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warnings and alerts for the Midlands, East Anglia and south`east


England. Essex Police warn against unnecessary journeys.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. Let's make a start with the


Telegraph. Most are leading with the plane crash. They say that the


rebels may keep the bodies as they bargaining chip. There is a picture


of Rory McIlroy 's when, `` win. Gaza faces its happiest day of


Israeli shelling. That is in the Guardian. The Independent has


tougher sanctions. The Financial Times has an ultimatum to President


Putin. In the Daily Mail, David Cameron threatens to freeze assets.


This is the front page of the Mirror, with what have you got to


hide? There is a picture of a black box being taken away. A change to


pensions is expected to affect millions of people in Britain. We


seem to have a lot of comment tonight on Twitter, suggesting that


people are not coming down on one side of another when it comes to


certain stories. It is difficult with certain stories because you are


accused of bias one way or another. We will start with the Times. The


world is watching, David Cameron says to President Putin. They have


the story about rocket launchers shooting down the plane and Russia


allowing separatist inside. Then there is talk about the equipment


being taken back to Russia. We have intelligence from America saying


that Russia was at fault, but that is not a surprise. John Kerry has


said that these three missile carriers have been put across the


border at night. This was within hours of the incident. These things


are coming to light and fuelling the anger that people are feeling and


the desire for justice. There is an obvious area of something to hide.


`` air. If you bring it back over the border, it doesn't sound


innocent. There was talk in another paper of keeping hold of the black


boxes and hiding them. This isn't the action of an innocent man. All


fingers point to Russia. The difficulty is that the investigators


need to get unfettered access to the site. It is difficult in this area.


They haven't had the access they wanted. You have European monitors


in eastern Ukraine will choose rebel held. There are different sets of


interest is competing. `` interests. With this kind of tragedy of this


magnitude, independent investigators have to come in. I am glad that


David Cameron is pushing for unfettered access from President


Putin to try and figure out what happened. This is what these loved


ones deserve. The human part of the story that we can't overlook is that


despite what else might be found, there are still over 100 bodies at


the site, some still strapped to their chairs. They are bringing a


crane in today to look at the fuselage. They have found at least


200. We need to find the other 100 bodies. It is for the sake of people


who need to know who was on board. We go to the Daily Mail. It is about


President Putin and David Cameron saying that he is contributed to an


appalling tragedy. We are still only getting the Downing Street


perspective. That's right. David Cameron is playing the big band and


saying he is going to down hard. `` big man. Then he says of course he


wouldn't go to war. He knows how far he can go. They can slap wrist and


they can freeze assets, but there is only so far. Philip Hammond used the


word crony when he was talking about President Putin. They are talking


about the people around him. It has criminal undertones. It is


definitely talking about stepping up the rhetoric. Something has to be


done. All the pressure on President Putin seems to come to nothing. If


they can hassle the people inside his inner circle and make a


financial impact and restrict their travel and investments, something


has to be done and this seems like a good course of action. It is whether


they can go through with it. Then a discussion in the Daily Mirror about


bodies being put into trains. There is so much evidence that needs to be


collected from the crash site. Already the sanctions are biting


hard after what happened in Crimea. This is creating an economic squeeze


that effects exchange rates and business. David Cameron has made the


point about Harvey West often acts like it needs Russia more. However,


our economy is bigger than the Russian economy. The other


interesting thing is that John Kerry has said that the lack of access has


made it clear about their culpability. That is diplomatic talk


about what have they got to hide. It is interesting. The Russian media


already had a pre` made and detailed explanation about other causes for


this. It seemed like propaganda that they already had the answers. They


had pieces on their news channel that was ready to explain different


options. We are never subject to propaganda,


are we! Then we go to the story about Gaza in the Guardian. We know


that the crisis has escalated and 13 Israeli soldiers were killed


overnight. It is extraordinary to switch on the television and see the


heartbreaking stories all over the world. This would be front and


centre if we have not had the plane crashed. It is tragic. 75% of the


Palestinians killed have been civilians so far. Israel started on


the edge to try to take the tunnels. Now they have moved in with


indiscriminate fire. So many people have lost their lives. Benjamin


Netanyahu has said that they do give warnings, but it is a place that is


so densely populated, where do you go to? You can go next door? We have


got some slack about this on Twitter, but I honestly think it is


too conjugated to pick sides. There is a picture of a little Alway being


carried into a hospital by a policeman. I don't think we can show


you the picture very readily. I think it may be unusable. I can hold


it up. This is the old school way and it still works. They say it is


limited in scope, the Israeli army, but it is still growing. It is the


bloodiest day in their history for ten years. It is just a question of


how quickly the two sides have political pressure making them step


back. Israel will be counting the cost. They haven't lost as many


here. 13 have been killed. 13 compared to 400. Yes, but compared


to 2008, this will have hit them hard. This is in the Daily


Telegraph. Britain 's economy has finally recovered from the blow it


suffered in 2008. Output has surpassed the peak we saw in that


year, according to the chief economic adviser of Ernst and


Young. This will be very handy for the Coalition. They say that


predictions will be out on Friday on the office of National statistics.


It is just about how much weight we give these predictions. Unless the


average person is feeling this, you can't declare the recession is over


intellect has made its way into real life. It is good news, but I'm sure


people won't trust it until they feel it in their bank account. It is


interesting what Ken Clarke has said. There is recovery, but not


enough. There is too much focus on London financial services and not


enough on us making things. From a personal point of view, Ken Clarke


is still making trouble for the government even when he is not in


it. With people shifting around money, rather than building stuff it


is interesting. This is interesting. Employment growth has been driven by


older workers retiring earlier. Then there are people going into work are


getting a decent wage. That is interesting. Then there are new


immigrants. We don't necessarily hear that being reported. There was


a headline in the conservative press saying more people working than ever


before, but they didn't say that there are more people than ever


before. The statistic isn't as useful as you might think. Then


there are the zero hour contracts. There are also the brilliant things


that immigrants bring to our country. Do


this next story. There is not a lot of light relief around, so


bear with us. The Daily Express has a story about the Rolling Stones.


Ronnie Wood does chicks `` does jigsaw puzzles. There is a


tiny picture of Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger. Apparently when they are


together, they do jigsaw puzzles and go through box sets. Interesting to


think of them watching game of Thrones. Apparently his wife


organised a backgammon competition. It is because they have done all the


drugs that they can do. I think I could beat them. That is deceitful


or the papers tonight. Thank you very much for that. Coming up next,


the film review.


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