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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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been not bidding for the World Cup as long as Sepp Blatter remains in


charge of FIFA. That is in 15 minutes after the papers.


Not our normal studio as you can see ` we're live


on the banks of the River Clyde to mark the eve of Glasgow 2014.


With me are Richard Walker, the editor of The Sunday Herald and


Lindsay McIntosh, Scottish Political Correspondent for The Times.


They'll be taking us through their pick of tomorrow morning's


First, let's look at tomorrow morning's front pages.


And the Independent says MPs are warning of a sharp increase in


the sale of weaponry to Russia, just as the European Union considers


widening sanctions against Moscow over its support for pro`Russian


They've been blamed of course for downing the Malaysian airliner.


The Financial Times says the head of the French Socialist party has


accused David Cameron of hypocrisy for urging Paris to scrap


the sale of two warships to Russia when so many Russian oligarchs have


For the Telegraph, it's a photograph of the Queen's racehorse, Estimate,


who's tested positive for the banned substance morphine, that features


But the paper also says the SNP leader Alex Salmond has broken his


own self`imposed ban and already talked about Scottish Independence


even before the Commonwealth Games has officially started.


The Guardian leads with the Trojan Horse report from former


counter`terror chief Peter Clarke into allegations of a hard`line


And The Mail, which also pictures the Queen with her racehorse


at Ascot, says David Cameron is under pressure to return


donations given by Russian oligarchs to the Conservative Party.


Let's begin our more in`depth look at the papers. Yes, this is in


context of the Malaysian airlines crash, and as the world decides what


sanctions to put in place we have a report coming out from the committee


on export controls which shows there has been a 52% rise in the licenses


for exports to Russia of ammunitions in the last 12 months. This comes


after David in the last 12 months. This comes


after Cameron addressed the Commons yesterday and criticised the French


for their warships they are exporting and saying we need to take


a hard line on this, and it also comes on the day when the EU nations


were meeting to discuss what sanctions they could put in place.


This throws open the issues individual and countries will have


and how the sanctions will affect them. What are your thoughts on


this, Richard? It is not a great front page for the prime minister,


is it? It is not, it is hardly a surprise return sells arms to


Moscow, Britain sells arms to almost everybody. But is a shocking and


shameful list, Huffington Post reported one year ago that the UK


sells ?12 billion worth of arms to the world's worst dictatorships. It


is a real embarrassment to David Cameron. Not a surprise because for


this Government, business and profits are number one priority and


morals are nowhere to be seen. We need to look at what David Cameron


does in terms of sanctions that are imposed. The timing of this report


is unfortunate for him, and does he stand by the stance he has taken?


That obviously happened before this terrible tragedy in Ukraine. That's


right, but many of those contracts are still in place. Who would have


thought that would be the first question David Cameron would ask his


advisers before saying what he said? You are right, there are real issues


around what pressure can be put on Putin to act on this. I think it is


a really important issue. What is another important issue is why


Britain can sell arms to these dictators and nobody questions them.


I think we need to look at the policy over that. It needs to be


dealt with at some point in the near future. Let's move on to the


Financial Times, David Cameron accused of Russian hypocrisy. They


are also reporting across the papers that the Labour Party are taking the


opportunity to say, actually, David Cameron pointing out that the


Conservative Party are accepting donations from Russian oligarchs.


Yes, I'm not sure what the detail is, I would be wary about party


political politics coming into this at this stage, but in terms of the


City of London, that is the issue being referred to in the Financial


Times, the accusation of hypocrisy over Russia which came from the


French socialist leader. The suggestion was that David Cameron


needs to clean up his backyard before he starts criticising the


French for their dealings. Each country in the EU has got its own


economic reliance and dependence with Russia and one of those that


David Cameron will have to look at is London. It will be interesting to


see what they come up with. Let's move back to the Independent and the


other main story, depressingly familiar, a picture of Gaza and the


terrible conflict going on there. This is a pretty shocking image,


showing the father of a nine`year`old girl and his face in


absolute dismay and grief and horror. What you can see in soft


focus behind him is an image of the nine`year`old girl being carried by


a relative to the hospital. These images coming out of Gaza, within


this they are not showing anything macabre, just showing the extent of


the human suffering here and it is horrendous. It is an example of how


photography can really ram home the reality of the situation, and also


change public opinion. There is no doubt innocent children are being


killed and that just has to stop. There needs to be a real attempt to


bring both sides under some sort of control, but certainly America has


got a responsibility to be more forthright with Israel because I


think if you look at the relativity of what is happening there, I think


the missile strikes in Israel are clearly wrong. I think the balance


is skewed with their firepower that Israel is using in Gaza. 28 Israeli


deaths, much higher possibly than Benjamin Netanyahu would have been


expecting, and yet there is much discomfort about the levels of


suffering in Gaza. It is a very complex situation that has been


going on for as long as I can remember. It waxes and wanes in


terms of public opinion and publicity, depending on what is


going on in these pictures and the ones we saw last week, they would


certainly serve to put it further up the political agenda. We can only


hope there is a renewed emphasis on finding a way to have a cease`fire.


Let's look at the Herald because this is the reason we are here, the


eve of the Commonwealth Games tomorrow. It has been a great day


here in Glasgow, the sun has been shining. The sun always shines on


Glasgow! It's true! It has been an absolutely beautiful day and you can


really sends the spirit. You guys spend much more time in the city


than I do, but... It is really busy, there are people from all over the


world and there is a real sense of anticipation. A real sense of people


supporting the Commonwealth Games here and tomorrow night will start


the party, the likes of which the world has never seen. We don't know


much about the opening ceremony. But we did not know much about the


Olympic opening ceremony either, which took us by surprise. We did


not know the Queen was going to jump out of a helicopter. Identity that


will happen tomorrow. But we don't know who will jump out of what.


There are rumours about certain things which I won't spoil by


repeating them. What I have heard, I have to admit, I was a bit cynical


about it as I was about the opening of the Olympics, and that event blew


me away. From what I have heard about tomorrow night, it is going to


be absolutely fantastic. I can hardly wait. Maybe you can tell us


about the theme, Gallagher us, this impish, self`deprecation with a


swagger. Maybe a bit of self`confidence. Yes, definitely a


bit of a swagger. You need to experience it to understand what it


is but you will see it here. We are hearing from the guy who has


orchestrated the opening ceremony that it will have a Glaswegian


accent. I'm not entirely sure what that means but it sounds brilliant.


Looking at the front page of the Herald, the leaders hail city


transformation, ?1 billion investment, 4500 athletes from 71


nations, but is it all good? I spoke to a couple of taxi drivers, maybe,


who are a bit annoyed about the inconvenience. Never take the


opinion of a taxi driver! Others have been happy about it. Any


negatives? Yes, some people are unhappy about certain things that


have happened. Some people believe that their own areas are not getting


the investment and the benefits that they would expect from an event like


this. You can completely understand that. I think it is overridden by


the benefits of showing Scotland as it is today and Glasgow as it is


today, to the world. That is a tremendous opportunity. I think the


world will be duly impressed. In terms of the few negative headlines


we have had in the build`up, they have been pretty minimal, compare to


major events. Like the Olympics. There have been teething problems,


issues with the opening ceremony, FA chairman Greg Dyke tells MPs


the FA will not bid for FIFA tournaments, as long as


Sepp Blatter's in charge. Alistair Cook keeps his captaincy,


as England name their squad


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