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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the columnist for The Independent,


Yasmin Alibhai`Brown and James Millar from the Sunday Post.


Good evening both. The front pages. The striking image on the Observer.


A Palestinian woman in the rubble of Gaza pleading for help from the


outside world. The Mail on Sunday claims the new Defence Secretary,


Michael Fallon is at the centre of a row after allegedly calling a female


writer in a bar "a sluut." The paper says he later apologised. The Sunday


Telegraph, reports that families of the victims of flight MH17 may sue


President Putin for his alleged links to the pro`Russian rebels in


Ukraine who are said to have shot down the passenger plane. The lead


in the Sunday Times is the call by the Deputy Prime Minister to strip


Russia of the 2018 World Cup following the shooting down of the


yet. And instant test for cancer is the headline in the Sunday Express.


. Mitt Now the Observer. We have seen people coming out of hide,


James, going back to what they Shaw thought would be their homes to find


that everything has gone? Yeah. The important word is there "a pause",


unfortunately, as you said, the ceasefire seems to have broken down.


We're heading back to square one again. It's a nice enough piece. It


covers all the bases. I get the slight feeling there are no words to


really convey the horror of what he is seeing. He says that, "it's a


moon scape from which the smell of death at times wafted" terrible for


all concerned out there. Trying to retrieve the dead will be


impossible. Hamas have GUNFIRing rockets. They don't believe an


extension of the truce is in their interests? I think now, you know,


there is just no way, I personally, and most other people in this


country, would talk about Hamas in the same breath as what Israel has


been inflicting because it's so disproportionate. Actually, that's


what this eyewitness is also saying. You know, he actually says, "we have


to decide whether this was proportionate or if the destruction


amounts to a war crime." I think, you know, this is the month of


Ramadan. It's Eid on Monday. This awaits the people of Gaza. I don't


know when it's going to end. I think we can't let this go on, talk in


equal terms. In terms of what Hamas is doing. I have no ` I'm not allied


to the Hamas rockets or anything, but it is so disproportionate now we


have to talk about what this Israeli government. It's not all Israeli


governments, but certainly this Israeli government is pushing things


to a point where, it's appalling. We understand the Israeli public are in


favour of what the government is doing, to try to protect them from


the rockets that land in their territory, fired from Gaza. We were


speaking last night to a journalist who says the Israeli public aren't


being shown the papers we are seeing? Yeah. I think part of it is


the horror of it, you feel so helpless. This has been going on for


so long. We are seeing awful pictures. Reading the words. Nothing


anybody here does or says or indeed seems politicians from around the


world do or say, is changing anything, for either side. I mean,


you know, it's a moral maze, isn't it? Hamas have started firing


rockets back into Israel. They know the result of that is going to be.


It will be Israel piling in again. I'm sorry, after what we've seen,


children, places where children were taking refuge. Imagine if you were


there and I was there, and you were witnessing this, tell me, our rage


would not be absolute. You know, I'm trying to put myself into that


position where children. There are no Israeli children, thank God, who


have been killed in the latest. There have not been Israeli women.


Thank God, who have been killed. We have seen far too much devastation


in the civilian communities. Here, I don't know whether this is an


accurate figure or not, in one of the papers it is was reported that


only 15% of Britons now, a YouGov poll showed, approve of what Israel


is doing. It's not right. You are still dealing with an organisation


that is regarded as a group of terrorists, Hamas, who don't even


believe that Israel has a right to exist? OK. I accept that Hamas has


not been ` actually Hamas is not good for the Palestinian people.


Even so, you know, we had the IRA. We had the IRA for years and years


and years. We did not do what the Israeli government is doing. We


didn't, did we? We didn't send bombs into civilian areas in Northern


Ireland. We didn't resolve the conflict quickly, did we? We did not


attack civilians? What happened was essentially, eventually, something


had to change. That's what happens ` that is the thing here. Everybody `


it's not almost that everyone is as bad as each other. There issen issue


of proportion al. Somebody on either side needs to stand up and say `


this is not the way to go. It's been going on `` Pursue peace. . Gaza has


been squeezed, humiliated. Its resources... You can't treat a


people like this. I'm so shocked that people with this history learnt


the wrong lessons from their own history. I admire Israelis standing


up. There are a lot of very good Israeli people, wonderful writers,


who have spoken out and written about this for years. But at the


moment they are powerless. They are powerless in Israel to do anything.


I will move you on to another story on the Observer. That could take up


the whole review, couldn't it, that story. So much to say, or not say.


NHS managers paid ?1.6 billion in layoff deals since 2010. The cost of


the redundancy payments to NHS managers who then, it seems, Yasmin,


few weeks later, few months later, come back either full`time or


part`time contracts? We are in the wrong job, aren't we? This is what


we should have got into, become managers. I mean, the figure is


startling. ?1.6 billion! Yeah. It's a lot of money, isn't it? A lot of


managers. A lot of managers. If they are getting rid of them and rehiring


doesn't it mean they need them in the first place. That it was the


wrong reform? If you paid them money, they go away, the service is


better and leaner and cheaper, great. Clearly, they need to go.


They are coming back, yet it would appear there are certain indicators


that the service is not getting better. There are issues about A


waiting list times, for example, and stuff like that. So the sort of


conclusion perhaps is that a lot of money is being spent to no real end.


Now some of the Trusts are in real crisis, aren't they? A number of


Trusts which are almost bankrupt. This figure, when you consider that


particular situation really makes no sense at all. Yeah a lot of nurses


wages or A units or maternity units, whatever. The Sunday


Telegraph, British lawyers say the Russian President could face a class


action for his links to separatists who are thought to have shot down


this plane. We are still in the investigation stages. Bodies haven't


been recovered, you might understand the feeling you want to take legal


action. How realistic could this be Not very. A lot of people on Sunday


Telegraph have gone on holiday. They would like to get a splash about the


airliner. The strongest line they can come up with is the potential


for a lawsuit. They are not really going to sue Putin. The intention


sends a message, doesn't it? No, lawyers are having a field day. We


had a similar thing tried with Lockerbie all those years ago, it


came to nothing. This one makes less sense. The courts in America,


British lawyers and American lawyers, how will they get the


leader of Russia to even attend? It'ses... Not fair to the families


actually to give them this kind of false hope. That is it. Yeah. The if


we look at the picture on the Sunday Telegraph, "worth the wait"


congratulations to Zoe Smith. The moment she realises she has won


Commonwealth Gold in Glasgow, beating her Welsh rival. Not only


can she left heavyweights she can do backward somer sets, she used to be


a gymnast. Brilliantly caught. Mail on Sunday. This is a woman who is a


columnist, has a book to sell, referring in the Mail to something


that Michael Fallon, the new Defence Secretary said to her some years


ago, James. Not a current story, is it? Well, it's a current story. He


has been promoted. That's the kind of new thing, I suppose. Also, as


you mentioned, she has a book out to publicise. A Cabinet Minister


calling a woman "a slut" is a bad thing. No doubt about that. The


question is, he didn't, by anybody's account, just say, "you're a slut"


or anything like that. He was referring to her column in which she


would, apparently, tell of her one night stands,, drug taking and


long`running affair with a married man. Her friends called her that. I


can't believe I am' saying this on TV. Funniest PR ideals. Make a fuss,


for a newly appointed Secretary of State. Who doesn't like Michael


Fallon. I think she's been very clever. I don't think it's that


serious. One of the best`selling papers in this country has bitten.


Again, it's holiday time. But, what is so striking though, I think, is


the content of this book. Which is, in my view, fairly risquee. Not


something you would be writing. I should be so lucky. The Sunday Post.


This is talking about the twin sister of Mikaeel who was killed by


his mum in January. He has now been convicted. We were reporting that


yesterday. A battle over who should have custody of his twin sister,


James? An absolutely horrific story in the first place and it gets worse


with now the father of the remaining twin and his father, the


grandfather, apparently, battling for custody of her. It's going to


make that ` that little girl is in a terrible situation. It will only


make it worse. A family that is not really showing the signs of


stability you would want? No the grandfather says he doesn't think


his son, the lifestyle his son leads, makes him worthy really of


getting this child. A twin. I mean, this is so tragic. The so tragic.


Let us finish with the Sunday Times. Strip Russia of the World Cup,


Clegg. Pull the plug on Putin or look weak. Nick Clegg trying to get


the World Cup to be taken from Russia. Supposed to be staged there


in 2018 following the shooting down of the Malaysian airlines jet. Will


FIFA feel inclined to do this? No. Basically. Dealt with. If Putin


wasn't worried about a lawsuit that is not going to happen. He will


hardly be worried about Nick Clegg saying take away the World Cup. I


don't think FIFA or President Putin, unfor too you anywayly are listening


to him. It's a long time ago. A long time away. FIFA... What more can we


say about FIFA? Is they will be outraged about this! No, I don't


think so. I don't think so. That dealt with that then. Several


newspapers have their front pages dismissed. If you have any comments


about the sort of stories we have been talking about, you can contact


us with those comments on Twitter using the # BBC papers. Stay with


us, we will have the latest on the conflict in Gaza. Coming up next,




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