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of Germany versus Nigeria. `` Algeria. Luis Suarez has apologised


to Giorgio Chiellini for biting him to stop we will tell you in 15


minutes. Hello, and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Eleanor Mills,


Editorial Director of The Sunday Times and Owen Jones, Columnist


for The Independent and author. Let's have a look at the front


pages. We will start with that police mugshot of Rolf Harris


dominating the front page of the Telegraph. The entertainer was found


guilty of 12 charges of indecently assaulting four girls. Metro says


some of the crimes took place while he was fronting a campaign to raise


awareness about child abuse. The Guardian shows a picture there of Mr


Harris leaving court with his family after hearing the guilty verdicts.


The express also carries that picture, that police picture of the


entertainer Rolf Harris. That is also the front page of the Daily


Mail. The Financial Times doing a different story. It is talking about


BNP Paribas facing pay cuts for its staff after paying a fine of $9


billion for breaking sanctions laws. We will start with the Daily Mail.


Rolf Harris, of course, is on the front page of most of the papers.


For 50 years, he was the face of wholesome only TV. Now we know the


truth. Rolf Harris is a predator truth. Rolf Harris is a predator who


duped us all. I grew up with him. He was a familiar face on TV. He is a


criminal now. I think it is a really strange day, because with all of the


Jimmy Savile staff, there was a sense it seemed a bit weird. But


Rolf Harris, he was someone that keeps really loved. I remember Have


You Guessed What It Is Yet? I think everybody feels horrendous for the


victims. I think everybody feels a sense of eight told about Rolf


Harris, and details are really gritty. He has been found guilty of


all 12 counts. The Telegraph as saying there are 13 more people have


already cold in. There may be 37 more people who have come forward.


There was this awful film of him singing a song about sexual abuse of


children which he fronted in 1985, and that is such a brazen either


hiding in plain sight or a kind of really weird omnipotence split


personality thing going on. I think it is awful. There was his wife and


daughter at the trial. The fact he was abusing these children while his


daughter was sleeping, that must be awful for his family. One of his


victims, that was the evidence brought before the jury. The fact


is, he probably reached the point, and this seemed to be what came out


of the prosecution segment today, it was almost as if he was getting away


with it for so long, he believed he could continue getting away with it


until the end of time. He was above the law. That is the parallel with


the likes of Jimmy Savile. That sense of being untouchable and using


their celebrity not just in order to gain access to people who they


horrifically abused but also to protect themselves from justice.


We're talking about victims as young as... Seven. The other disturbing


parallel is the use of his daughter almost to gain access to their


friends and molesting a friend in front of the daughter. The key point


in one of the clips you show before, this should encourage others to come


forward. No matter how influential all`powerful or well`respected, and


we all talk about how this man we do in his childhood. It was worth with


Jimmy Savile because he was so widely suspected, yet nothing was


done. `` it was worse. We know every year, 400,000 women are sexually


assaulted. 80,000 direct. A small proportion of those ever come to


trial and come to justice. If any good comes out of this, this will


encourage other people to come forward and be believed to be able


to have the confidence to be supported as well. This is a day


of... We were looking before it victim of one of the victims. It is


young age to be abused like that. It will have a lasting damaging effect


on those people. They are survivors. They have survived a terrible


incident, but this is such an important day for them because it is


finding justice after feeling ignored and powerless at the hands


of this celebrity who got away with it. Long. One of his victims said


she contemplated suicide. Let's move the Guardian. National treasure,


paedophile, Harris. A reference to his place in society for up to 50


years. He was a national treasure. He even painted the Queen. He had an


OBE. They said they would take away the fellowship. Also it looks like


he wait `` he may well die in jail. Papers are saying that it will be a


custodial sentence and a long one. It looks as though maybe there are


others as well. Going on to the point you were talking about about


this giving a voice to those victims who felt they did not have a voice


for such a long time, I was speaking to the former Director of Public


Prosecutions Keir Starmer who was saying this vindicates the notion in


our criminal justice system that suspects are named in these kinds of


trials. Even before a guilty verdict. People do come forward.


They knew was Rolf Harris. It is a key point to make. Before 1988, it


was anonymity for both sides. Margaret Thatcher APPLAUSE


Government, it was right for the government to change the law.


`` Margaret Thatcher APPLAUSE Government.


There are all of these false accusations. People in a sense are


the victims who are wrongly named. The real issue we have at the moment


is that most victims, most survivors of sexual assault or rape, to come


forward, don't end up justice, don't end up with those responsible being


taken to justice, and they are likely to do it again. We have this


sense of this was all in the past. Things are different then. White dig


into the past like this? But also that sense that all of these people


have been wrongly dragged to the courts. `` white dig into the past?


Seven people have finally got justice after being too long


protected because of their status. It should encourage all of those


hoping to come forward. Very briefly, a final word on this. Dave


Lee Travis found innocent of the charges. Freddie Starr as well.


There is this, and Keir Starmer pointed to this, there is a balance.


You have to look at the evidence. William Roache also got off. What


this shows is that the justices and does work. There was a lot of chat


beforehand that these cases were too historical. You could try them


because they were so long ago. What has been so compelling about Rolf


Harris's is that people have been saying the same thing. Same with Max


Clifford. What has been proved is that you absolutely can try this


case is fairly, and the ones where they are not fair, they won't work.


There is a sense that justice is being done and seen to be done and


that has to be a good thing for the victims, and no one should ever feel


they are above the law and will get away with it again. Let's hope not.


We will stay with the Guardian. We will go down to the bottom of the


front page. Israel says Hamas will pay for teenagers, those three


teenagers who have been found dead in Hebron. One cabinet member is


saying tonight that they should be a widespread operation to eradicate


Hamas. These are horrific criminal acts. Let's remember these three


names, because what happens now, they will be forgotten. Nothing will


ever be able to repair the horrific grief and misery that their parents


are now going through. These are crimes no one should underestimate


or downplay what has happened to these people. At the same time, five


Palestinians were also killed following the disappearances of


these teenagers. These were five Palestinians in the West Bank, and


others have been killed in air strikes in the Gaza Strip. These


also horrors and miserable tragedies which have ripped families apart.


The key point is this. These are treated as criminal acts, and


justice, these people responsible, they have to be brought to justice.


They cannot have corrective punishment and responsibility


whereby other people as a result of another operation, well, this is


early happens because innocent have been killed, but we do know want a


disproportionate attack where many people on both sides die, and that


is the data at the moment. `` that is the danger at the moment. They


would argue to retaliate in some shape or form. But that will be


complicated. It is not as Hamas they are dealing with, but the more


moderate Fatah faction. As we know, Israel is an absolute pressure


cooker of all sorts of problems. What happened to these lawyers is


awful. They were coming back from their religious school. But what is


really terrifying is the prospect it raises of even more widespread


violence within Israel. The occupied territories are a source of


contention anyway. The fact that the president is blaming Hamas for the


murders and saying they will pay a heavy price, Hamas will pay, and the


economic ministers saying now is the time to act. The Times tomorrow is


saying there will be more shelling and military aides in Israel, and


the last thing anyone wants there is more bloodshed. It is terrible but


these poor kids were murdered, and that is awful. Whoever did it should


pay. It is the prospect of another mighty congregation `` conflagration


in that area. Given what is happening in Syria, we have had the


insurgents and outing themselves today. Life is a life. A death is a


death. A tragedy is a tragedy. We have had five Palestinians killed in


the West Bank in retaliatory raids following the disappearance of these


teenagers who have been so terribly and tragically killed. That ran


setup. We have had other incidents with deaths on both sides, but let's


make sure now that we do not have a situation where there is a huge


escalation and collective punishment is dealt out.


considering their options. Suarez, it was an accident, I am a little


bit sorry! He originally said he fell into the sky, just happening to


hit his shoulder blades. I am a mother of two kids, and you know


they have done something wrong, and they say they did not do it. The


whole world saw him do it, finally he said he had a few days to go


home, talk to his parents. We have all fallen over, and clamped down. A


zombie epidemic. You will be back in one hour's time, little bit shorter,


actually. Thank you for that. Stay with us, much more coming up at the


top of the hour. Including more fallout from that decision that Rolf


Harris is guilty of assaulting four women. Coming up now, the sport.


Welcome to Sports day, Germany cannot find a way past Algeria,


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