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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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have been forced to concede that a Tour de France win is highly


unlikely. That is all coming up in about 15 minutes.


This camera keeps catching me by surprise... Welcome to Outlook at


what they are newspapers will be bringing us tomorrow morning. ``


welcome to our look. The Financial Times says the US president is


warning of further action. The father of one of the ten British


victims confirmed Lays blame firmly on Putin. Pictures of the British


victims on the front of the Daily Telegraph. The Mirror devotes its


entire front page to those who died on the flight. The Times says the


flight was lost after rebels shot down the wrong jets. The Guardian


reports on what they described as a cover`up. Rebels have destroyed all


links to the atrocity. A rebel fighter at the crash site, holding


up a cuddly toy. The headline is the quote: People fell from the sky.


This is the story that is dominating the front pages tonight and it is


where we will begin. The rebels have destroyed all links to the MH17


atrocity, according to the Guardian. Separatists block access to the


crash site. A Russian fighter holding up a cuddly toy among the


debris that has been found. James, the concern is that this team of


experts that have only been given limited access to the crash site


today, which they are obviously very pleased with, really must get in


there before the site is ruined by people travelling all over it and


taking things from it. The Guardian have done a good job. They have


worked out what the story is. There is not a lot of hard evidence


around. This story is that there should be experts on site. If you


want to find out what happened, you should have experts on this site


looking for evidence to prove one way or another whether the Russians


were involved. That is not happening. The article makes the


point that this is according to evidence from Weston `based defence


and intelligence specialist. There are sceptics as to the voracity of


even that. Claim and counterclaim. People on social media have been


saying that they don't believe them either. Don't forget that some


countries claiming Russia was responsible also tried to say that


Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Absolutely. It is not


immediately clear. I assume the experts they are talking about would


be the observers. Yes, with the OSCE. Yes, but at least we have a


story from the Guardian that is based on actual observation of


events that have happened. They were getting the story from closer to the


crash site. Yes. They were there. And their report is that there was


actually a stand`off between the OSCE and the rebel commanders and


that a shot was fired, which gives you quite a good picture of what


that situation was. And I believe those advisers, those specialists,


were only on`site for about 75 minutes. They were there for a very


short time. They had a big argument. And they were not allowed to do


anything very much and were seen off by gunfire. And some suggestion


several hours ago that the black boxes on the other devices which are


useful to investigators are not at the scene and may have been taken


somewhere else. Let's look inside the Times. Rebels should done wrong


plane. This suggests that MH17 took a quick and cheap retention not have


been flying over this particular area because of the violence we have


seen. `` a quick and cheap route. Some of the rebel groups had tweeted


that they had brought down what they thought was a military aircraft of


some sort. Those posts have now been removed, which is why we have this


headline. This is good work from Times, bringing it together very


nicely. There is a lot on social media pointing to Russian


involvement. Pointing to the Russian backed separatists. And if it was


not as serious... It would almost be like keystone cops. Shooting down


the wrong plane. You know, if there had not been so many people on


board... We should not be bringing anything to suggest either way. It's


an interesting theory that they did want to do it in order to draw


Russia into the conflict more closely. I cannot see how that would


work. Another headline about taking the cheap route. Some airlines had


already stopped flying over this part of Ukraine because of the


violence but then this article suggests that even at the supposedly


safe height this aircraft was flying, it was well within the range


of certain weaponry. I think there is a lot more still to come on this


aspect of the story. It's quite fascinating. Why was anybody flying


across that airspace? But I'm also intrigued by the list of airlines


that are not flying and to see that among the ones that are not going


across it, Virgin, British Airlines, is the Russian airline.


And this is a very bad day for Malaysian airlines and their


business. Were they trying to save fuel? It is cheaper to fly directly


over that route. The other airlines, Singapore, Air India... It leaves a


lot of questions. The Mirror is one of a number of papers who has quite


rightly, one could say, with the victims on the front page. You can


see the range of people who have been killed in this crash, whatever


its cause. And hearing some of the stories from the families is so


moving. We report on tragedies all the time but this one seems to


really get under the skin. Yes, it does. And these images. The fact


that because of social media and smartphones, these images are


readily available in a way that in the past they would not have been.


And you can immediately see and identify these victims. The Scotsman


has a similar front page with this montage of people who were on


board. People of all ages, all backgrounds. A global tragedy. The


number of nationalities on board has drawn many countries into a conflict


that perhaps they had been keeping away from and they now cannot avoid


being drawn in now. Yes. It is interesting that we have what is


essentially a local paper looking at the global aspect, if you like. I'm


not sure the picture works as it is very busy but... This is just a


handful of people. And yet there are hundreds more. Exactly. You get an


idea of the range of people in the nationalities. It also emphasises


how isolated Russia now seems. You have the impression that this


represents the world and all of these countries have been affected.


It highlights the isolation. On another day, this would have been


all over the front pages, I'm sure. Because of the crash, it is not.


Israel and Gaza and what is happening between Hamas and the


Israeli Defence Force. It has been pushed inside the papers, mostly.


This is the second page of the Sun. Israeli tanks pound Gaza. After 2000


air strikes in which 274 Palestinians have been killed, the


vast majority of them civilians, we now have this ground offensive,


which has also become a ground incursion, with troops on the


ground. Benjamin Netanyahu says it will be intensified even further.


Yes. Apparently, it is to target Hamas's tunnel network and the push


continues. That cannot be done from the air, it seems. An invasion is


being used by the other side. It's not good news. It's another terrible


story. We said yesterday that Benjamin Netanyahu said it would be


of limited scope but not limited intensity. It just means that peace


is further away because you create more mistrust and anger on both


sides. And we will have to wait even longer before we get close to any


kind of arrangement. I remember Bill Clinton having both sides at the


White House and thinking, here we go, we are almost over the line.


That was 20 years ago and it is worse than ever. Egypt tried the


other day that lasted for about five hours. If you are in Israel, you


want your country to protect you from rockets that are being fired


from Gaza. Conversely, how defensible is this in terms of the


proportionality of the response? But if the missiles are coming at your


house, it would seem proportionate to you. The state has to protect its


citizens, every single one. If this is what they think they have to do


to protect them, it seems proportionate. I'm not saying it is


but that is the kind of defence. It depends on which side of the


argument you are on. It's difficult not to see this with the historical


perspective and the feeling that there is an inevitability about the


way this has unfolded and is unfolding and the hope that there


will be a break and a pulling back in the fullness of time. We feel we


have been here before. The Sun on the same page. The possible breakup


of the big four banks. The big four banks face a lengthy competition


probe, a word that nobody ever uses in normal speech, which could result


in their breakup. Lloyds and the Bank of Scotland are partly owned by


us, the taxpayer. This has been mooted for ages. They have too much


power and need to be smaller. This is a very happy story. However, it's


not quite as simple as that. As ever. It says in the story that it


may spell the end of free banking for many. There is no such thing! Of


course there is! You pay for it in other ways, don't you? Apparently


they have to advertise and be more transparent and shared data. Only if


you read the small print, and who does, frankly? Once again, this is


an Ed Miliband initiative which started off great and somehow


doesn't quite work out for him. Why not? Because he put forward this


idea and it has been taken up but there is a sting in the tail and as


James was pointing out, it's not going to be quite as popular as it


seems at first. But the costs are hidden. It's not that we don't pay


anything, we just don't realise what we're praying. I just feel sorry for


Ed Miliband in a way but somehow he cannot get through with his ideas.


Let's get through with the Telegraph. Buying the groceries and


a new house. As well as your milk and bread, you can get one of 4000


new homes that will be built by Tesco on land previously earmarked


for supermarkets. The reason the land is available is they have been


stopped in their tracks from building in some places. Yes and


they are turning it to good use. They are quite versatile. They are


in banking as well. They are diversifying. Apparently, the land


around this area is worth a lot of money, so if they are going to be


building desirable residences on it, they might be making more money than


from the supermarkets. They certainly would think of it as a


safe bet. This is the south of England where people do not want


supermarkets. It's extraordinary. The fingers that supermarkets having


so many different pies. It's because they're facing competition from


algae `` from Aldi and Lidl. They have so many strange things now.


Now, they are selling houses. Thank you for joining us.


Time for all the sports news. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Nina


Warhurst. Finally


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