23/07/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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to that during the course of the evening. Now time to discuss some of


the front pages of tomorrow morning 's newspapers.


will be talking about tomorrow, welcome Susan Boniface and Kieran


Stacey, now let's have a look at the front pages. The Financial Times


says that the governor of the Bank of England has given the strongest


signal so far of a rise in interest rates but it also has a sombre


picture of Dutch military personnel carrying the coffin of one of the


victims of the flight MH17 crash. The Daily Express has news of an


injection that could revolutionise the treatment of arthritis, or even


prevented. Peaches Geldof features on the front page of the daily Star.


The Guardian pictures dancers dressed as cakes during the opening


ceremony of the Commonwealth Games! It also has a report on her chicken


can be contaminated with a deadly bug. And the Daily Mail says two


police chiefs have infuriated the police by opposing whole life


sentences for police killers. The photo is of the Queen, dazzling in


white at the opening ceremony of the common law of games. Let's begin.


Let's start with the Financial Times `` the Commonwealth Games. Susan.


The FT man is here, but let's start with you. He will get his save! He


will. Every story has something to do with economics but this one is,


according to the headline, that fears of a Sheffield the Ukraine


arms race. It is misleading, because all arms races between them more


than one person trying to get arms. These are different sides that would


light weapons. Ukraine already has an army and has weapons at its


disposal, the Russian led separatists, they seem to be armed


with weapons that don't appear to have been locked up in the backyard


quickly as part of a rebel movement that appeared to have come across


the border, could knows what else. And they are suspected of having the


ability to bring down airliners. The story is about the fact that a lot


of weapons are going to the Ukraine, and who is supplying them


fundamentally. It is a short list of one, not difficult to work out where


they are coming from, not some at a race as a mass. Interesting that


this points out that the overall strategy has been to create a proper


army. That's the rebel army. It looks like it will become that. That


is the really terrifying quote. A lot of this we are aware of. One


reason for writing this piece today is two more fighter jets were


brought down by rebel fighters. That brings up the number of planes that


have been downed, including MH17. This wasn't just a one`off incident,


although it was a tragic accident. Because it was a passenger jet. What


the defence Security editor finds when talking to experts is that it


isn't just about Russia giving weapons to the militants for


short`term use of trying to resist the Ukrainian army. It is about


setting up a permanent army to resist and undermine the Ukrainian


government, and that will be a massive problem if that's the case.


They are incredibly well equipped, according to these details. Among


the equipment, dozens of battle tanks, rocket launchers,


self`propelled guns, artillery, infantry combat vehicles, cannons,


personnel carriers, small arms from semiautomatic weapons, and


anti`aircraft systems. This is a huge arsenal. Compare that to Gaza


at the moment, again rebel fighters in an area knocking ab rockets in


there by Garrard and causing a lot of damage to the enemy. ` locking up


rockets in their back yard. Think about the damage being caused by


Hamas in Gaza. This will be a lot worse. The other amazing quote, it's


from Vladimir Putin, who when asked where the weapons came from, said, I


don't know, the shops? The Russian line is, we don't know what they are


up to, they could be buying their weapons in the local shops. Or going


on eBay! Let's stay with you and go to the Governor of the Bank of


England, highlighting a rate rise risk. From the outside it seems that


he flip`flops on this subject. Sometimes he gives strong signals


and sometimes he rows back. He is nicknamed the unreliable boyfriend!


He came in saying he would have forward guidance which meant that


when the unemployment rate dipped in certain amount people would think


seriously about raising interest rates. That happened, yet interest


rates stay low. Then we have members of the monetary policy committee


coming out, saying it is high time that interest rates began to rise,


there might be a problem. I'm sorry to interrupt you but it's unusual,


because we've got the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony going on.


We'll come back to you. Terrific to see him here. We've got a mighty


team. Some brilliant


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