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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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you how Max Whitlock landed his second gold of the games and Dan


Keating 's took silver. That is in sports day in 15 minutes after the


papers. Welcome to our look ahead at what


the papers will bring us tomorrow. With me this evening our broadcaster


Jennie Bond and the broadcaster Ms Wood. The Metro carries an exclusive


interview with the doctor who gave up his job to treat Ebola victims in


West Africa. The flames billowing out of Eastbourne Pier dominate the


cover of the Telegraph. The paper also has a warning that on one of


the busiest weekends of the year holiday`makers face flying without


their luggage from Gatwick Airport because of staff shortages. The


express has a photo of black smoke and flames engulfing Eastbourne


Pier. The main story is Conservative hopes that the 40p higher rate of


tax threshold could be raised if they win the next election. The


Financial Times says the incoming European Commission President


Jean`Claude Juncker is considering a new EU financial services are


charged with regulating the City of London and financial stability. The


Guardian leads with the Israeli attack on the United nations school


in Gaza where civilians were sheltering from violence. The mail


says the Eastbourne Pier was an icon of the English seaside. The paper


also claims that an NHS hospital was forced to pay a nurse ?1800 to cover


a shift on a bank holiday. So, let's kick off with the Guardian. Very


moving picture on the front page. I'm amazed this seems to be the only


front page covering Gaza because we have been watching BBC News today


and men burying their babies, carrying little tiny shrouds out.


This is yet another school that has been bombed, a UN school, and yet


there is a peer that has knocked this off the other front pages,


which saddens me. This is a UN school which 3300 people, mainly


women and children, sheltering in it because they were warned that the


homes would be bombed and it should have been a safe haven. Five


rockets, or five missiles, went into the school and killed 15 of them and


killed many. 100 dead today. It is horrible what is happening there.


What are they going to grow up to think? It is beyond words now and


perhaps the Guardian has understood this by putting such a wonderful


picture on the front cover. It tells you everything. It could be far more


graphic but this is a little girl, her face spotted with blood, a tear


appearing underneath her eyelashes and her pretty little frock


spattered with blood stains. She survived, so many didn't. As you


mentioned in the headlines the most powerful statement was "children


killed in their sleep, this is an affront to all of us, a cause of


universal shame, today the world stands disgraced. And violating


international law, so criminal activity going on here. It is


dreadful. On social media there was a picture of Mahatma Gandhi doing


the rounds and a quotation from him, a message to Israel and Hamas,


and I for an eye makes the whole world blind. That is so


appropriate. Both sides need to realise that. Three weeks into the


latest renewal of islands there, we speak every day about hopes of a


cease`fire, but when you see Hamas interview today and the Israelis as


well, it seems the resolve is strengthening on either side if


anything. People apparently according to this report in the


Guardian thought there was a four hour humanitarian cease`fire. There


was shelling during the cease`fire. And a crowded market where these


people thought apparently there was a cease`fire was shelled. The first


shell that came in people rushed to help, another shell came in and


killed some of them, including a Palestinian journalist. So the rules


of war seem to be being waved here. The behaviour on both sides just


appears to be beyond disgrace actually. `` waived. The Israelis


point out that the rockets land in other areas but they do not have


such an impact on the civilian population. The Archbishop of


Canterbury has also been speaking about this and that is the angle


they are taking tomorrow. I found this interesting. Justin Welby, the


Archbishop of Canterbury, is coming out with some wise words on lots of


interesting topics. I am not a church person at all but I have some


time with this man. He was speaking about the increase in anti`Semitic


attacks in the UK. Apparently they have gone up and doubled in the past


month. They have doubled from 65 to 130. I'm kind of surprised with


feelings running as high as they are on twitter, if you read twitter...


I'm glad there have not been more attacks. In the context of talking


and condemning these increased attacks he speaks about the


situation in general. He says very wisely that both sides are breaking


the rules of war. They are both adopting self`defeating strategies.


And he says that people who feel they have no hope will be violent.


And at the moment Israel has to realise that the Palestinians remain


condemned to hopelessness. That is all very wise, isn't it? Yes it is.


If you look at the numbers killed on the Palestinian side it is 1300


against 56 Israeli soldiers and two civilians. People are mentioning the


horrible word proportionality, but somewhere in here Israel has to stop


bombing. That is what everyone is saying and Hamas has to stop firing


rockets that don't appear to be doing very much damage. It makes me


fear for what will happen in the future when people get smarter


rockets than these. Let's leave that because we will discuss it more


later. I know that you are disappointed to see that picture on


the front page, but it is very sad, isn't it? I'm sad but compared to


the other thing. We will not compare. The Eastbourne Pier, lots


of people out on the seafront today watching helplessly as it went up in


flames. Five years ago we saw it in Weston`super`Mare. I'm a seaside


girl. It costs 39 million is a rebuild. It's too early to say


whether this will be rebuilt. I've been to Eastbourne Pier and quite a


lot of peers to be honest. There was not quite a lot of things to do at


Victorian times so we went to the peer! The trouble is that these


magnificent places like this one had a 500 seat ballroom. Can you imagine


500 people going to a ballroom any more? They become amusement arcades


and slot machines. I can imagine people going to the ballroom after


strictly have you done stricter? I haven't done strictly. It is huge on


cruise ships. What I'm trying to say is they should restore these peers


but not have them as amusement arcades. Wonderful 900 seat music


pavilion and ballroom should be restored as that. It is on the front


page of the Daily Mail as well. We can show you that while we continue


to talk about it. It is a tragedy and I don't want to minimise that.


There is the structure still there so they could salvage it. Other


places that has been lost and all of the history with it. You have to


turn it into something rather than a amusement arcade. It is a sad


indictment of society people want to sit there with these machines. Some


of them end up looking really tatty. Perhaps we could turn it into a


hospital. This was a good idea, there is a national piers society.


There is only 61 left now. They might sort it out. There is another


awful international story, the spread of the Ebola virus that has


taken hold of West Africa and does not seem to be getting Eddie better


`` getting any better. This is a doctor from London who went to


Sierra Leone. Whether he went out before the Ebola virus I don't know.


He would be brave to have gone out after the outbreak. He says that the


world has to wake up to this threat. And that his hospital was


working 24`hour shifts and they are not managing to control the


situation at all. Having said that there is a big scare story, the


Telegraph is one other newspaper that does this story and takes a


much more measured view and quotes Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary,


saying don't panic, the NHS will handle this if it were to come here


and it is extremely unlikely. All credit to the metro that says it is


the world's most popular free newspaper, which I pick up going


into London on the train sometimes. To put something like this on the


front cover, I do remember the metro being a newspaper that was fairly


trite and I thought this was a pretty serious newspaper now that


every day is carrying serious stories, which is good. We're


running out of time but what about this one in the Financial Times?


Yes, basically at the moment, financial services in Europe are


dealt with, I thought his name was deliciously barmy, but it is like


that, and what he is going to do is put somebody else in charge of


financial services. This smacks a little bit as if he is going to take


reprisals on David Cameron for not liking him very much because London


has a huge and healthy, one of the biggest financial markets in Europe


and one of the biggest in the world, possibly the biggest. However, David


Cameron is against reining in the bank is too much because he thinks


we will lose them to other countries. It could be that this man


or woman, has not said who it is yet, who is going to be responsible


for regularly attaining this across Europe, will have an eye to changing


what happens in London. Personally I am amazed that we have not sent any


of our bankers to prison, and perhaps that is one of the things


they will do. Watch this space, I think he could prove tricky because


he might not forget how much he was disliked when he was trying to


become president of the European Commission. We will be discussing


that further later. We did not get to the Daily Express and talk about


David Cameron's plans for increase in the fresh out of the 40% tax. We


will get that later on. OK, stay with us on BBC news because at 11pm


we will have much more on the situation in Gaza after a United


Nations school comes under attack. Coming up next on BBC music is time


the sports day life from Glasgow. Hello and welcome to


Commonwealth Games Sportsday with me Greg Rutherford proves he's no one


hit wonder, winning the long jump in Hampden


Park to add to his Olympic title.


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