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look ahead to the first test between England and India. Coming up in 15


minutes. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Caroline Daniel,


editor of the Weekend edition of the Financial Times,


and Kevin Schofield, Chief That remarkable World Cup scorer.


That was surely feature on the front pages, but not yet!


The Financial Times says the Better Together campaign to keep


Scotland as part of the UK has received a flood of donations


in the run`up to the referendum on Scottish independence.


Shoppers are increasingly forcing down prices by choosing discount


The Guardian has details of donations made to


the Conservative Party by the brother`in`law of Financial


And the Metro explains how the authorities caught two men


from Birmingham, who went to Syria to fight alongside


And English cities like Manchester and Birmingham will ask Westminster


to fold more economic control to them. The Daily Telegraph, Britain


will be able to claw back some powers from Brussels? This does


sound like music to the ears of a lot of people, particularly those


backbenchers on the Tory party? In theory... ! But it really should be,


Britain may very possibly, after very long negotiation, if we


decide... It does qualify this by saying, we're looking at these if


only all others agree. There are lots of different caveats. The good


news is he is not bad`mouthing David Cameron. But there is no real story


in terms of any real evidence. Kevin, in fact, he is fulfilling


every single game lead in prophecy that the Tory adventures were


saying? He also says, I am not a Federalist, and that was the scare


story. And he says he does not want an EU without Britain so that... But


he does include Britain being able to claw back some powers? He does


say that but... This will need agreement from other members of the


EU. This will involve give and take that this is a positive signal from


the Prime Minister because he was bruised when he went into bat and he


only had one friend, in Hungary. So this is a slight olive branch to


say, look, we will, in theory, agree to some powers being returned. I am


much more sceptical, this is from a leaked recording to Brussels MEPs,


if this really was an olive branch, he would say something much more


explicit to the British. There are lots of other things the British


will want from the Commissioner. This is pretty much the smallest


thing, we might really negotiate powers. All very interesting. But


Brazil, they are dying 7`0! `` dime. `` down. As a Scotland fan, it is


sorry to feel sorry for the great Brazil! We will also stay with


Telegraph, shoppers are forcing down prices? Yes, this is an interesting


trend, apparently the rise of discount stores are forcing down


prices in other supermarkets, the upper end of the spectrum. And they


are pushing down prices and becoming much more popular with wealthier


shoppers. They want a bargain. They had the steepest fall in eight


years. That is quite significant. Given the cost of living crisis, as


Ed Miliband calls it, that is going to be a very big political


discussion point in the run`up to the election, this is quite


insignificant thing. A lot of people would say this is competition in


action. If only the energy markets was `` were as competitive? Great


news for illegal but not for Tesco and Marks Spencer. They had pretty


bad results. 12 quarters of slowing sales in clothing and Tesco recently


had terrible results, the worst in 40 years in the UK. And this is the


evidence, people like my father going shopping for his shepherd 's


pie and boasting about how cheap it was. Prices at a level that Tesco


and Marks Spencer will have to deal with? Totally, and this shift


to online shopping, so you can... Marks Spencer is bad online but


others are incredibly easy. And there are more of them, they are not


going away. It is fantastic for consumers. If only competition was


as good as that in other sectors of society. The Financial Times. The


act of union, the Better Together campaign has been deluged with


donations? This is a very good news story if you are in favour of


Scotland staying with the UK, they have raised almost double the amount


of donation money for the Better Together campaign than the


pro`Scottish campaign. ?2.4 million, and a lot of that is from J K


Rowling. The fascinating part of the story is how much this has come from


Tory donors. If of them been helping out. And from big companies and from


tankers. It has been bankrolled by Tory backers and David Cameron... He


has said, get your fingers out! Which are hand in your pocket. This


potentially will have an effect? Just over ten weeks until the


referendum, there is a lot of advertising space being paid for so


obviously this money will come in very handy. What is also significant


about this is, of the pro`independence campaign, they had


?4 million in total and a lot of that came from a couple who want the


EuroMillions and the other was Stagecoach, big SMP fans. We're


always told that the yes campaign is a grassroots movement but when it


comes down to actual cash, it is coming from a very limited range of


sources whereas the Better Together campaign is wealthy individuals and


companies with a broader spectrum. What happened is that the opinion


polls narrowed a couple of months ago and a lot of prounion supporters


saw that and thought, this will not going the way we want it to. They


came up with the cash. Hugely significant in the run`up to the


vote. The Guardian, Harriet Harman tells of a raw deal by sexism. She


suggested that Gordon Brown did not make the Deputy Prime Minister


because she is a woman? That was very mean of him! This is a really


interesting thing, people might say you would expect to see this. She


has been cheered on by Conservative ladies on Twitter? This view of him


that I would be cheering her! She has been campaigning for gender


equality. There are some details about her hosting event at the G8


summit, limited to dining with the wives of the leaders, and I can see


why that is very patronising. We discussed the reaction from David


McBride, he has underlined what a political `` politically thuggish


environment this is. It was a great speech. Kevin, she talks about


overall sexism at Westminster. You write for the Sun, doesn't look


pretty sexist to you? I think it is. It is an old boys club, she also has


a go at the press gallery. She refers it `` to it as being too male


dominated. I would take issue there, I think Damian McBride, he does


point out that Gordon Brown's record on promoting women was actually


quite good. And the best line from him was when he said that as far as


Gordon was concerned, people fell into two different categories, they


were useless or they were not useless. John Prescott was Deputy


Leader and he got the job as the number two. It would seem on the


face of it, pure and utter sexism that the same thing did not happen


to her? I would agree but it is just a bit late for her to be talking


about this year's after the event. I don't remember her at the time...


Why not? I do not know. As a lecturer, she was giving it on the


quality and that is a very big thing for her. `` the quality. John


Prescott was a Tony Blair appointment, this was a decision of


Gordon Brown. There were special circumstances regarding John


Prescott representing the left of the party and having to be given a


decent job to bolster his ego a little bit so there are different


circumstances. Gordon Brown decided that would not be the case,


especially when Harriet Harman got elected. And she has finally, seven


years later, decided to speak up about this. We are running out of


time, The Daily Telegraph, an attack on the wealth of J K Rowling? At the


heart of this is some amazing data about authors and how much they do


not get paid. The average order, then mean income is ?11,000 every


year. Based on 2500 writers. That is below the minimum wage. The idea


that you will make money from being a novelist is over. This is an


indirect attack on just how unrepresentative she is, she is


worth ?600 million. She could probably buy all of the other


authors in the UK! No one but she was indicative of the publishing


world, did they? This is more about using a very nice picture of J K


Rowling on the front page to sell more copies. You know the press so


well! And their devious little ways. And she has reintroduced Harry


Potter on his 30s, she did a piece on the website imagining Hermione


and Harry and what they would look like in their 30s, Harry Potter has


got some white hair, no spell to get rid of that. They say that


journalists are all novelists who just cannot do it! That is true! I


would not argue. Stick with the day job! ?11,000 per year, that is all


you would get as an author. There was a great cartoon that shows an


artist saying, I am writing a novel, and the other said, neither am I!


That does say it all! You will be back in about 15 minutes. Because of


the football. Many thanks. Stay with us. Much more at the top of the


hour. It will be very interesting with the sport.


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