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Islam or pay a protection tax. Coming up: Dawn Of The Planet Of The


Apes and the rest of the latest releases.


Time for a look at the front pages. Thank you for joining us. Most of


them are leading with the plane crash. The Times shows some of the


80 children who died. The families of a British lawyer and a bankable


top armed rebels deny access to the tragic that is of flight MH17. ``


tragic victims. The Telegraph takes a similar line, saying that the


victims have been robbed of their dignity by the rebels. And an


official photograph of Prince George on his birthday. The crash in


Ukraine and the Gaza conflict share the same headline in the


Independent: The innocents. The front page of the Sunday Herald says


one third of the plane victims came from Commonwealth nations. As you


can imagine, it is hardly a surprise that MH17 has not disappeared from


the front pages of the papers. It probably will not for some time. The


Sunday Times is a harrowing front page. It's dreadful. These could be


your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews. Ordinary little


children whose lives had not even started and they are just some of


the 80 children who died in this appalling incident. And it brings it


home, the human cost to this. People like us, people like people we know.


That is the awful tragedy. The other story on the Sunday Times is the


hard edged side to this, which is a powerful piece by David Cameron, I


think, where he has written, calling for some action. It has some attacks


on European partners. And what is interesting is that like President


Obama, he is pointing the finger of blame at the separatist and on


Russia for backing them. Without any doubt at all will stop it is very


strong language. It is a fine piece. He is giving Vladimir Putin an


ultimatum. He says that unless he changes his approach to Ukraine,


Europe must change its approach to Russia. What he means by that our


sanctions but you get the impression that he is going further than that.


This is making Vladimir Putin and international pariah, completely


freezing him out, unless Vladimir Putin starts doing what needs to be


done and the first stage will be to allow unfettered access immediately


to international investigators. He makes comparisons to Lockerbie. Yes,


he does. The horrors of Lockerbie that he remembers from when he was a


young man. Similarly, the images of MH17 will not leave us. The Sunday


Times says there is new evidence of an intercepted phone call, which,


again, point very clearly towards the Kremlin, saying that the


missiles were smuggled into Ukraine into the night `` in the night.


David Cameron is talking about European partners. He says he has


seen the reluctance to challenge Russia. Is he saying in the EU is


not doing enough? Absolutely. And they do tend to be the countries


with closest physical proximity to Russia and the most direct


experience. And in a horrible twist of the tragedy that is unfolding,


this could be quite an important moment for David Cameron. If he is


seen to be the tough man of Europe on this instead of saying that we


have to be grateful to the Russians for their gas and oil and so on, he


actually could make a statesmanlike... This is nothing


short of an ultimatum to President Putin and Putin has to respond to


this literally immediately. The Mail on Sunday also focuses on the


victims. They are looking at the British victims and two families in


particular. Yes, two families of a lawyer and a banker who died with


their wives and five children between them. They were going on


holiday. John Allen and his wife and three sons. Andrew Hoare, a banker,


with his wife and their two sons. The human cost. It brings it


home... There has already been a huge human cost anyway before the


plane crash in this conflict. What this does is tipped the


international condemnation. Innocent people who were simply flying over.


They would not even have known they were flying over Ukraine. They were


on their way to conferences, holidays or whatever and they were


blown out of the sky. That is what brings the horror... In the


Observer: Armed rebels deny access to the disaster site. Quick to jump


to the conclusion they are trying to cover up the evidence. We do not


know but again, we have to look back at what Putin is saying. Either he


is a very bad liar or not good at telling the truth but either way, he


has been dissembling all the way through. Everything he says sounds


hollow. The onus is on him now to sort out the investigation. That


means immediate access to the crash site. These are pro`Russian


militia. Surely there is some control over them. He can force the


agenda. He will show that he is trying to find out who did it. We do


not know who pulled the trigger of the missile but we do know that


somebody did and that person must be found out as soon as possible. It is


a confusing situation on the ground. Our reporters say you do not know


who is in charge when it comes to the rebels. However, direction does


probably have to come from Russia, as the Observer says. Absolutely.


And Putin has it within his power to say that we must prove


internationally that we can deal with this properly. The Independent


on Sunday reminds us that the conflict in Ukraine is not the only


one Taking Place in the world. Indeed, there are many. But two


emerging ones. And their headline focuses on the victims. It is a


stunning photographs, `` it is a stunning photograph. The independent


without exception has stunning photographs. Carrying the wreckage


of flight MH17 in Ukraine and carrying the bodies of children


killed in Gaza. It is a powerful message for a Sunday newspaper. As


people around the world call for an end to the bloodshed in Palestine,


political leaders unite to call for an end to violence in Donetsk we


report with the blood of innocents are being spilt. These are not


soldiers, these are innocent people. And a reminder that there is an


awful conflict going on in Gaza as well. And rather like Ukraine, the


whole danger of Gaza is that it will keep escalating and escalating.


There is no sign of any side pulling back. There are ceasefires here and


there but they come to nothing until again we get pressure on both the


Israelis and the Palestinians and Hamas to stop the fighting. This is


going to carry on and it will get worse. That is the point. And both


conflicts rely on the international community to try to end them as well


and bring peace. The Sunday Telegraph. We will take a look at a


slightly different story, now, because this is a headline I'm sure


people like you, Nigel and Joe, did not think you would be reading


tomorrow. Voters approve Cabinet changes. I'm actually surprised


about this. What's David Cameron was trying to do was not so much make


his Cabinet reshuffle a positive, he was removing negatives. We're coming


up to the general election and all of the politicians will be trying to


do this, jettisoning things that are unpopular. In Nick Clegg's Chase, ``


Nick Clegg's case, it is the bedroom tax. In David Cameron's case, it is


not having enough women. But this has turned out to be popular with


the voters. This reshuffle, even more so among Tory voters. Maybe it


is having more impact than we thought it would. I think that is


actually the truth. Westminster watchers are looking for the


minutiae and are being caught on the hop by William Hague and Michael


Gove, obviously, but down at the local pub, people think actually,


that's all right. But it has to be said that there is an interesting


interview with Ken Clarke in the Observer, who has said some


rather... He has thrown some cigar lead and hand grenades into the


commentary. And Owen Paterson is also writing in the Telegraph today.


`` cigar laden hand grenades into the commentary. This shows that


policy still matters when it comes to the voters, not just


personality. But the fact that it is Ken Clarke saying it makes me think


this is just the opening shot of what he will be doing over the next


few years, campaigning. And so the subtext of what he is saying about


the recovery and that it is fragile, but most importantly the idea that


we cannot go it alone, breaking away from Europe... He says it will not


be wonderful if we break away from Europe. I think that if you put


everything he says against that backdrop of his fanaticism for


Europe... And returning to the Sunday Telegraph, because for a


moment we could perhaps try to forget about some of the horrors in


Ukraine and Gaza and for a fleeting moment, we could turn our attention


to one particular very famous, very important one`year`old boy. If you


could put a sepia filter over that photograph, it could be his father


and his band father. The most extraordinary commonality. And ``


his father or his grandfather. The most extraordinary commonality and


the same wardrobe, it seems. They have slipped his hair back to make


him look like he is out of the 1930s. He says he looks like Winston


Churchill. As do all babies! LAUGHTER. But he is dressed like


Winston Churchill as well! It shows that the monarchy is still well and


truly alive and has a future in this country. And as you say, we need


something that is quite cheering and what is nicer than seeing a baby


take his first steps? This must be a delight for the Queen as well who


has no doubt been worrying about the future of the monarchy in British


society. This is good news for the Queen. Of course. What she can see


is that the monarchy continues. The line is pretty much worked out. Is


it how she would like it to continue, do you think? She has


changed things. You have to remember how much she has been able to change


the way... Or allow the changes. If you take the watershed of Princess


Diana's death, she was the one who decided they had to come to London


and not day in Balmoral, had to come and talk to the people, be among the


people. Those things for her decision in the end. And that was


quite important. When you look at the younger members of the Royal


family now, they are doing their duty, going around the world and


seeing people. It does show that the monarchy has a future. It seems a


younger, more relaxed generation. Yes. I think back to the opening of


the Olympic Games and there was a genuine sense of affection of these


people who could teach politicians a thing or two. Thank you. Coming up


next, the Film Review.


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