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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Tom Chivers from the Daily Telegraph and theologian


Tomorrow's front pages starting with:


The Telegraph leads with the Malaysia Airlines plane crash and


says the families of the victims fear that pro`Russia rebels may keep


The paper also has a picture of Rory McIlroy's win at the Open.


The MH17 crash is also the top story in the Guardian.


The other story making the front page is Gaza facing its


The headline on the Independent is, Putin's oligarchs made to pay for


MH17, with the UK and US pressing for tougher sanctions against Hamas.


The FT is taking a similar line, saying Western leaders are handing


an ultimatum to President Putin over its role in Ukraine.


How to boost your Pension is the headline on the Express,


new rules which are expected to help millions of people in Britain.


We have begun with the plane crash and here it is in the Daily


Telegraph. Families are experiencing


difficulties getting bodies back. We don't even know where those that


have been retrieved. No, we don't. We know almost 200 bodies have been


accounted for but still searching for the other 100. I can't even


begin to understand what families are going through. The concern here


is that the pro`Russian rebels have these bodies and possibly, they are


not going to Handanovic easily because they could be powerful


bargaining chips. We know that almost 200 have been loaded onto


these trains but we don't know where these trends are going to. People


have reported we are running out of fuel, so the refrigeration element


may not even happen. It sounds very haphazard and undignified. And


seeing trains loaded with bodies in eastern Europe... Unfortunate


overtones. It is also really hot. There are 100 bodies left lying


around and the imagery of it is really unsettling and horrible.


These corpses are just left and people's families. There is a basic


human need to know your loved ones's remains are being cared for.


He want to have closure, you want a burial. They are being looted,


apparently. One of the worst possible scenarios. Some of these


rebels are reported as being drunk. It is a worst`case scenario. Our


hearts go out to anybody who has got a lot done in that situation. The


Financial Times is looking at how to put further pressure on Vladimir


Putin and whatever leverage Russia may have with these rebels. The new


sanctions warning. It doesn't seem there is that much impetus coming


from the Kremlin at the moment. There was a piece for our paper,


implying that he doesn't think like that. We are saying, we will impose


sanctions and it will hurt the Russian economy, but Putin thinks


like an empire builder. He won't mind if there is a little bit less


money going around if the glory of the Russian state is improved. This


piece seemed really convincing to me. It seemed like we are treating


him like a rational actor in the economic world and actually, he


wants to go and build the Russian Empire in a way most Western leaders


don't think. The independent is looking at the economic pressure


that might be brought to bear on Russia. We already know that


sanctions have been introduced which are beginning to bite and affecting


people's Visa applications because of what happened in Crimea, and the


suggestion is that will be taken further. That is hopefully one way


they could hurt Putin if he won not give under any pressure. `` he will


not. Hopefully, travel bans, asset freezes, on his inner circle. This


is the bit where Cameron and Merkel, those economies rely on


Russian money and Russian fuel. I don't know if London would be like


if all of Russia went out of it because half of Mayfair would be


empty. Do they have the nerve to go through with it in impose these


sanctions? It sounds like Cameron has been tough but there was


actually no response from Putin at all reported back, so it is not like


much has been tough but there was actually no response from Putin at


all reported back, so it is not like much as, V. Let's stay with the


Independent. Two Palestinians have fled their homes. This is in Gaza


city which has been particularly badly hit. Gaza suffers its


deadliest day after he missed massacre is the headline there. We


know that 13 soldiers have died as well and it is impossible to compare


numbers but there are fatalities. There are the pictures are


heartbreaking. It is a difficult situation to comment on because


whatever, new mate, people will assume bias in one way or another,


but we have had 13 reported deaths of Israeli soldiers. A heartbreaking


situation and one that seems to defy any sense of settlement or easy


answers. There is that in balance. The reason that is is because Hamas


are not as good at killing as they want to be but the trouble is,


Israel... The trouble for Israel is they will always lose the PR war. It


will always be them with the bulldozers. What ever you think of


the two sides, and we were having this conversation before, it is


impossible to take a right or wrong because it is also complicated but


it will always look worse for Israelis. Let's look at the FT.


There is a picture of a Palestinian boy being carried into a hospital.


We have heard that the Palestinian President has called for the United


Nations Security Council to meet the night. It shows the split within


Palestinian politics. The President cannot bring any pressure to bear on


Hamas for their part in the conflict. It has been the same for


years. The Palestinian authority was struggling for years. They have


never been able to bring down the extremism of their politics to bear.


Let's move on to the Daily Telegraph. Recovery passes the


precrisis peek at last. For some people, a long time getting their


and some people will say, they are not feeling the full effects.


Exactly. Is this actually accurate? In essence, the recession is over,


but until the everyday person feels on the street in their pocket, you


can't take these things too seriously. Let's take things like


this with a pinch of salt. If you take statistics when they are bad,


why shouldn't we take notice of when they are good? That's true. On the


front of the FT, news in brief: This whole story is based on statistics


but overhear, a concern about statistics. I am always nervous.


When the last recession happened, there was a brilliant stat about


economists failing to predict the recession, so you have to be careful


with these numbers. The Daily Express, light relief in the form of


a little boy who has had a birth day. Birthday boy George is king of


fashion. He has started a buying frenzy in young mums. In whatever he


has on. He will be like his mum. This is so needed. Heart`breaking


news reports. And this adds a glimmer of hope and joy in the midst


of it all. I think George's smiling face is cute. My wife will kill me


for saying this ` basically all baby clothes look the same. I bet the


dung res, he has been photographed in for his first photo have sold


out. I should imagine. All Kate's has.


My My baby is cuter than him. And mine were, too. Of course. Now, we


might let Tom have a little snooze. Stay with us on BBC News. Now time


for Click. We've got a great show


for you this weekend, including...


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