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degrees. Heading towards the second half of the week, or the weekend, it


looks like the weather will go downhill. You are up`to`date with


the weather. Hello, and welcome to our lookahead


at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Kevin


Scofield and Kate Devlin. Tomorrow's front pages, starting


with the Telegraph, which leads with the story we have been covering, the


Ebola outbreak in Africa. There are warned it could reach the UK. And,


the photo of Louis Smith, who won gold at the Commonwealth Games. He


makes the front page on the Guardian as well, and the paper also says


that construction workers involved in building venues for the World Cup


in Qatar are being paid less than ?5 per day. The Times search for a new


BBC chief in disarray, saying the corporation is struggling


new head for the BBC trust. The Daily Mail claims that Britain is


spending ?5 billion per year on tax credits for migrant workers. A money


picture on the front of the Independent. That is Gaza, and the


headline, darkest day yet. The Daily Mirror also touching on Ebola,


saying the world is now on red alert. The Sun has a different


health crisis, saying the new NHS boss is telling doctors and nurses


to slim down and set a good example to the rest of us, particularly to


obese patients. Let's take a look at what we have on


the front page of the Daily Mirror. Again, talking about Ebola. Do you


remember the film Outbreak, with Dustin Hoffman, where the world


suddenly wakes up to this nasty disease in Africa, and we think,


what are the implications for us? 90% of people who contract with


disease diet. There is no cure. `` die. Although it is far away in


Africa, it could have implications for here, and they are pretty


obvious. At the moment it is a small risk, we are told, but doctors are


to be on high alert for anyone displaying symptoms. Then it becomes


a question of whether we have the capability to deal with it. You


think we do have the capability? Paddy think we fared with? SARS``


how do you think. Isolation is the important thing, and individual


companies will have to be looking for symptoms, and we will have to


have a serious plan for dealing with it. The question is whether we have


large`scale hospitals who are experts in these kinds of diseases,


and they could isolate things in the past, whether they still exist in


the UK today. Let's have a look at the Times. They are talking about


sanctions on Russia. Do you think they have gone far enough? I think


they have gone further and more quickly than many of us expected. At


first, it seemed the governments were talking the talk, but not


following through. Now, it seems the EU and US have got together and


co`ordinated their response, and are trying to hammer Russia with quite


severe sanctions. My concern is that sanctions can be a bit of a blunt


instrument, and quite often, the people they are intended to hurt,


those in the upper echelons of government, they escaped the effect


of those. It is those who are already struggling in Russia who


could be affected, and it could bolster Putin's position, because it


could give rise to some nationalistic fervour. His poll


ratings are still quite high, as he placed the Vic card. We have to see


how Putin reacts, but he is not the type to back down `` the victim


card. The mood after MH17 since you have really changed in Germany. It


has changed here. We were being briefed that he European economies


must be accepting of some pain over this, but it has to happen. Although


we already see some complaints from British companies this evening, like


BP, that there might be hit by sanctions, I think I agree with


Kevin about how far they have gone and how good it is that they have


managed to co`ordinated. The problem is that we are trying to stop Russia


from funnelling arms into disk part of Ukraine `` into this part of


Ukraine, and there may have to be further measures.


It is not going to work. It is talking like they're going to war


with Russia. David Cameron that some of the victims at Downing Street. ``


met some. It is shocking that some of the bodies are still in the


Ukraine and they haven't been identified. Your heart goes out to


the families . It must be a nightmare. If there


is something that summarises the situation in Gaza, it is the one on


the front of the Independent. It is difficult and sad. As someone from


Northern Ireland who remembered when the peace accord was signed in the


1990s, I hoped that that short lived agreement gave us... To see this, it


is so sad. All the messages coming suggest that it is a long conflict


and there is no end in sight. Both sides are digging in. It doesn't


seem that the outside powers are having much influence on the


Israelis, who effectively hold all the cards. There has been limited


condemnation. Ed Miliband has gone furthest in saying that this is


wrong. They need to be more forceful, but they always seem to


drop back from that. There is no end in sight. Kate draws a parallel with


Northern Ireland. That was resolved eventually, but you can't see it


here. This picture sums it up. There is the expression, but the rest of


it is devastated. How will they be able to recover? How much money will


be needed to repair the country? It has such huge economic problems


anyway. The effect that the continual bombardment is having on


people 's lives is incredible. The difficulty with the international


response to the concerned that if the international community, it is


very much negative towards Israel, it might act to confirm the siege


mentality that is happening in the Israeli government and it may make


things worse. It is a difficult situation. There is a lot written


and the last few days with Tony Blair, the Middle East envoy. What


is the talk Westminster about what he is doing? Apparently he threw a


sexy birthday party the other night. Critic said he should be trying to


broker an agreement. I find it ironic. People criticise him and say


he doesn't do anything, and then they say he is the wrong person.


They say that the Middle East is a flame. He is in a difficult


situation. He won't leave his post. He has to keep working for peace.


How much influence he can have remains to be seen. Let's look at


the Telegraph. This is a picture of another Gold medal for England. That


is Lewis Smith, the gymnast. The other article is about not letting


the taxman sees cash from bank accounts. This hasn't come in yet,


but experts say there are plans for the taxman to seize money from


people post marked personal bank accounts could lead to wrecked


lives. `` people's personal bank accounts. What do you think?


Governments aren't very good at this kind of thing. The thought that the


taxman would get it right in every case, I don't know. They see people


would get a fair warning. You would have four strikes. It is the thin


end of the wedge. If it is talking about tax being taken, it is a blunt


instrument. It could be reduced to two warnings. I worry about civil


liberties and tracking text messages and phone calls. It affects people


's lives on a daily basis. There are people who dodge tax. There are


people in Italy that walk into bars and they make you sign a cheque at


gunpoint. These are for people that don't pay. Are these people that


don't have very much money to begin with? Have they moved house? It is


open to all sorts of error. Maybe someone who has lost a couple of


grand, and for whatever reason can't pay back, he is going to have his


money taken away. I am about it. It doesn't say anything about the


corporate accounts of star barks. `` Starbucks. These people have


corporate lawyers. I don't like the idea that they can take your life


savings. To the Sun. It is about slimming down. What is this about?


First of all, hats off to the Sun for an outstanding headline again.


This is about the new NHS chief executive. He is saying that the NHS


can't be telling people they have to lose weight. We are clearly in the


grip of an obesity epidemic. Fat doctors are telling them to lose


weight. A large proportion of the NHS staff are overweight. If you are


being told by a chubby doctor to lose weight, you might want to tell


them that themselves. They have to change the food because it is


setting a bad example. There has to be incentives for the NHS staff to


lose weight and set an example. The Express lead with a similar story


about what we should be eating. They are talking about five portions of


fruit and vegetables. They say the doctors are giving one piece of


advice and eating burgers and chips. I like that the NHS boss is putting


his money where his mouth is. He said he has had to lose three stone


because he used to be fact. `` fat. They spend a lot of hours in


surgery. They stack. We all do it because we work 70 hours. `` silly


hours. They probably work long hours and aren't paid as much as they


should be. Do you eat five a day? Always. I never miss it. He could be


looking at other figures. Example, the number of NHS staff that don't


have a flu jab is shocking. Take your own medicine. We are going to


the Scotsman. It is about a dating website matching the wrong partners.


This is about a website called OK Cupid. It has about 70 million


websites worldwide. They were telling people that they didn't have


a good match. They were about 30% matched, but really they were about


90% matched. People follow through with this. OK Cupid defend this.


They say what happened is that people messaged more people than


they should have. The idea is that it is not always the way the world


works. So their potential partner had a 90% rating, but the people


they were matched with hat a 30% rating. They were being used as


guinea pigs. These websites are based on trust. You put in your


details and you rely on them to come up with someone who is going to be a


good match. If they are telling you that this person is a 90% match, you


will believe that. Did they say how many people struck up the fruitful


relationship? It is difficult with a long`term relationship. Facebook did


this a couple of weeks ago. They changed what people were reading.


The messages from the friends of things either slightly more positive


or negative. The experiment showed that people 's emotions are easy to


manipulate. I would have thought that any fight `year`old girl in the


playground could have told you that. But `` five`year`old. They do say


that opposites attract, so that is interesting. Thank you for that.


Stay with us here on BBC News. At midnight, more than a hundred


Palestinians killed in the deadliest 24 hours in Gaza since the current


conflict began. But coming up next it's time for Commonwealth Games


Sportsday with Katie Gornall.


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