18/07/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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Team Sky have been forced to concede a Tour de France win is unlikely.


That is all coming up in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look at what the papers will be bringing as


tomorrow. Withers is James Miller from the Sunday Post and Susan


Mathias from the Financial Times weekend magazine. Let's start with


the front pages. The US resident is warning of further action. The Daily


Mail's headline is Putin's killed my son. The father of victim laying the


blame with the Russian president. The Daily Telegraph picks up a


similar theme, this time featuring pictures of the victims. The Daily


Mirror dedicates its whole front page. The Times says flight MH17 was


lost after rebels shot down the wrong jet. The Daily Express, as


well as crash headlines as a striking picture of lightning


strikes on the Isle of Wight with a warning of more to come. The eye,


has a picture of a Russian rubble at the crash site holding up a cuddly


toy. `` rebel. Let's begin. We will start with the Daily Mirror, who has


devoted its front page to some of the victims of this appalling crash.


One of them on the front page, named as a journalist, and man known to


many people in this holding, Glenn Thomas it has been working more


recently for the World Health Organization. It is seeing the


individuals and hearing those stories which really brings home the


horror of this particular offence? It absolutely does. The Daily


Mirror's FrontPage is extremely striking. Although there are other


front pages who have taken a similar approach. What it rings home to you


is, in the vacuum of hard news, where we are at the moment where


hard information is very difficult to come by, what is very striking is


we are able to actually look at the victims of this terrible situation.


Get enough information about them from their families to feel as


though we are meeting these people. In a way we are meeting them, we are


getting to know them. The Daily Mail takes it a step further, Putin's


killed my son. Father of British students blames the Russian


president. Richard Mayne, who was a student at the University of Leeds,


who grew up in the Midlands. The investigation is still underway. It


is about as accurate as we can ever hope to be at the moment, but lots


of people and papers making the decision for themselves on who is


behind this? Yes, everybody is behind Putin, based on how much


evidence, I am not entirely sure. It is easy for them to blame Putin. It


seems, from what officials are saying, he is behind it. It is a


very good Daily Mail front page because it takes you into the story,


it could be you, it could be anybody. This is an ordinary boy, an


ordinary family and it could happen to anyone. Links to the rebels and


how Russia could be connected, is featured in your newspaper, the


Financial Times. The death toll is higher than we thought. We thought


there were 285 people. It has been ticking up through the day. The


issue is what happens next. The crash site is in a remote place.


Everybody except the people who are investigating this, have had access


to the site. It will be completely contaminated by now. This photograph


shows people wandering around. Anyone who has been watching the


images, can see how difficult it would be to clear off this site. So


the chances of being able to have, as everybody seems to want, an


independent and thorough investigation, how can that happen?


On the front page of the Financial Times and the man in the centre of


the picture is a man who is a self appointed governor of the Donetsk


region, inspecting the crash site. It makes it sounds official. He is


having a good look. They are having a walk around, but it isn't


official. It is where we are right now with this story. What you are


dealing with here, any right thinking person, the image you want


to put out in allowing people to do their jobs and giving the families


of the victims some sort of information. This man thinks the


right image to put out is wander round with a gun in his hand and


keep the people who should be there, off the site. Let's move to this


one, people fell from the sky. It is shocking. People were finding body


parts in their gardens. It fell in this remote part of eastern Ukraine.


We have another picture of a rebel fighter holding up a cuddly toy that


belonged to one of the 80 children on board. That must be so


distasteful to people, that these personal effects have been gone


through? It is an arresting image. You get the story straightaway, he


has a gun, cigarette and children's toy. There has been on social media,


throughout the day, pictures coming from the site and there are


questions about what should be used and what should not be. Some of the


things we see on social media, we would not put on television or in a


newspaper? Nope, at the moment, the press has been restrained today, but


social media does not operate by those rules. This photograph is


interesting. You can look at it. It is almost as if he is brandishing


this story. The image itself, you know, it is open to interpretation.


It is the juxtaposition isn't it of something so innocent and something


soap deadly and something so something so innocent and something


soap deadly and casual in the cigarette? Let's move on to this


story in the Independent. And this picture, we have a body covered by a


plastic sheet in what looks like some kind of field vegetables in


this particular part of the region. The question is, President Putin has


promised further action and that sounds like it will be sanctions?


What happens now, yes President Obama said something will happen,


even if it is sanctions. A lot of people reading this story will be


thinking that sanctions, you will not see an immediate impact from


sanctions, even if there will be one economically. A lot of people will


be looking at those pictures and want to see President Putin


suffering for what it seems he was behind. Another story, the Daily


Telegraph. Darling, I am popping to Tesco to buy the groceries and a new


house. Tesco deciding it will build 4000 new homes on land it up


previously earmarked for supermarkets? It comes as a bit of a


light relief amidst the other stories of the day. But good news. I


guess. They have realised out of time shopping isn't what people want


to do any more and making good use of the land, building new homes. I


don't know if they will be going into the estate agent business as


well. Would not be surprising? Quite so. As you pointed out earlier, that


particular real estate is probably worth quite a lot. You could build


some expensive houses there. I think they would be wanting to build


supermarkets. They are consolidating and having to go for houses instead.


One of these particular sites, there was a huge up roar when people did


not want a Tesco supermarket in this particular place. So their plans


were scuppered and they were left with this land they had to do


something with. It is prime building land.


What you kept away by the lightning? 30,000 strikes, how do


they count them? This was taken by the eye of white. Did you sleep


through it? No. I just noticed the juxtaposition of the rebels blowing


up the plane and this shock and awe image and I wonder if it was in the


mind of the picture editor. I think it might have been. More to come? On


Sunday you will see spreads of pictures of lightning and there will


be lots of people out tonight taking them. It was very dramatic. I woke


up, clocked it and thought, it is not time to get up yet. Thank


goodness. James and Sue will be back with us again at 11:30pm. Breaking


news, the Prime Minister and President Obama have spoken on the


phone this evening regarding the situation in Gaza and also the MH 17


disaster. Increasingly likely they agreed the plane was brought down by


a missile fired from the territory controlled by separatists. More on


that breaking news in a few minutes. Hello and welcome to Sportsday,


I'm Nina Warhurst. Finally banishing the Friday curse,


Rory McIlroy holds his nerve A century for Gary Balance,


but another miserable day


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