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Hello. You are watching BBC News. In a few minutes on BBC News Worldcup


Sportsday, first a look at tomorrow morning's front pages. The Financial


Times says the Better Together campaign to keep Scotland as part of


the UK has received a flood of donations in the run up to the


referendum on independence. Shoppers are increasingly forcing


down prices by choosing discount stores, according to the Telegraph.


The Guardian has details of donations made to the Conservative


party, by the brother`in`law of financial services minister Andrea


Leadsom. The Metro shows a picture of


Brazil's Fernandinho, clutching the goal net after the World Cup hosts


were thrashed by Germany in their semi`final game.


The i says English cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and


Birmingham are to ask Westminster to devolve more economic control to


them. The Mirror's main story is that Kate


McCann's son asked her if she was involved in the disappearance of her


daughter Madeleine. Now, it is time for an eventful


World Cup Sportsday.


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