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scrapped. It capsized off the island of Giglio, killing 32 people. Laura


Trott winds gold at the Commonwealth Games and we will have a full round


up coming up `` wins. Welcome to our slightly longer than usual lookahead


to what the paper's are bringing us tomorrow. With us is a fellow at the


University of Manchester and a feature writer for the Independent.


The Daily Telegraph focuses on fracking. The Guardian leads with


fracking as well, it says the government will also invite firms to


bid for onshore oil and gas licences for the first time in six years. An


investigation into the NHS by the Sun, says it's in a critical state,


with budget cuts and hard`pressed A units. The Daily Express claims


a burst of two minutes of exercise a week, is the easy way to beat


ageing. The Mail reports on so called "cowboy parking squads",


roaming the high street and hitting thousands of drivers, with fines.


The front page of The Times says one in nine patients waiting to see a GP


can't get an appointment, with doctors turning away their patients


more than 40 million times this year. And... Cycling Gold for


England's Laura Trott, on the Independent, who defied a kidney


infection to win the women's 25 kilometre points race at the


Commonwealth Games. Let's begin. We will start with the Times. Millions


shot out of Doctor's clinics. These suggestion is one in nine people


trying to get an appointment cannot get one and have been turned away


more than 40 million times this year. When you read into this,


according to the College of GPs, it has been brought in by patient


demand. Many people think they need help and with an ageing population,


they probably do. This is quite worrying. Out only the ageing


population but also the growing population `` not only. The


chairwoman of the Royal College of GPs says that the profession has


been brought to its knees. She says there are simply not enough family


doctors to go around. There is a statistic that GPs deal with 90% of


patients within the NHS but only get 9% of the budget so they are


incredibly overstretched. I am outraged about that because they do


a fantastic job but they are simply not getting the money they need,


especially as the population is expanding at such a huge rate. The


NHS is the biggest employer in Europe, it is a gargantuan


organisation and they are not putting the money where the patients


needed most. going to need to change how many


people get to see their doctors. It is 11% overall not getting


appointments but the number is worse in London. GPs are a critical first


point of contact for everybody. It is where people find out they need


to see an oncology expert, for example. Detection is very clear...


It is worrying that we will meet our medical services more as we become


older. Someone is going to have to do something about this soon.


Critical is the headline in the Sun. NHS in crisis as its budget is cut.


Doctors warning of a care timebomb. It hopes here, here and here. `` it


hurts. You mention not being able to see a GP and if people cannot see a


GP, they take matters into their own hands and go knocking on the A


door. One third of people think that the NHS has got worse over the past


year. That is a warning for the government. I have been on this


programme many times before, discussing my love for the NHS,


which the majority of this country shares, and the moment any


politician suggests taking 1p away from the NHS, it is a massive vote


loser. Every government of every stripe always says it will support


the NHS and this is a real warning for Jeremy Hunt and this government


that they must do more because it is the most loved organisation of this


country, closely followed by the BBC. I can say that because I do not


work for the BBC. I'm glad you did. Thank you. If the government does


not love the NHS as much as people do, it will suffer. One of the world


's biggest airline says it will stop flying over Iraq. This is Emirates.


Questioning whether Islamist militants in Iraq, ISIS namely, has


a missile that could take out a commercial airliner. It is


surprising to some people that airlines still fly over these parts


of the world, which are troubled with violence. Absolutely. But until


the loss of light image 17 last week, we probably did not know that


it was possible on this scale, that surface`to`air missiles was so


available. `` until the loss of flight MH17. Flying is supposed to


be our safest mode of transport. It probably still is but we have had


these incredibly tragic cases of late. And the Air Algerie case as


well, which came down in Mali a few days ago. But there is also a cost


implication as well, once you start diverging planes. That is


interesting because Emirates flies the most flights from this country


across Iraqi airspace. More than 50 per day. It is a vital air corridor


between Europe and Asia. If they have to divert from that, it will


cost more. Passengers will complain about that. The British CEO of it


has to weigh that up. Ultimately, an airline that crashes a lot of planes


is also going to go bust. Or for whatever reason they get shot out of


the air or fall victim to terrorism. It is in the airline's interest.


Safety is paramount and that is the biggest guarantor for more


passengers. National parks to be saved from fracking. It depends


which way you look at this. Countryside campaigners have been


trying to get reassurances that national parks will not be targeted


for fracking for shale gas. Here, we have an announcement that there will


be some protection but it is not an outright ban on the idea. It can be


possible in exceptional circumstances. In exceptional


circumstances where a Tory MP is likely to lose his seat. That is


highly cynical but I do feel that the government seems to be taking a


lot of notice because Tory backbenchers have been making a lot


of noise about this, saying that you cannot fracking our constituency.


Look at all the people who will complain! People might call them


NIMBYs. There might only complain because it is happening in their


backyard but if it was happening in your backyard, you would be very


annoyed about it. But if it happens in a national park, it is not


necessarily be in your backyard but many people would want to protect


that. The people here are very protective of their heartlands,


areas of natural beautiful top the concern is that if there are large


amount of energy found in these areas... Part of the piece is also


that there are a lot of jobs potentially attached to fracking, so


it will be important industry as well as the green agenda. But if it


comes at the expense of our heartlands, it might change the way


people think about this. There is also the issue of energy security.


Especially in light of the recent events in Ukraine, people are


terrified of Russia turning off the taps and stopping its supply of gas


to Western Europe. Germany has 60% of its gas supplied by Russia. We


need to find a way of not being dependent on Russia, of supplying


our own oil and gas. Is this all a dream? We might wake up. Let's hope


so. UKIP may hand the keys of Number ten to Ed Miliband. The suggestion


that if you get when 9% or more of the vote of the general election, Ed


Miliband will be Prime Minister. It depends on where those folks are


concentrated. They would have to be concentrated so they could win the


right number of seats and push the Conservatives out of those seats.


Absolutely. There has been an opinion poll where there is positive


movement in the marginals. UKIP has not yet got a seat in the UK but it


may win some places. But I think it is a desperate story to suggest that


Labour is counting on UKIP winning more votes to get into number ten. A


strange thing to do, to suggest people vote for a party they


disagree with. As a party that is against everything Labour stands


for. It would be the height of cynicism to usher UKIP in, while


hoping to win seats away from the Tories. I'm pleased to see people


like Ed Balls are saying that we should be out there, fighting them


on the beaches, and not tacitly encouraging them in the hope that


they beat the Tories. It would be unfortunate for Labour voters if


this was how Ed Miliband wanted to win. Yeah, otherwise he will just


win it by eating bacon sandwiches. They are encouraging us to ask


questions of him. He might regret saying that. Ceasefire pledges but


no end to the fighting in Gaza. We have seen that fighting has


continued today, despite announcements of ceasefires on both


sides. We have also seen that... There has been a phone call today


between Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama, and Obama says


there has to be an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. If only for


humanitarian reasons. The number of civilians who have died... And the


Pope has spoken on this as well. He has pointed out the number of


children who have been killed. 218 Palestinian children. 1500


Palestinian children have been injured. Shocking figures by


anyone's reckoning. John Kerry has apparently gone home. 15 years ago,


when the US Secretary of State turned up in Israel, that would be


the moment a ceasefire would happen. It shows how little traction in the


US has and how President Obama, much as I love him, has failed in so many


foreign policy areas. He does not have any weight there any more.


Angela Netanyahu is not listening to him or else there would have been a


ceasefire instantly and I think it is a great shame. `` Benjamin


Netanyahu is not listening to him. The point is well made in that we


have not yet brokered a deal in the Middle East between the players that


are currently taking part. Therefore, someone else will have to


wade into this debate and talk about a ceasefire on different terms. What


about the Arab nations? Many of these talks have been taking place


in Qatar. The Qataris have not necessarily hosted many rounds of


talks... But John Kerry and Khaled Meshaal both went to Dale Parker.


The Arab nations to understand this conflict better than most, perhaps.


We will always need American involvement and EU involvement, but


so far, we have not seen peace and this is very unfortunate for the


Palestinian people because the loss of life is just... Khaled Meshaal is


quoted as saying we are not fundamentalists, we are not fighting


the Jews because they are Jews per se. We do not fight any other


races. We are fighting occupiers. But Hamas is regarded as a terrorist


organisation by a number of countries and Fatah, the other


Palestinian political faction, does not seem to have a great deal of


sway over what is happening in Gaza. The difficulty is that


Netanyahu is so reluctant to deal with Hamas... They don't believe in


the right of Israel to exist and do not acknowledge its right to exist


for top it is an extremely difficult situation when the two sides cannot


even agree on how to get to the table. And we have elections in that


part of the world, so the complexion could be different. Yes. But


regardless of political parties, when you have loss of civilian life


on this scale, you have to talk about it differently, or else we


will never move on. It is totally shocking, I agree. 218 children in


ten days is absolutely unthinkable. If it would happen anywhere else,


what would the reaction the? If it happened in London... Anywhere! We


cannot tolerate the fact that it is happening in this part of the


world. Somebody has to step in and do something about it. Staying with


the Guardian. The Commonwealth Games. Happier news. It is a bit of


a handbrake turn, I grant you. Laura Trott wins gold after an illness.


She had a kidney infection but got on her bike anyway, cycled 25


kilometres and got the gold medal in the points cycling. And she is


pictured with the Scottish competitor, Katie Archibald, who


took the bronze medal. The people of Glasgow have rolled out the red


carpet for everybody, making them very welcome. People are fantastic.


Enjoying the climate in Glasgow. And it is wonderful for the athletes.


Perseverance goes a long way for those athletes who win gold. It is


wonderful for the crowd, who get to see lots of home`grown people


winning. The youngest competitor in the Commonwealth Games, 13 years old


from Scotland, has surprised spectators by winning the bronze


medal. She is from Shetland. It was moving. She comes from this very


small community with a tiny pool, where she has to train, and it cost


her lots of money to come from the Shetlands. The commentator said that


the producers were in tears when this 13`year`old girl was being


interviewed. She was so delightful and so I'm believing that this had


happened to her the youngest competitor in the Scottish team


winning a bronze medal. She came from miles behind to get it at the


last minute. It is a great story and it underlines how fantastic this has


been. Yes, the bronze in the para sport 100m breaststroke. And she did


not tell her friends at school she was competing in the Games!


LAUGHTER. I love the stories that come out of events like this. The


Express. Two minutes exercise will stop you from ageing. Per week! With


that win you a place in the Commonwealth Games? I doubt it!


LAUGHTER. We should try it! The only exercise I will do is raise my


eyebrows at this because with everything that is going on in the


world, they have chosen this as a front`page story. Maybe I have my


journalistic values upside down but it does seem a strange thing to


choose. I agree. In some distant way, it is possible the linked to


the NHS story and `` is possibly linked to the NHS story and our


ageing population. It says we will be better performing everyday tasks.


What is that? Cutting your own toenails, putting your shoes on?


Apparently, one of the researchers at this university says it does not


require exercise in seven days per week that the current guidelines


promote. Some health specialists will be concerned. Should we take


this literally. I will not hand in my gym membership just yet. Have I


got time? I will hop on the treadmill. We all will! Thank you


for joining us. To Glasgow for the latest from the Commonwealth Games.


Thank you.


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