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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers. A lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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quarterfinals. We will have news of a big name sacking and rugby league,


and they will have an update on Tyson day.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Randeep Ramesh, Social Affairs Editor for the Guardian


The front page of the Metro shows a picture of a con man who has been


jailed for eight years because of a lottery scam. Large sections of the


relevant work will be brought back into political ownership.


Holiday`makers could be subject to long delays because of the latest


terror threat according to the telegraph. The main picture on the


Daily Mail is of a Canadian tennis player celebrating winning her


Wimbledon semifinal. Let's begin. We start with the Guardian. Not showing


any preferential treatment. The headline is, plan for competitive


bids with private sector when contracts come up for renewal. It is


not an automatic assumption that any section will fall back into the


hands of the state, but they are going to have a look and see what


the best option would be. Ed Miliband raised this earlier on when


he took over leadership of the Labour Party by saying that it was


absurd that other European state owned railways owed bits of our


railway, and I think he was referring to the Dutch railway


making rockets of the British and seamers, so it has been a theme.


This worker making profits off the British's trains. Who is going to


bid for these things? It will cost the public purse quite a bit of


money to do so. The actual bidding process can cost you ever it is,


weather it is the state or private companies, between ?5 million in ?10


million just to bed. If the government were to bid for all of


them, a lot of money might go down the drain. I have sympathy with Ed


Miliband's point about it being galling that foreign private


companies who are owned by foreign governments are making a lot of


money out of successful British Railways. We pay for expensive


tickets and it is lining the pockets of foreign governments. We all were


member that fiasco just two years ago when the government completely


messed up and got the sums wrong and had to go groveling back to Richard


Branson and apologise and there were expensive legal fees. They could not


possibly do any worse than they did, and also, since that one particular


line, the East Coast Main line was taken back, and that has actually


been very successful, and that is now washing its face quite


respectively. You can see the attraction. I can't help but feel


there is a bit of mischiefmaking. In a week when Labour was repositioning


itself as friendly to business, you get a story about nationalizing the


railways. There seems to be some internal politics. This is not an


authorised leak, this is someone saying there will be an announcement


and the party said this is pure speculation. He get the feel of a


family insider... Someone sticking their finger out to see which way


the wind is blowing. It has residents. It says in the article


that it would have to provide a fair deal to the taxpayer and not amount


to a return to purchase rail, because it is easy to forget how


much people complained when we have nationalised rail. The service was


terrible and as days best record in those days. Growth in population and


to assure acro in those days. The amount of passengers will grow in


the next 20 and 30 years, and there is a lot of money to be made there


all stop although, the railways of yesteryear were nothing to shout


about, as anyone who travelled on them will tell you. Especially the


sandwiches! Another look at what could be a Labour policy. Not yet


formulated yet, just another admission by Labour all stop Europe


is a big hurdle for they brought `` for Labour. It is about confidence


in immigration. Labour have been apologizing for getting a lot wrong


and that seems more in that vein. Sorry is the easiest word in a lot


of ways. These are comments that were made at a progress group


meeting about a month ago, so I am guessing that he did not imagine


that they would end up on the front page of the telegraph. It clearly


must have been off the back of the local elections. He talks about


being on the doorstep. What was the big issue at local elections?


Immigration. He is saying that it is not clear that their policy and


immigration in Europe is not clear to the voters come and it has to be


the right edition, but he does not seem to go any further than that. He


is putting some blame at the door of Ed Miliband, and he cannot predict


any other way. If it is not clear, who is it that is muddying the


issue? Labour have a problem over Europe. They do not have a position.


They would probably like to be pro`European but they saw the


demolition job that happened to Nick Clegg and probably do not want to go


there. Internally, there was a battle between Douglas Alexander and


Ed balls and that which is why we have Labour having a position on it.


It seems as if there is a pitch partially being made to the


post`2015 world of Europe being an important issue and part of a


referendum and saying, I am missing a trick here, which seems a little


inside Westminster. Is it a little bit of criticism towards Ed Miliband


and a suggestion that maybe Andy Burnham might like to be the leader


one day? Possibly. As you were saying, he probably never thought


these things would come to light. It certainly looks like a bit of


jockeying, doesn't it? Let's move onto the express. The madman plots


to up jets with invisible explosives. This is the story we


have been talking about all day, the heightened the sense that something


is afoot, the involving, credible threat, is what we are being told,


and although nothing seems to have disrupted travellers to my there is


apparently extra vigilance at the moment, but this suggests that there


is one particular person. They have been trying to find one particular


person for many years. He has been the number one target of the CIA for


many years, and he has been reportedly killed many times, by


drone attacks, firefights, his DNA has been checked and it was not


him, so they have been actively been hunting him down. He is supposed to


be the top bomb maker. Interestingly, a couple of years


ago, we are being told that he was creating internal bombs, so suicide


bombers would have bombs somehow inside their bodies, and that is why


they were such a threat. The other things it seems to be laptops,


airports doubletalk and laptops and making people... We all know that


you have to put them in a plastic box and everyone has to turn them on


and off, and you can see that there's going to be very


time`consuming as they go into the summer period. The `` that is going


to be. And very frightening. Depending on who you are travelling


with and where you are going, the checks are so variable. You can


almost swan through without much happening. And with other airlines,


they really hold you up. We will find ourselves at Heathrow being


held up the summer, I am convinced. Particularly if you are flying to


the United States. Anywhere across the Atlantic. Having said that,


there is this thing about perception here. This guy has been around for


quite some time. He has been trying to blow up people in various ways


for quite some time. He has been trying to blow up people in various


ways for quite sometime. I'd think he had a go at the Saudi 's not too


long ago with a surgically implanted bomb. He made his own brother a


suicide bomb. Which blew him up. I don't know quite what the reality


is, for the advice to change. If Washington asks for your help, I do


not suppose London will say no to stop it is causing a lot of the


structure. `` will say no. They would not just do it on a whim. This


is a game that people are familiar with. We know he is a `` name that


people are familiar with. We know he is a threat. A lot of commentators


have said that it is all very well, but it is the intelligence that


counts, the people that they are tracking, not the devices that they


are trying to intercept, and we have to trust that post`9/11 that has


improved, because there was a period after the Cold War where the CIA had


about six people who spoke Arabic, and that is where they needed the


intelligence, said that is what we are depending on. That brings us


back to the very difficult areas that we have been treading through


the last couple of years of phone interceptions, the use of drones and


all of those things which should prevent people like this, but can


often be scattered. Hindsight is a valuable tool with these things. You


learn your lessons after they have happened. I think they have tied it


in... The reason I've mentioned perception is, it seemed Elizabeth


convenient with ISIS .org are a little bit convenient with ISIS ``


it seemed a little bit convenient with ISIS, to talk about these


measures. An unknown unknown as someone once said. More children are


being bullied on the playground according to a survey into


cyberbullying. The author of the report has found that 12% of young


people questioned have been the target of cyberbullying compared


with 9% who have been picked on face to face. It is so easy with children


having access to the internet. It is so easy and things are changing so


quickly. For any of us who are parents, the pace of change is


difficult to keep up with. The same survey was done in 2010, and the


figures have completely changed. It was up 16% back then he'll ported


being bullied face to face `` who reported being bullied face to face


and only 8% online. The picture has changed. My children are eight and


six and do not have their own accounts, but they were are well


aware, and fronts of theirs have Instagram and things, and I'd can


see it all starting, they want to have their own e`mail and they want


to be talking to their fronts, and it terrifies me. You have to be


completely aware as a parent of what sites they are using and to know


when it is becoming a problem. You can imagine teachers having to trawl


this pretty soon, because the leading is an Ofsted issue, so


cyberbullying is just a year or two away, if `` if this poll is to be


believed. The spread of these devices, how cheap they have


become, it it is kind of a nightmare a personal worst possibility. A


depressing salary, a woman salary peaks at 34 but a man's salary will


rise until he's 50. Over 40 years since the equal pay act was brought


in. None of my friends and after having children what they did before


having children. We tried to go full`time and we fail. Therefore we


take a reduction in salary. Some of us are lucky to be able to afford to


do that. For most women it does present real hardship and worry.


When you're at home you worry about not being at work and when you're at


work you worry about not being at home. We are both waiting to reach


our peak but it's one of those issues that doesn't seem to be


getting any better. No government policy seems to be able to fix the


problem. What's the issue, is transparency? It's about childcare.


My partner is a far better journalist then IM and she's doing


the bulk of childcare. Women's and men's salary is the same until the


age of 30. It's when you have children. Lots of statistics show


that women can earn more when they are more junior. They tend to be


paid more on merit. As you get older you start asking for pay rises and


women don't tend to do it. So we can't have it all. Who would have


thought it? We will be back at a slightly earlier time, 1125. Stay


with us. We will have a look at the dangers facing the UK's borders. Now


we've got the sports. Hello and welcome to sports day. The


headlines: The 20`year`old Bouchard reaches a Wimbledon final. Welcome


to Yorkshire. The Tour de France prepares


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