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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the


With me are Zamila Bunglawala, a former government policy adviser


who is now a fellow at the University of Manchester.


And James Rampton, a features writer at the Independent.


This is where friendships start! The Telegraph looks ahead to the


announcement on fracking and says national parks and other valued


parts of the countryside will be protected in an effort to head off


and get in the Tory heartlands. The Guardian leads on fracking and says


the government will invite firms to bid for onshore oil and gas licences


for the first time in six years. The Daily Express claims a burst of two


minutes of exercise a week is the easy way to beat ageing. The Daily


Mail says that so`called cowboy parking squads roaming the high


Street and hitting thousands of drivers with fans. The times says


one in nine patients are waiting to see a GP cannot get an appointment.


National parks to be saved from fracking, victory for the


countryside campaigners. New curbs, yes, but it is not a complete veto,


James, on fracking in national parks. Know, and being a cynic, the


two words that leaked out, they are "Tory and marginal". `` leapt out.


The Tories are frightened by their backbenchers who have been making a


lot of noise about this. Sussex, the campaign created a lot of feet and


people were arrested and I believe Caroline Lucas the Green MP was


arrested. `` created a lot of heat. If they are fracking in the


south`east they will be going through a lot of conservative


constituencies, something they do not want to do. Somebody suggested


doing it up North, which was suggested in the House of Lords, to


universal derision. I'm cynical about it. It's great they are saying


they are not going to do it in national parks, but they say that


they may find masses of oil and gas there. Countryside campaigners have


been very concerned about this. The Guardian's take on this, to flip it


round the other way and saying that drilling will be allowed in national


parks but there are conditions that would have to be met. Because it


isn't a complete ban, there is always a chance. Exactly, it is not


a manifesto commitment. It is going to be announced that we will not do


it unless there is a lot of money to be found, in which case this


exception will override everything they have said. It is important to


say this but unless it is a manifesto commitment I would be


quite cynical about it. We want cheap, secure sources of energy,


don't we? Not at any price. So the lights go out? We are still


importing a lot. I can it is quite relevant at the moment in the wake


of the horrendous crisis unfolding in the Ukraine, Russia provides so


much gas to Western Europe. I think it provides 60% of Germany's gas. We


almost being held hostage by the Russians and the Germans and French


are being accused of being too pusillanimous towards the Russians


because they are worried about the taps being turned off. If we become


self`sufficient, energy security, then that would be the ideal but


there are many hurdles to overcome before then. Pusillanimous! You


always raise the bar! Showing off, it's called. Frank Arnold was


talking about vainglorious lest the other day. Ukip may win more than 9%


of the vote in the general election, the suggestion that it


millet and can become Prime Minister. Surely it depends where


that 9% is concentrated `` Ed Miliband. Labour are desperate,


hoping that Ukip does better, so that Miliband is given the keys. I


think that is a disastrous story. There is movement in the marginals,


votes are going to swing in a different direction. We don't know


if Labour supporters will go in a different direction as well so they


are not accounting for the movement. It appears that if Ukip do well, the


Conservatives will suffer more than Labour. 50% of the Tory voters went


to Ukip and only 70% of Labour. Cynicism again here, if Labour are


encouraging people almost tacitly to vote for Ukip, that's very


hypocritical because Ukip are diametrically opposed to Labour and


certain people like Ed balls are saying that they should be


attacking. If some elements so that they shouldn't because they may win


some seats, that is extreme cynicism and to me it says that Labour


if this is the heart of their if this is the heart of their


campaign, it fits in with the bacon sandwich scandal, holding up the


front page of the Sun. It sounds defeatist and gimmicky. Ukip has yet


to win a seat in our elections. Exactly. Takes a cynic to spot a


cynic! The Guardian, cease`fire pledges but no end to the more


violence today despite a series of cease`fire announcements which I'm


finding it quite difficult to keep track of. We had the extension, then


we were going to get another 24 hours, but the ground offensive


would continue even if the missiles stopped, and both sides blaming each


other. We will have to redefine what cease`fire means because neither


side knows how long it's supposed to last for. In this case, it is


peaceful because it is Ede, it will be a respite for the people in


Palestine. It is a big day in the calendar. Children, women, babies


losing their lives, it is hard to see how the cease`fire is going to


make any difference. Desperately sad. I agree, reading in the


Telegraph that the Pope has waded in. I don't always agree with him


but he said "look at the number of children", I think 200 have been


killed on the Palestinian side already, 1500 injured. Terrible


numbers. President Obama has weighed in as well and said there must be an


immediate cease`fire. I agree with both of them. This cannot continue.


The Guardian, looking at the photo on the front. Trott winning the


gold, Laura Trott, shaking off a kidney infection to win Commonwealth


gold. Katie Archibald is on the left for Scotland, taking bronze. The


home nations are doing fantastically well. It is fantastic for the women.


It is great because it is summer and many people are looking forward to


this and enjoying the television, but the weather is great. I am very


happy for them. It is known as the friendly games and that has people


are sensing the exuberance on the streets of glass though. I was


listening to the radio commentary and they were talking to people and


everybody was so upbeat and excited `` on the streets of Glasgow.


Talking about independence, it is a brilliant advert for Glasgow. It


looks amazing, those incredible venues, and the human interest


stories. Laura Trott said she has been unhappy because she has been


eating porridge which she doesn't like Patsy won gold today `` but she


won gold. It is a good story with a happy ending. She had a kidney


infection but she won gold. She can the Daily Express, I hope this is


true. Two minutes of exercise will help to keep you young. If you are


finding it difficult to lose weight, this isn't autobiographical, then


you need to do 30 seconds of vigorous exercise a day to get your


metabolism going. This would seem to be something different, it is to


stop ageing. People cut their blood pressure and improved performance in


everyday tasks. Excellent if actually true. James would have to


close if we only needed two minutes of exercise `` gymnasiums. If it


stopped you ageing, you wouldn't need those creams, beauticians would


go out of business. I think there is some truth to the idea that bursts


of energy are good for you but normally it is a 20 minute cycle


with a lot of other exercise. Two minutes of raising my eyebrows very


vigorously at this story, the only exercise I can do when confronted


with this story. That is the front page, I find it amazing. Will that


give your wrinkles? Oh, no! We love your natural look, James. Thank you


very much! The Daily Mail, the menace of the new parking cowboys,


drivers find up to ?100 for staying a few minutes outside shops. This


seems to be on Friday property and some of the tickets do not have


proper legal authority. It says that but when you drill into the story,


it says "in some cases without legal authority", a great Daily Mail


story. Menace, cowboys, we always terrified of cowboys shooting us and


in this case they are calling them bounty hunters as well. It seems to


be the upshot of the outlawing of clamping on Private property in


2012, so companies are using to is who can fine you up to ?100. It does


not seem to be a universal story and I wonder if it falls apart in your


hands. Upsetting if you have got a story when you have only over stayed


by a few minutes tickets are already expensive. The idea that if you have


only gone over a couple of minutes, and also they do not have any legal


standing. Great friends already! Matchmaking arrangement here. They


will be back at 11:25pm to look at the front pages. Stay with us.


Coming up, Click. Hi, just to let you know I am


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