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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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place in Gaza tonight as Israel launched a major ground offensive


against Palestinian militants. It follows nine days of air strikes by


Israel, which they insist are necessary to halt rocket attacks by


Hamas militants. More than 200 Palestinians and one Israeli have


died since this latest conflict began.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me here in London is Oliver Wright, the Whitehall


Editor of The Independent and in our Glasgow studio, Kevin McKenna,


Scottish Columnist for The Observer. Tomorrow's front pages are dominated


by the plane crash in Ukraine. The Independent shows burnt out


fuselage on the ground and describes bodies scattered over fields.


A rescuer is pictured amid the wreckage on the front of the Metro.


The Telegraph says that wreckage was strewn over an area nine miles wide.


A pro`Russian militant is shown standing over the scene in The


Times. It reports 154 Dutch people and six Britons are among the dead.


"Murder in the Sky" is the headline on the Guardian.


The Mirror describes "Slaughter at 33,000 Feet".


There's a stark message on the front of the Mail: there'll be hell to pay


if it emerges Russia is involved. And finally 'Putin's missile' is


behind the disaster according to the Sun, blaming pro`Russian


separatists. There are many different strands to the stories.


Let's look at the Independent. Pro` Russian rebels are suspected of the


attack. There are a lot of pictures to choose from. It gives you a sense


of how or promote this part of Ukraine was, which will make


it tricky to investigate. I think the Independent can be proud of its


story. It is a very dramatic picture. There is a separatist


investigating the wreckage. I am being told that the Malaysians


will take quite a long time to get to the crash site. There are reports


that Ukrainian government forces are finding it difficult to get to the


crash site because it is being groomed over by the separatists. ``


combed. There is an inference that if they locate the black box, it


will go straight to Moscow. Then the narrative will start to be dictated


by the Russians and President Putin. There are a lot of


nationalities involved. We have the story about slaughter at 33,000 feet


in The Mirror. We have most of the people on board are from the


Netherlands. It is an international tragedy. The front page is grimly


compelling. The wreckage is still smouldering. There are a lot of


images on the Internet that are far worse. You need to pick one that can


convey the gravity of the situation, without showing all the awfulness.


It is a difficult place to investigate. There were reports from


the United States with Joe Biden saying that American satellites,


which have been monitoring that part of the world carefully before this


happened, had picked up evidence of a surface to air missiles. It


probably won't take them long to identify where that came from.


Whether they can get people on the ground to find out where that


missile launcher is now will be difficult. Let's look at the Sun.


They talk about whether the separatists had the weaponry to


bring an ally no down at 30,000 feet. `` an airliner down. No one is


admitting the blame at the moment. There are claims and counterclaims.


The Sun is doing what it does best. There is no equivocation. They are


making a lot of the fact of the altitude of the plane was such that


only a serious piece of military hardware could have brought it down.


They then pointed straight out Putin. That is just like them. They


don't sit on the fence. The Daily Mail is looking at the darker


consequences. They say that this has very serious implications for the


geopolitical situation. Ukraine 's President Petro Poroshenko quoted on


Reuters that this was a terrorist attack that is a challenge to the


whole world. There were so many people on board, it took off from


the Netherlands, it inevitably draws in other countries. Of course it


does. This is a very serious problem for Putin. It implicates Russian


involvement will stop I think it is too early to say it came from


Russian troops. It could have been a missile that was once controlled by


the Ukraine that was then seized by the rebels. It is a very complicated


situation. A simplistic headline might sell newspapers, but it


doesn't always get to the truth. Putin has supported the pro` Russian


Ukrainian rebels. It is a very popular course in Russia. `` cause.


This is not just about Ukraine now. There are a whole number of


nationalities. This is a game changer. That has been said a lot.


What will happen? Will there be sanctions? There was evidence over


the last few weeks that from the outset of this crisis, Putin had


begun to move back and visa restrictions and trade sanctions


were beginning to bite and serious negotiations were beginning to


occur. Putin must've been taken greatly by surprise by this. He will


have immediately gathered his senior ministers. He will not need to be


told the implications of this. He will have a short time to come up


with a narrative to distance himself. Very few people will


believe it. It also poses a dilemma for America. The President is


halfway through a second term. He could conceivably say this as


someone else 's problem. `` is. In two years, he won't be seeking


offers. `` office. But then he could also take action because he won't be


around for the consequences. President Obama has had a


conversation with Secretary of State John Kerry and his security team


about what is happening. We imagine there are Americans on board. It is


curious that we had a press conference area and most of the


nationalities were announced. By far the largest number of nationalities


was from the Netherlands. There are about 60 unaccounted for


nationalities on the plane. I wonder if quite a few were Americans and


the summer reason, the Americans have asked details to be revealed so


that the the authorities can get a clear idea of what happened. If


there were a large number of Americans, that would put a lot of


pressure on the White House. They would want to know what is happening


before they are put under domestic pressure. John McCain said there


would be hell to pay. That is very much shooting from the hip. It makes


you grateful that he didn't win in 2008. While we are hearing about the


nationalities, 295 people died. For Malaysia, this is the second time


one of their planes has gone down. There was criticism of the way that


relatives were not kept informed when MH 370 went down. The


government will want to do everything they can to keep families


in the loop. In the passing of time since the downing of the first


Malaysian airline, the government, you could have sympathy for them.


Since then, nothing of any detail has emerged about the reasons it has


come down. One of the more horrific things I have been told earlier was


that the first witnesses on the scene in the Ukraine were beginning


to take pictures on their iPhones and posting the pitches to Twitter.


`` pictures. Some of the images were of passports that were fully intact.


You must think that some of the relatives would have been the images


inadvertently. That takes the implications of horror even further.


It is they 21st`century way of finding out news. Let's move away


from the horror. We will go to the Times. It is about the Israel


offensive against Gaza. 18,000 reserve soldiers have been called up


overnight to try to get Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel. If


it wasn't for the flight, this story would be all over the front pages.


It has been pushed inside. The editors will have had their work cut


out for them. These are both important stories. I think this will


carry on for several days. We don't know what Israel has planned. The


operation may be more extensive than we thought and could go on for


several days. You think it may have been planned for a while, but I do


wonder about the exact timing. I wonder whether it was a cool


incidents that while the eyes of the world are facing on the Ukraine,


Israel are doing what they were going to do anyway. The timing may


be something other than call incidental. There is a sense that it


is an escalation when it moves from artillery fire and missiles being


sent in overhead to something at ground level. Attention ground


troops going in. `` potentially. The figure of 18,000 going in is


important because it is 10% of the population of Gaza. This latest


escalation centres on the fact, Israel said, that Hamas have been


extremely angry and desperate about border restrictions imposed by


Egypt. This has led to even further economic difficulties and hardship


for the citizens of Gaza. Hamas itself has been unable to pay any of


its employees recently. They also have a stark and poignant image of


three of the children who were killed on a beach yesterday. Three


of them were running away before they were killed by the Israeli 's.


The explanation was that they killed the first child in a mistake. They


were aiming for rape military police nearby. The children they thought


were running away they thought were Hamas militants. We must stop


talking about it here and move on to the Herald.


A matter of weeks until the Scottish referendum for independence. The yes


campaign is getting some traction. Yes, they are leading on a pole


which says that 28% of Labour voters now intend to vote yes on September


the 18th and that is up in one month by 7%. The deputy leader of the SNP


and the deputy first minister was actively wooing Labour voters when


she challenged them to reclaim the party and this is obviously having


some kind of affect. As part of a story that I was researching, I was


out with some volunteers who were going to vote yes in a very working


class area and the message coming from the doorsteps in this very big


area for Labour was almost blanket support in favour. If this poll is


to be believed, Gordon Brown has been epicenter of the pro` union


campaign and this will be uncomfortable reading for him `` at


the centre. This referendum will be won by those who don't know what


they want yet. It has got into such that it is easier for people to say


that they support the yes campaign and it is for them to say that they


support the no campaign and they say that when they go and talk to


people, people who say they don't know are actually not in favour of


independence and don't feel that they can say it. Clearly, we are


only a couple of months now and this will cause quite a lot of


consternation. They could surprise us all on the day when they enter


the ballot box and leave their mark. They could be confused. The


other thing that conflict takes this `` complicates this is estimating


privately anything between 80 or 90% of voters are undecided and if that


transpires, it will break all records on European democracy for


the percentage of turnout. I take the point that has been made about


people finding it easier to say yes but on the other hand, the pattern


of newspaper coverage in Scotland on the referendum campaign, probably


nine out of ten newspapers in Scotland have by varying degrees


supported the no campaign and this poll, as well as talking about the


heavy support amongst Weber Mac supporters for yes `` Labour, have


put it at 45% which is the highest it has been. Nine weeks before


September the 18th, that puts the yes campaign in a position that can


be a springboard for victory. That is where we must leave it for


tonight. Thank you to my guests. We are going to retain to the


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