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it will be brighter. Closer to the average for this time of year, high


teens or no 20s, rather humid conditions will be seen on Saturday.


`` low 20s. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Jeremy Cliffe, UK Political Correspondent of The Economist and


Louise Court, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan. Tomorrow's front pages


now. The Daily Mail says former Archbishop of Canterbury, George


Carey, has come out in favour of the right to die. The Financial Times


features the problems at Burberry, after shareholders rejected a


multi`million pound pay rise for the fashion house's new chief executive.


The Daily Telegraph also leads with Lord Carey's decision to drop his


opposition to the legalising of assisted dying. The 'i' suggests


that the Prime Minister will be looking to promote more women to the


cabinet in the upcoming reshuffle. The Independent has a picture of a


nine`year`old girl injured in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza. The


Guardian leads with David Cameron's choices in next week's reshuffle. It


also has news on the front page that Amazon has asked permission to test


its new delivery drones. The Scotsman says that regulators have


been given the go`ahead to work in the green sector and the Times leads


to an inquiry over how public bodies deal with child abuse allegations.


We'll begin with the Daily Mail covering the change of mind by Lord


Carey, the former archbishop who now dramatically supports the Right to


Die. It will cause a great deal of consternation I would imagine within


the Church of England. It will because it is not only a change of


mind on his part but also it is against the current position of the


Church on the matter. When the Bible says thou shalt not kill, they


believe that is what it means as well. We often see the church


struggling to remain relevant to its congregation while trying to remain


true to its principles. It is a really tough one. There has been a


number of cases where people have gone to the High Court wanting...


For example the one man who wanted help making decisions about when he


should die and through meeting he people like that, the archbishop has


had his opinion changed but if this legislation does change it will not


help everyone. Only people who are terminally ill. Not things like


locked in syndrome. That's right. The key thing that he has said is


that it is about the fact that thou shall not kill should not be about


prolonging suffering as it is not a Christian thing to do when you know


someone is dying to have them suffering and being in pain. I did


think that it will be quite controversial. . Man who had locked


in syndrome refused food so that he would end his life and that was


enough to persuade Lord Carey to change his mind. Moving onto the


Guardian. The Prime Minister aims to present the modern face of the beat


Conservatives. This is about having women in the cabinet. Does it


matter? You don't want token women but you do need politicians that you


feel reflect you and what you want out of life. We did a big survey of


1000 young women in their 20s and early 30s and overwhelmingly,


although they cared about politics and wanted to engage, in fact over


60% said they planned on voting in the next election, they felt that


they could not identify with any politicians. The identified with


President Obama and Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel. He must have


quite a few female politicians to choose from? Absolutely. Quite a few


will move up the ranks in the reshuffle which is expected on


Monday. But there is a self`perpetuating aspect of this in


that the more within in prominent roles coming of the more other women


will be attracted to politics and the problem we have in this country


is that we have a very low proportion of female MPs in


Parliament and the more that make it through the ranks and show that you


can succeed in politics, the more inspired others will be to try a


life of all attacks. Staying with the Guardian. Delivery by drone.


This is extraordinary. The suggestion that Amazon is going to


try out its drones which can carry packages of up to ?5 in weight.


Imagine that coming towards you. I cannot imagine. It sounds there is a


great line from the civil aviation authority which says that of


course, they would have to avoid other aerial obstacles which brings


up lovely images of pizza delivery drones and so forth. It sounds


completely unthinkable but people seem to be getting it credence. What


if you live in an apartment building? You will have to stand


outside the front door and wait. Where does it stop? You fancy a


glass of wine and send out for a drone? I am sure it is very


practical. I am slightly alarmed by it. The Telegraph, stop buying large


bridges and televisions `` refrigerators. They say that we


could save a lot of money if we did not have these enormous appliances.


Do you have a large television? I do. Don't pick on me. I am not one


to talk, I'm afraid. They are much larger now on average and so are


refrigerators. I suppose with the latter, you do tend to fill it up


with more food that you're going to throw away at the end of the week.


This is very autobiographical tonight. I don't like huge


televisions. I think they dominate the room. I should not be saying


that. You will put yourself out of the job. With something like the


World Cup, you do like the big screen. Or a movie. I would rather


go to the cinema and let them pay the electricity bill. Very green of


you. Those with cash are unlikely to crash. These suggest that how safe


you are behind the wheel is determined by whether or not you


have paid your bills on time and similar things like that. That seems


like common sense. It is quite logical. If you are a crazy and


chaotic person, you are more likely to not pay attention to speed or


traffic signs. Apparently some companies are looking at whether or


not we have risky shopping habits although I don't know what


constitutes that. Maybe it is the televisions. It is the way companies


go about gathering this data that some campaigners think is


underhanded. It refers to the wealth of information that companies gather


from your loyalty cards and what you buy in the supermarket and so on. I


have to say, there is an alarmist quote here from a representative


saying that it is intrusive and totalitarian but I think it is the


law of probability and companies are within their rights to use it. As


people who all pay our bills on time, shouldn't we be glad about


this? I suppose so but what I find uncomfortable is that they have all


of this date but they are not sharing it with us. You want to


know? I suppose I do. But if you are someone who drive safely and pays


their bills on time, keep their nose clean, otherwise you are paying for


the poor behaviour of someone else to high insurance premiums. But your


taxes go to pay for the NHS and people do silly things on a Friday


night and have to be treated? Or obesity which is another area where


personal responsibility comes into play. We have a collective


responsibility. I think that is different. NHS is different from


paying car insurance. I don't mind looking after people in the NHS that


I don't want to subsidize someone's are. You think they could change


it? `` car. I want to know what is a risky shopping habit. Too many


shoes? The Independent. A full page on what is happening in the Middle


East. She was the most precious thing in the world to us and we have


waited so long for her. This is the only child of this couple, her name


is Miriam, she has been hit by an Israeli airstrike and was playing in


the garden at the time because she had been told not to go far from


home but the sheer force of this explosion was enough to give her


very severe injuries. This is just one personal story about what is


happening in Gaza. It is to amend the slate moving `` it is


tremendously moving. It brings the stories of these people to life. She


was the apple of her parent's eye. This is not just two armies facing


each other over a battlefield, there are people involved and there have


been horrific stories from both sides in the last few days. 650


rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon as well and the government


says that they cannot stand by and let this happen without a serious


response. There is also talk of violation of human rights according


to the UN because many of the Israeli strikes are on homes. Air


landing in civilian areas. The US has made an offer of mediation but


no sign of that being taken up. It was only a few months ago that they


were time to get peace talks started again and here we are. And you look


at the way it is all unfolding with Israel being very hard`line about it


and they will continue, as they say, with more strikes and it is


very worrying to see how it is going to end. Moving on to the Telegraph


which I had thrown away the game that I didn't need it again. The


cartoon is of a Matador and a bull at an arena in Spain and this is


because Luis Suarez is moving to Barcelona from Liverpool. They're


saying, I was going to watch him play at Barcelona that I am far too


squeamish. He can't get away from this biting incident. He's still


such a huge attraction to Barcelona. He is amazing at


football. Do you overlook the biting? You can't. And he has been


having all these medical checkups before he goes over to Barcelona and


people online are saying that he has to have the full dental go through.


I think most footballers are rather boring and don't have particularly


interesting personal lives and here we have a real character. It is the


same with Mario Balotelli. It is something about them. Many people


who don't follow football know who he is coming so more power to him.


Quite right. Lovely to have you here tonight. Stay with us on BBC News.


Tens of thousands of people at risk of type 2 diabetes could be given


weight loss surgery on the NHS. Next it is time for World Cup Sportsday.


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