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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers with this lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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result. Many have taken place in the annual


parades of the Orange Order. It is the most significant stage in the


Protestant marching order. `` marching calendar.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will


With me are David Akinsanya, campaigner and broadcaster


and Vincent Moss, political editor of the Sunday Mirror. Tomorrow's


front pages. It leads with Archbishop Tutu's support for those


issuing `` wanting a change. Criticism of a Channel four drama


which fictionalised as the IRA killing of Tory MP Airey Neave in


1979. And child abuse victims to sue the


government of a lack of victim support.


And the Sunday Telegraph says Tony Blair may be called to Parliament to


rear `` to explain what advice was given to reassure on the run IRA


members that they would not be prosecuted. Let's start with the


Independent on Sunday. Child abuse victims to sue government,


exclusive. Legal impact `` embattled questioning on the victims. And lack


of action. It speaks to one of the alleged victims about the kind of


experience he has had a trying to get justice in the criminal justice


system. David, this story will have huge interest for you. Yes. Just


watching the stuff over the last couple of weeks it has been


interesting to see that we are now looking at people `` at the places


people have been worried about for a long time. They used to be an


association called the National Association of Young people in care


and they lost funding from the government because a lot of people


were coming to them and say to them about what was going on and giving


them names and evidence. And one of the people who worked for that


organisation at her house raided for that information. This was going up


`` this was going on for a long time. Lots of people like me in the


care system who were physically and sexually abused. For people like me


it is great to see this happening. I hope they get to the bottom of it.


Vincent, it seems that any kind of claim would be made under the


European Convention of human rights that they were not given access to


justice and not believed. Absolutely the case. Victims have been making


this point for decades have have been ignored. This particular case


refers to a fitting in a care home in Richmond in south`west London.


The point is that this man `` the point is this man says he thought he


had built a safe world and it was taken away from him. He says that


victims can come forward but there will be afraid of coming forward


because all the pain will have to be relived. He is single so he is not


in as bad a place as people with families who would be putting them


through that trauma. I expect it is only the first tranche of many


victims we will see coming forward complaining about abuse in care


homes. We are seeing it in schools and my own paper the Sunday Mirror


is reporting on Sunday about right at the heart of the British


establishment, people involved in abusing young people. What sort of


justice to victims won't? We heard from victims of Rolf Harris, they


were saying that the sentence did not matter, it was having the story


believed. Absolutely. The reason I did not sue Essex social services


for what happened to me is because I got a five page apology letter from


them. But the local authority were told not to apologise because then I


could sue. But they did apologise. When that was enough. I did think


about suing, but I thought where will that come from, children and


services. Let's move on to the Observer.


Bishop Tutu supports assisted dying. This is the story about whether


doctors should have the ability to issue a terminal dose to somebody


who no longer wants to live. We have heard from George Carey in the last


couple of days, changing his mind about assisted dying for the


terminally ill, not people with other illnesses from which they


would like to escape. Here we have somebody from the world stage,


Desmond Tutu, saying something similar. Very much so. The Observer


took on this story quite successfully. Desmond Tutu wrote an


article for the Observer. He says it is time for a mind shift in this and


he says he has revered the sanctity of life throughout his career but


not at any cost. And you want this issue looked at. And it is coming up


next week in the House of Lords when Lord Falconer will be raising it


again and pushing for a mind shift as Desmond Tutu says. And many


people, including those in the church who have resisted it for


decades, are starting to come round. He talked about how his


friend Nelson Mandela was treated and we know he was kept alive for a


long time and we were wondering when they were finally going to let him


go. He says here that he underwent numerous painful hospitalisations,


forced to endure a photo stunt with politicians just shortly before he


died. That is something we did not know about. That was shocking to


hear that about Nelson Mandela. You can understand why when we know the


games that politicians play. It is sad. I could talk about this in


terms of people I know. The bottom line is, I cannot imagine wanting to


be in a situation where I can't care for myself. I think a lot of people


have that thought. If we start talking about it... It is an


important issue for the church but a lot of these people dashing a lot of


people in this country are not involved in church and they're


thinking about personal issues. I would not want to live if I were not


able to enjoy my life. We talked about this before from, it is so


difficult for the church as well. Judaism and Islam does not agree


with assisted dying but religions tried to remain relevant to their


congregations. If their congregation's attitude shifts, then


the faith has got some thinking to do. It is also important to remember


that the church only represents a portion of society. Many people are


not particularly religious. Many people would like to have a say in


how they spend their final weeks. There needs to be a voice for those


as well. That is what Lord Falconer will be trying to do next Friday.


The church has an important voice, but not the only voice. Let's go to


the Sunday Telegraph. Three stories, they always do us proud. The lead


story, Blair must explain IRA deals. Tony Blair coming under pressure to


appear before Parliament to expend secret deals he made with the Sinn


Fein to assure some people they will not wanted by police. A trial


collapsed because this evidence came to light. Tony Blair always says he


is too busy to answer questions. That is rather Tony Blair's mantra


when it comes all of things! These are related to the so`called comfort


letters and the details behind those. Tony Blair has an private


explained what went on in those historic days when deals were done


to try to get peace in Northern Ireland and he is under renewed


pressure to go before the Northern Ireland committee and explain


exactly what happened. I am sure he will not be sure to do every last


detail of that but there is mounting pressure for him to do that and


explain what he agreed to. A loss of us were quite shocked when that came


out, that these promises and been made, members of the general public.


We are pleased that things can't down in Northern Ireland and there


was a long period that we were very happy. You saw people shopping


without fear of bombing. But when it comes down to it, people need to


explain themselves and because this is going to cause us lots of problem


in the future, he should come forward and explain himself. You


wonder what impact it will have in destabilising different communities


if questions are asked of him and he explains some of the background?


Exactly. Although Tony Blair has a good track record of appearing on


stands and appearing eminently plausible so he will find a way of


talking his way out of trouble. I am sure `` I am not sure how much it


will benefit the situation to go to much into the anatomy of all of


these talks. I am sure people would like to have historical reasons, to


see people involved in terrorism brought to justice, but be careful


what you wish for, sometimes. The Home Office did say that if any new


evidence were to come to light, it is not covered by these previous


assurances. It did not mean that they could not in future be


prosecutions. Exactly. That remains the case. Whether or not Tony Blair


appears before these MPs. Another story, take therapy or have your


benefits cut. Thousands of benefit claimants with `` stripped of their


benefits unless they have treatment for anxiety or depression. People


who are unemployed have complex needs and reasons why they do not


have a job, not just the reason that they have not been able to keep a


job. And does the maths and up? It was up in the long one? It is


punitive. A lot of the people I know who cannot go for work still under


the same rules as other benefit claimants, so they are not let off


completely. No idea from this article where the money would come


from? Exactly. And talking about people who are on employment support


allowance who have anxiety or depression and with treatment, you


could get them back into work. We have seen this in the bedroom tax.


Iain Duncan Smith is very good at coming up with the first part of the


agreement which is coming `` cutting people 's money, but the therapy,


I'm sure they will be encouraging people back to work who have severe


depression but will they provide the therapy that is needed? I severely


doubt it. What about other people who might think therapy is nonsense


and we should just sort themselves out, pull themselves up and get on


with it. I suspect that is closer to Iain Duncan Smith's Andy Department


for Work and Pensions's feed. But suggesting therapy is the opposite.


They are not suggesting how they will pay for it. And Norman Lamb has


already been quoted as not thinking it is a sensible idea. Finally with


the Telegraph, cometh the hour, day of destiny for Lionel Messi. The


world's most lauded footballer will line up at the Maracana Stadium in


the World Cup final to take on the Germans. Your money on? The Germans!


I wonder how many people in Brazil will want Argentina to win because


they are their neighbours or whether there is a rivalry like there is


between England and Scotland as Mac it is hard to say but I think it is


hard that I think it is interesting that the Telegraph shows and a


picture of Lionel Messi celebrating. I had Brazil in the sweepstakes so


I'm already out of it. Will you be watching? No. Not bothered? If


England were playing. Only because I felt I had to. No? I don't think so,


I have lost interest now. I shall be glued to it. Believe that, you'll


believe anything! That if the papers for now, but David and Vincent will


be back with us at 11:30pm. For another look at the stories making


the front pages. Stay with us because missiles continue to fly.


Coming up next, reporters.


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