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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are Miranda Green, the former press secretary to


the Liberal Democrats and Liam Halligan, a commentator, at the


Telegraph. Tomorrow's front pages. The Financial Times says the


government has ordered a review into the sell`off of state assets just


days before MPs publish a report into last year's privatisation of


Royal Mail. Teachers could be stripped of the right to hold


rolling strikes, without fresh ballots, according to the Telegraph.


The Express says following four simple rules could add ten years to


your life. The charity Christian Aid has branded the singer Katie Melua


"a fallen hero", after she was named in a list of celebrities involved in


a tax avoidance scheme. The cyclist Chris Froome is shown with blood on


his face on the front of The Guardian, after multiple crashes


made him abandon the Tour de France. After the Home Office lost records


about allegations of child abuse, The Independent claims documents


relating the transfer of fugitives have also disappeared from the


Foreign Office. Tax avoidance schemes are the main issue on The


Times. It claims some tax avoiders won't have to pay back the money


they owe, because inspectors didn't challenge their tax returns in time.


And the Daily Mail explores an unusual theory for Brazil's World


Cup semi final defeat. They ask if it was down to the pop star Mick


Jagger. So let's begin... I am interested to hear your views on


that. The Times, it has been made a celebrated cause in the last few


months. Yes, the attempts to tackle tax avoidance. This scheme was used


by 1600 people, not just celebrities but also doctors, barristers and so


on. Those people try to shelter billions of pounds in revenue in a


complex mechanism involving fabricated losses that they could


then offset. What I would say in their dissent is that `` defence, it


is not that many people in the grand scheme of things. It is a good story


that you have to look into the numbers to see the scale. I think it


is because of staff shortages. Is this illegal? No. What is the


problem? That is a metaphysical problem. Most would say that you


have a moral obligation to arrange your tax affairs but I think many


people would reasonably say that if you set up a company's structure


with the sole intention of importing taxes rather than carrying out


commercial affairs, in a court of law, you will often be judged to be


E `` evading. Many of these celebrities are people who work with


major charities, and that is the point here. Herston eight put out a


statement saying that it is morally wrong for people to avoid paying


their fair share `` Christian Aid. Particularly for celebrities who


have a relationship with these groups. It is a great story for the


Times, they have made the running on this one. But if you are a celebrity


and have loads of cash and handed over to your financial advisor to


deal with as they see fit to be advantage to you, `` be, are you


going to say how are you doing this? Of course you are. What am I


going to say? Katie Melua is one of the few people who paid the money


back before she was required to and so we should be making that clear in


fairness to her. It is not just celebrities, there are lawyers and


doctors and so on. Ignorance is no excuse before the law. But it is not


illegal. No, but in the current climate where the fiscal laws are so


tight on so many people, they do come under scrutiny and rightly so.


Some missed their own deadline which is amusing. We're going to go to


this one, no hope of limiting migrants. After David Cameron's


extraordinary victory and defeat over failing to prevent Jean`Claude


Juncker the coming head of the European commission, we have moved


into the more serious business of whether or not Britain can bring any


concessions out of our European Union partners on our terms of


membership, on the way it operates, in order to try to get a yes vote in


the referendum. Here we have a story which we are likely to see many more


of in the next year or so which is Russell 's saying, no, not really.


David Cameron had a meeting with all of the Eurosceptic MPs including the


UKIP representatives and Jean`Claude Juncker has said very clearly that


free movement is not something that is going to be limited in the future


and that is, of course, the fundamental right within the


European Union to go and work where you want to. He is really upping the


ante on Cameron saying that he doesn't believe that everyone moving


around the labourer market is a parasite or a criminal `` labour. He


is paraphrasing the rhetoric of some political parties and has been


reported to have put his thumbs up off`camera but it was actually on


camera when a Labour MEP brought it up. Do you think he will be voting


for a Labour at the next election? I think it is unavoidable. There is no


question of any negotiation. He got his what he is basically saying ``


that is what. He is basically saying to Cameron, this is what happens


when you mess with me. But what you are seeing in this story is what you


see again and again, a throwaway remark leading to what the British


Eurosceptic press can use to create the most perfect headline. Free


movement is a marginal issue as only something like 3% actually choose to


utilise it. Now David Cameron is saying that important concerns are


being dismissed as marginal issues. You must vote to leave. He was


pushing his finger over the red button on that one. The Telegraph,


we must stop roving school strikes. Much of the public will be surprised


that the ballot for this strike that is taking place tomorrow actually


took place many years ago. The summer of 2012. We have one in 8


million children `` over 8 million affected and that is the issue that


David Cameron is flagging. He is putting pressure on the Lib Dems and


on Labour. Ed Miliband is saying that he doesn't support or oppose


the strikes, it seems to be a classic case of say nothing and then


you will get elected. But the Lib Dems are going to come under


pressure as well. There seems to be an error about what David Cameron is


trying to do here `` air, which raises into the voters minds, Tori


performs about trade unions back in the 80s `` Tory reforms. They may


also include manifesto laws which means unions must have a majority in


order to be able to vote. This strike is not only an a mandate that


his two years old, it also includes less than one in ten actual


teachers. It is a difficult one for the Lib Dems. They're going


to work out where they stand on this and at the moment, they are making


it clear that they don't want any change. I think it is very


interesting where the public would be honest. I tend to feel that there


is not a great appetite for a ban on strikes in certain sectors, key


public sectors like transportation. I don't think a crackdown is the


answer. But to this issue of rolling strikes, what they called a ballot


for discontinuous action, which means that the union can decide to


call a walkout whenever they want, I am not sure that the public would


see that as a fair way of going about things. I think there may be


room for reform there. We're going to hear a loss about this going up


to May 2015. They will be trying to expose Ed Miliband as not wanting to


come down on one side or the other. That's right. Even the leader of one


of the unions has said that it is time for them to make up their


mind. Labour has no friends on either side of the dispute. That is


from their own supporters. Now the Financial Times. The issue of


privatizing of the Royal Mail which is very controversial for the


reasons that the share price rose considerably from where it had been


set on the day of flotation and Vince Cable has been under fire


continuously since that time for the handling of the privatized Asian. ``


privatisation. He has called an investigation as to how they raise


money and it will involve a former Labour minister who is an expert on


city affairs. A group of MPs are about to ask `` reduced a critical


report on privatisation. Many made an absolute killing buying and


selling shares in the prior week 's. They have been flogging them off


straightaway. Absolutely and ministers are now saying that a


further ?20 billion worth of assets sales could be considered. I think


it is probably an attempt by the business department to make some


preemptive action. This guy is very financially savvy. When you do have


an asset sale, you do undervalue it deliberately, don't you? If it is an


IPO, a share flotation, there are other ways of doing it. You do not


necessarily need to sell it directly into the stock market. There are


many ways to do things. We have ?20 billion worth of sales slated over


the next few years. A number of assets, nuclear asset, Royal Mail


and it was tough on Vince Cable. They sold off 60% of it and it went


up huge amounts. That was just froth. You could say that that is


several hospitals lost by the government. They will have egg on


their face, imagine if it was the other way around. We're going to go


very briefly onto this one and you will have to explain it. Rolling


Stone laughed off the idea of being cursed. He has got a Brazilian son,


Mick Jagger, from a sling and back in 2010 in South Africa, he wore a


Brazilian shirt and they bus to Holland and so we can't always get


what he wants... Very good. Can't get no satisfaction. He has said


that he took advantage Dove response ability of the first `` he took


responsibility for the first goal but not the other six. Very good.


That is all for now, be sure to stay with us at the top of the hour for


more on the airport security issue. But now, what is the score at the


World Cup? It is time to find out.


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