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not bid for the World Cup as long as Sepp Blatter is in charge of FIFA.


That will be coming up in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to The Papers. Not our normal studio as you can see `


we're live on the banks of the river Clyde to mark the eve of Glasgow


2014. With me are Richard Walker, the Editor of The Sunday Herald and


Lindsay McIntosh, Scottish Political Editor for The Times. They'll be


taking us through their pick of tomorrow morning's stories in just a


moment. First let's look at tomorrow's front pages, starting


with... The Independent says MPs are warning of a sharp increase in the


sale of weaponry to Russia, just as the European Union considers


widening sanctions against Moscow over its support for pro`Russian


rebels in Eastern Ukraine. They've been blamed, of course, for downing


the Malaysian airliner. The Scottish Telegraph says the SNP leader Alex


Salmond has broken his own self`imposed ban and already talked


about Scottish Independence even before the Commonwealth Games has


officially started. The Guardian leads with the Trojan horse report


from a former counter`terror chief into allegations of a hardline


Muslim take`over of schools in Birmingham. The Mail says David


Cameron is under pressure to return donations given by Russian oligarchs


to the Conservative Party. The Mirror claims M15 are convinced


President Putin sanctioned the assassination of Alexander


Litvinenko. The Herald says the Commonwealth Games will showcase a


transformed Glasgow to the world, creating benefits that will be felt


for generations. And finally, Alex Salmond's pledge to keep politics


out of the Games makes the front page of The Scotsman. So let's


begin... Richard, in the interest of fairness, you can kick us off. The


Telegraph. It is a strange way to report the story. It says that Alex


Salmond cannot stop all attacks from coming into the games. But then it


also criticizes George Osborne for coming all the way from London.


Before we get into this, I should say that your paper is the only one


that has come out in favour of the yes campaign. The Times has not come


out either way. As I said, it is a strange way to report this story


because what happened in reality was that George Osborne came here to


talk at the Commonwealth Business Conference and pledged a loss of


money. I am sorry, but no one can say that he is not using the


Commonwealth Games as a platform to suggest to people that they are


better off staying in the union. Or Alex Salmond to reply to that seems


perfectly reasonable `` for. I thought he spoke first? He may have


but George Osborne was offering... Perhaps bribing is more fitting, and


to suggest that it was Alex Salmond who has begun this, it is not the


truth I am afraid. I think the Telegraph take on this is quite


interesting because what they have done is picked up a quote from Alex


Salmond today where he has said that he is going to have a self`denial


pledge on talking about politics during the Commonwealth Games. He


has said that he will get provocation from George Osborne. It


is not exactly the strongest political statement but what we know


is that Alex Salmond does have a tendency to use sporting events for


political gain. Wimbledon and the poorly judged use of the word


Sco`lympians. It is slightly dodgy. However, the comment he made at


George Osborne is a jibe rather than a political statement. In terms of


what George Osborne said that this conference today, what he's talking


about is the city deal which has been to Glasgow which is money from


the UK government for infrastructure investments which will be matched by


the Scottish government. What he is saying is that this is the business


branding that we can do as part of the UK. In terms of breaking his


self`imposed ban on political speaking, they haven't technically


started. When does it start? It could be a long 12 days for him. We


will give him the fact that they have not started yet. It is a return


to some of the previous statements he has made. It is not a statement


of intent. It seems harmless enough to point out when famous Olympians


and so forth are Scottish. Or could be a backlash, couldn't there ``


there. If he is using it as a platform for politics? He has just


said that he is going to do that so I since it is a bit unfair for


people to say that he has done that since it hasn't even started. It was


a jibe, as Lindsay said, not politics. It is also the front page


of the Scotsman. The Scotsman reports relatively straight. I


haven't entered into the debate for the Commonwealth Games are


concerned. I would like to point out that it takes two sides and I think


if the Better Together is going to do this, they have to be quiet about


it. He is not completely avoiding politics . Maybe let us have a


fortnight of celebrating the Commonwealth Games rather than


having this debate. We have had it for the last two years. It has been


incessant and rightly after the Commonwealth Games it will continue


but let's take a moment and breathe. I agree with that but both


sides should do it. Let's take a look at this. Politicians ready to


welcome the world to the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.


They are focusing very much on the games themselves and the investment


it has brought. It is a great image on the front page of The Herald. It


is exactly what Lascaux should be doing `` Glasgow. They are talking


about the transformation of the city which has been there for everyone to


see and also on the investment that we have had and a little bit of the


politics. A touch on it towards the end of that story `` they. In terms


of the Commonwealth Games themselves, do you think there will


be an effect in terms of confidence? When you look back on 2012 and the


way people in London felt after that, think it will have the same


kind of impact relatively? I think so. I took the train today and I saw


these massive posters in Queen Street that were all positive


messages and accompanying images and as soon as you get there, you think


something great is happening there. I saw a report on the economic


benefits of the Olympics in London and hopefully we will see something


similar in terms of the Commonwealth Games. I think so. I thought the way


they handled the London Olympics was brilliant. I thought that the


depiction of Great Britain was fantastic. But even so, I still


thought it was powerful for everyone. I think ours will be


celebratory. There is a lot to celebrate about this city and our


country. It has been transformed and I'm really looking forward to seeing


how it comes out tomorrow. There is certainly a sense of celebration


coming musicians on the streets and so forth. What helps is the


weather. It is beautiful even now. Positively balmy. It is not always


like that I have to admit but it is fantastic when it is and the timing


could not be better. The streets are packed with people as you said,


people from all over the world and there is a real sense of


anticipation and celebration and I think that will just told as the


event goes on `` build. The opening ceremony is tomorrow evening. Are


you looking forward to it? I am. The organiser of the games has promised


an opening ceremony that is uniquely Glasgow. I think that will be


perfect if they take the best of our city and Scotland and show it to a


global audience. It will be wonderful. You were going to be


there Richard, can you see the crane on the other side of the river


behind us? I threw myself off it. I was in a harness at the time but it


was still very scary. I do think I deserve it. Did you enjoy it? I


don't think there was any enjoyment at all. I was terrified. The worst


moment was stepping off and leaping into the abyss. There was no good


side to it. I expected to feel elation when I got to the ground but


I am still recovering from the terror of that five minutes


beforehand. Perhaps it will all feel worthwhile when you are at the


opening ceremony tomorrow. That is the most I can hope for. He had


managed to keep it quite quiet. We haven't had more than a few hints


about what will happen. Not to bring negativity into it but we have heard


that some things have been pulled from the event. Hopefully it will


not impact on what they have. I have heard that they will put on a


phenomenal event for Glasgow and Scotland. I think it is good that


they listen to public opinion. I think people complain that certain


parts of Glasgow are not quick to benefit from the games and residents


don't always so good about it. I think, in general the feeling is one


of support for the Commonwealth Games. I think that will only


improve and increase as the day goes on. Enjoy tomorrow evening and thank


you both. That's it for The Papers. Next on BBC News it's Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm Nina Warhurst. FA Chairman Greg Dyke


tells MPs the England will not bid for FIFA tournaments as long as Sepp


Blatter's in charge. Alistair Cook keeps his captaincy as England name


their squad for the third Test against India at


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