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today and the best action as India and England began a five test series


in the cricket. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Miranda Green,


the former Press Secretary to the Liberal Democrats and Liam Halligan,


a commentator at the Economist. The Financial Times says


the Government has ordered a review into the sell`off


of state assets just days before MPs publish a report into last year's


privatisation of Royal Mail. Teachers could be stripped


of the right to hold rolling strikes without fresh ballots,


according to the Telegraph. The Express says


following four simple rules could The charity Christian Aid has


branded the singer Katie Melua a fallen hero after she was named


in a list of celebrities involved The cyclist Chris Froome is shown


with blood on his face on the front of The Guardian


after multiple crashes made him And after the Home Office lost


records about allegations of child abuse, The Independent claims


documents relating the transfer of fugitives have also disappeared


from the Foreign Office. We start with the Guardian. The


Prime Minister will crack down on strikes as 1,000,001 out. Cameron


was branded a bully after a threshold on union ballots. Big


public sector Walker tomorrow, the Prime Minister, his words timed to


perfection? He has said and Boris Johnson has spoken out strongly on


this as well, that he wants to see in the Conservative manifesto at the


General Election, proposals to limit the power of unions to strike in


keep a big sector roles. It is interesting because are two


different proposals and one is much easier to bring public opinion with


than the other. This issue of the percentage that you would need in


your ballot to call any strike and they say they should have a simple


majority. More than 50% should vote for striking. They have got


themselves into difficult territory with that because a lot of people on


the left say, hang on, MPs are not required to be elected with more


than 50%. I have those figures! US Presidents! One of the other


proposals but I find the bill will find easier to get the backing for


his having one ballot that enables the union to call strikes over a


very long period. Without going back to members. The rolling ballot. This


strike that we are going to ensure tomorrow, speaking as a parent, the


ballot for this was called two years ago in the summer of 2012. I think


there might be some case for looking at that and I think they will find


it more difficult to get cross`party agreement. I was going to say, which


one of those scenarios does your lot not like? Because David Cameron


would like to change the law right by but he cannot because he is in


the coalition. That is right. Changing the law suddenly in a


reaction to this one`day tomorrow would be extreme but, certainly, if


David Cameron could win convincingly at the next General Election and


have a working majority, they are determined to do this and I think


they probably would get support for something to do with a requirement


for a fresh ballot for each strike. The Lib Dems might be able to work


with the possibility of preventing rolling strikes right now? I am not


sure that the public are aware that rolling strikes or something that


unions are allowed to do. Which is why Cameron is highlighting this.


The right to strike is precious and hard fought over many years. And no


reasonable person would suggest that is not the case. There are shades of


Norman Tebbit in this... No reasonable person? There are lots of


people who reckon that Bob Crow and his people should not be going out


or should ever have gone out at all because this is a vital public


service? I don't think any mainstream politician will stand on


any platform of not striking ever. The right is there forever. But a


lot of reasonable swing voters and the Tories are trying to smoke the


Lib Dems are at, they would say, should we be striking on it ballot


from the summer of 2012? This is just England and Wales but we are


expecting 3000 schools, one in every eight, to be closed down. And


possibly another aspect is that this is collocated but this might get


through, if only one in ten teachers have voted, even though it might be


half of the union that has called the ballot. That will also raise


eyebrows. What also will is this, from the electoral commission. No MP


was elected in 2010 with more than 50% of the vote. Only 35 MPs had


more than 40%. Eight MPs were winners with less than 20%. That is


a difference... Between first past the post and, I will take my life in


my hands, because the constituency is a race and this is in winery


decision. Vote or not? They are good numbers. I wanted to get that.


Absolutely, and all day, those in the Tory party who are the


staunchest proponents of this crack down on union powers have been


trying to fight the numbers you have quoted. They are getting themselves


into a dig mess with this but on the other issue, rolling strikes, that


is much... One of the big union leaders in this country is trying to


have talks with Gordon Brown, now in the coalition government, to talk


about other ways for outing to take place. Perhaps, supervising the


workplace or online. He says he has been met with a wall of silence and


the suggestion for the leadership of this country is they do not want


more people to be able to vote on strike if necessary? I heard that


interview. It was really interesting. It was a very clever


lie because he was calling out the government and saying, you are not


concerned about democracy and unions. He legitimised the result of


the strike by not motoring bigger turnout. Exactly. `` endorsing. Many


apologies if your children are not at school! Make sure they're not


going on and are plain! Constructive games. `` onto an aeroplane. The


Daily Telegraph, budget airlines shone these new checks? We have been


trying to work the side and the Department for Transport says that


travellers flying to and from any British airport going forward will


have to show they can turn off and on their electronic devices. To


prove they are working. And they are not Fukushima. But the budget `` the


budget airlines say they are sticking up for little people who


will feel harassed by all of these extra checks and we think we don't


need to reply but if they must comply, they must. They are


exploiting this confusion. It has been rushed in and also, this will


be more difficult tomorrow because is another strike at Heathrow. Some


of the border agency people. And we are expecting tens of thousands of


passengers affected. Reverse be the case? If you have a budget airlines


saying we will not check people, this is no problem, would you want


to get onto that plane? Given that someone in Yemen is trying to work


out how to stick bombs into batteries? People do get divided, at


an batteries? People do get divided, at


airport there or the tumour types who are really grateful at these


stringent security checks. `` are the tamer. And other people find it


cringeworthy. This will frighten some people. All right, we will go


to the Telegraph. Sabres could be an independent Scotland? So, business


and the banks with some notable exceptions have been quiet on the


Scottish referendum so the votes are on September 18, enormous decision.


Do they sever those ties with the UK, or leave the UK. And UBS warns


that there are people making naive assumptions about the effects of any


potential yes vote and separation. And they warn that savers could just


take their money out of Scotland overnight. September 19. Goodbye,


all of those millions of savings. Bring them south of the border, take


them elsewhere in Europe, offshore. That would completely alter the size


of the Scottish economy and that would have all sorts of knock`on


effects. In some sense, the technicals, they will be explained


by Liam, but... I think the phrasing of this, saying naive assumptions


are being made, is quite powerful. The effect will be huge. Alex


Salmond and the SNP are trying to say that there will be a lot of


continuity. They want to get the point. It is an assumption and the


yes campaign will say it is just scare tactics. It is an assumption.


In response though, that argument can be made that there is a UK


Government backing for British savers funds up to about ?85,000 and


if they would draw that, then the Scottish banking system will be


vulnerable. if they would draw that, then the


Scottish banking system will UBS are rehashing some research they did in


Czechoslovakia and savings did flow back from Slovakia into the Czech


Republic. Whoever their friends are in politics, they are slightly plain


to the back that the yes campaign has been suppressing the business


lobby's right to talk about this. We will discuss this more in the next


hour. The Financial Times, take it on the chin, Brazil, like ask Ritz.


Hundreds of millions of people were in tears yesterday. They should've


taken it on the chin like us because we are used to losing. Matthew Engel


who does all the sports coverage for the Financial Times is always


wonderful. And Simon Cooper, I should say. This is a wonderful


piece. It is saying not only do we Ritz have a stiff upper lip and we


can take sporting losses, but because we lose all the time and is


always another sports coming, we can hope we win in the next one. It has


not been a great summer. Chris Froome won the Tour de France last


year, he has crashed several times and is now out. We had our worst


World Cup since 1958. Andy Murray crashing out of Wimbledon. And the


cricket as well, but we haven't had right on the beach or teargas. This


is true, but the only game Brazil play really, really, really well is


football. We don't play any sport well, but they do play football well


and if it goes to pot, so does the nation. I have been told that I have


two stop you, Miranda. In her prime! It is not me, it is someone


in my ear. We will have more discussions later. Time now for


Our headlines this evening. Stalemate


Are we heading for extra`time in Sao Paulo?


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