciated. Stay with us. We will have more of


the fallout from the guilty verdicts against Rolf Harris, guilty


of indecently assaulting four girls and women. Now, it is time for World


Cup Sportsday.


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