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much anticipated fight between Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora will not go


ahead after Dereck Chisora pulled out after injuring himself. Welcome


to the Papers. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are


the political commentator Miranda Green and Tom Bergin,


Business Correspondent at Reuters. Starting with the Financial Times,


it leads with the story of the Tesco chief executive going. They claim


that Tesco buyers to the City. The Independent has a picture of Tulisa


Contostavlos on the front page after the collapse of the court case


against her, it claims that France and Germany are accused of going


soft on Putin over the MH17 crash. Tulisa is also in the Metro, talking


about her torment. The Daily Mail features a new official picture of


Prince George, celebrating his first birthday, and the Daily Express also


has a picture of him. The Guardian elites of the story on genital


mutilation. `` the Guardian leads with a story on female genital


mutilation. We begin with the front page of the Independent. It refers


partly to the discussions that have gone on in the UN and partly to


those that will go on tomorrow about the downing of the Malaysia


Airlines. Tom, what are they saying? The story in the Independent looks


at what the Europe is doing that, or rather not doing. The story is that


France and Germany are accused of not taking a stand against Russia


purely because of commercial interests that they have. This is


not new, it has always been the case. What is new, and for many


people will be depressing, is that 200 dead Europeans doesn't change


this position. And the countries in Europe are still visibly concerned


with the commercial interests. This particular story focuses very much


on David Cameron, calling upon the French to stop the sale of two


military ships to Russia. We were discussing this before we came on


air. The interesting thing is, normally in a crisis, friends


discuss what they can do to improve this and they bring to the table


what they can do to help. Written seems to be saying what fans can do


to help, `` Britain seems to be saying what the French can do. The


best placed people to say which sanctions could be brought against


Russia are those with the closest connections to the place so that


they themselves could bring leveraged but David Cameron has not


listed any sanctions the UK might bring against Russia perhaps because


it might damage British commercial interests. Because the City of


London is hugely important financial Centre for Russian businesses. And


London is a sort of playground for the Russian oligarchs. So London,


particularly, and the UK economy generally, to financial services,


has a lot to lose through strict sanctions on Russia. So the rhetoric


today from David Cameron very firmly casts the blame on other European


countries, not willing to come forward with suggestions of how to


put pressure on Putin. He may be playing a bit of a game there. Also


there is this wider question of what the European Union is for, and how


it can function in a crisis like this, because what you are seeing


from David Cameron is, I expect a unified foreign policy stance from


the EU. In a sense that is out of step with the rest of the


Conservative Party's views on Europe! Not what his party would


normally advocate. Exactly. And this meeting of Foreign Minister is in


Brussels tomorrow, one thing that is on the agenda at the moment is the


question of who should be the next individual in charge of your's Forum


policy. It has been barren as Ashton, a British person, it won't


be another British person. In this story they go big on France and


Germany not wanting to sacrifice their business links with Germany


but Italy also has important business links with Russia, an


Italian name has been floated as the next foreign policy chief for


Europe. Will that work if Italy has such close business links with


Russia if they try to put pressure on Putin? It is a compensated


picture. It is questionable if you will ever achieve Europe speaking


with one voice at a moment like this, which is why the Independent


says that the reaction of the Dutch is so crucial. Given what has


happened, particularly to the Netherlands, if their Prime Minister


speaks as passionately as you imagine he will already has, and the


Dutch Foreign Minister will speak tomorrow, will that happen impact?


This story makes the point that a softer tone with Russia might be


more practical and might help with the investigation. On the other


hand, their anger might lead them to say, they want some firm results. So


how they react, they have huge moral force on this. Let's go to the front


of the Guardian. We will focus on two stories. Further coverage of


events in Gaza, more than 20 members of one family killed in Gaza


strike, that's at the foot of the front page, this gives as an


opportunity to reflect not just on the scale of the story but also the


telling of the story. We have a piece on the front of the newspaper


which is representative of what the media has been able to do, this


terrible diplomatic Lall, the crisis is being addressed from time to time


by the President of the United States from his podium outside the


White House, but he can't really take any action. There have been


failed attempts to broker a cease`fire by Egypt, in the


meantime, reporters are in there, bringing out a distressing stories


on a daily basis. The BBC has leased Doucet there with very upsetting


footage. We have Peter Beaumont that `` Lyse Doucet. There are some very


distinguished journalists there. Bringing out stories which are


horrific. In this piece to might, Save The Children says that on


average seven young children have been killed everyday `` in this


piece tonight. I think that really, it is this question of the


uncontrollable number of civilian casualties. I had my hair cut today


and my hairdresser spent the whole time discussing it and he isn't


usually given to discussing politics with me over haircut. The images


have just been horrific. This is what touches people. This commentary


will resonate for a long time. Parents who allow female genital


mutilation will be prosecuted. This is the point that both of you picked


up on, this figure, 137,000 victims in England and Wales, much higher


than previously thought. And even if this happened before they arrived in


the country, because some of these will include immigrants, still


shocking. I remember when this subject first came about. I had this


idea that it was very niche. I associated the practice with the


Horn of Africa. I thought it was something small. It got a big degree


of political push behind it. In one sense we can see it wasn't niche,


it's an enormous problem. That's necessary to have serious sanctions


to tackle it, because obviously, the previous approach of coaxing people


wasn't successful. Unfortunately, it is the time of year. This week, most


of the state schools break up. family in their country of origin.


Unfortunately, it is very important to rate at the beginning of the


summer and to publicise the any families that it is an illegal


practice and is no longer seen as something that should be viewed with


cultural sensitivity. Where as now, we as a country seem to prioritise


the rights of the girls and women over any sense of respecting


cultural sensitivity. Again, the media has been very important in


this. The evening standard has enormous campaign in FGM. The


metro, we have been covering the news of Tulisa Contostavlos and was


told of her terrible ordeal for allegedly brokering a cocaine deal


collapsed. Incredible story. My interest spiked when they did the


nature of it. There was reference to a witness who had been accused of


lying. It was the investigative reporter from the sun on Sunday and


that reporters now been suspended. Tulisa is obviously calling for


further investigation and was the police to be involved. It is very


much tabloid journalism, celebrity stings, very much in question. These


troubles continue. It is fascinating because this particular


investigative journalist, the fake sheik as he's known, he was the star


reporter for the News of the World, the painter `` paper which Rupert


Murdoch closed down to try and turn over a new leaf and yet he is the


witness who the judge said was not being honest in court and that is


why the case collapsed. You get back to a really interesting discussion


about journalistic ethics because he, the fake sheik, says over the


course of his career, his investigations have resulted in 260


successful criminal prosecutions. How far do the ends justify the


means? The Daily Mail: Priced out of a home beneath the photograph of


Prince George and his first birthday. It's a lovely picture. You


may possibly allude to the fact that Prince George 's unlikely to be


worried about where he will live in later life! There will be a choice


of bedroom and houses, I imagine. But actually, the story they


splashed with is a recurrent one at the moment and is a subject of


generation Renta, as they are calling it, the under 30s who may


never afford a home of their own, very different to previous


generations. Time has beaten us. For the moment, thank you both very much


indeed for that. At 11pm, the latest from the United Nations as the


security council passed a resolution. Coming up next, time for


sports day.


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