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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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diving and we will show you how gymnast Max Whitlock landed his


second goal of the games, with Dan Keatings from Scotland taking


silver. That's all in Sportsday in 15 minutes after the papers.


Welcome back to our look ahead at what the Papers will be bringing us


tomorrow `` papers. Jennie Bond and Lynn Faulds Wood are with me. Let's


go through the front pages, starting with the Metro. It starts with an


exclusive interview with a London doctor who gave up his job to


volunteer in Sierra Leone. He said doctors are struggling to cope with


treating the victims of the Ebola virus. Flames billowing out of


Eastbourne Pier dominate the cover of the Telegraph. The paper also has


a warning that on one of the busiest weekends of the year, holidaymakers


face flying without their luggage from Gatwick Airport because of


staff shortages. The Express also has a photo of black smoke and


flames engulfing Eastbourne Pier. But its main story is Conservative


hopes that the 40p higher rate tax threshold could be raised, if they


win the next election. The Financial Times says the incoming European


Commission, President Jean Claude Junker, is considering a new EU


Financial Services Tsar, who would be charged with regulating the City


of London and ensuring financial stability. But the Guardian leads


with the Israeli attack on a United Nations school in Gaza, killing at


least fifteen people who were taking shelter from the violence. The paper


quotes UN officials: 'The World Stands Disgraced'. The Mail says


that Eastbourne Pier was an 'icon of the English seaside'. The paper also


claims that an NHS hospital was forced to pay a nurse ?1,800 to


cover a shift on a Bank Holiday. Another dramatic picture of that


pier in flames is on the cover of the Independent. It also claims


Germany and Russia have been working on a secret plan to try to end


international tensions over Ukraine. And finally, The Times asks: Is it


the end of Eastbourne Pier? The paper also says that energy firms


are failing to pass on huge falls in the costs of wholesale oil and gas


to their customers. The horror of what is going on in


Gaza and Israel is beyond words. It leaves you speechless, really. The


Guardian has got it right. A picture of a little girl. It is a great


picture. It is so poignant, so emotive. A little girl splattered


with blood. It could be much more graphic. But the sorrow on this


little girl's face, the blood on her dress, it is profoundly moving.


Perhaps today has been the worst day of recent weeks. I am just saddened,


really. Saddened that Eastbourne Pier has knocked off the front page.


The UN are saying that this is a disgrace to the world. A serious


violation of international law. We know that terrible things are


happening on either side. But the innocents caught in the middle. This


view when school is not the first one to be hit. 3300 people, women


and children mainly. People who have been told to get out of their houses


by the military because the area was going to be hit. They thought they


were in a safe haven. 40 of them were sleeping in one classroom when


it was hit. Just to make that point, a lot of these papers have a


picture of Eastbourne Pier. What does that say? Is that the


depressing familiarity of this conflict? We must not let ourselves


become too familiar with this. It has got to be on every front page.


After such a dreadful day. Not only the attack on the school, but the


attack on the market. More people were injured and killed. Credit to


television news, it has been carrying pictures of small babies


being buried or carried in severe injury. How can small children


recover from this kind of bombardment? What kind of hatred are


we breeding? That was supposed to be a ceasefire today. People went out


shopping. They got hit. I know the rockets are being fired from areas


where people are, but it is just terrible. It is all men. I was


making this point earlier. We must stop this. That is one of the most


depressing things. There is also this talk of a ceasefire, but it


seems to be meaningless. They are so entrenched in their positions. I do


not know what we can believe and who can we believe. In the Guardian,


there is a story deeper in the paper. Apparently they are not close


to a ceasefire, despite the mounting pressure. We are getting nowhere.


Hamas are not close either. It is going to get worse before it gets


better. I am going to move us onto the front page of the Telegraph. It


also features Eastbourne Pier. But the Archbishop of Canterbury has


been talking about the situation in the Middle East. Justin Welby, a man


who I have quite a lot of time for, he has been making a lot of sense to


me. We need some wisdom in this situation. He is talking about a


rise in anti`Semitic attacks in Britain. There has been a doubling


of the incidents. Apparently we are talking about verbal abuse,


vandalism, that sort of thing. And actual assaults as well. He is


accusing both sides of breaking the rules of war. War does have certain


areas that are meant to be sacrosanct. Why don't they just


somehow, we have got to get both sides together. We have got to stop


this. He is saying there must be hope given to the Palestinians.


People who have no hope will be violent. Israel have to understand


that they will continue to understand while the Palestinians


are without hope. Let us move on to a different story. In the Times,


they have the picture of the Black Smoke billowing out of Eastbourne


Pier. But they also have the story about energy firms doubling profits.


Huge falls in the cost of oil and gas are not being passed on. I


switched energy suppliers and we managed to halve our bill. The last


lot, we sure it did not sign onto a standard agreement, but that is what


we were on. If you are not on some kind of saving, switch. Ask how much


different companies will charge if you switch. I finally switched. I


went on something that was fixed. It is really complicated. It depends on


how long you fetch four. I am benefiting. The energy companies are


saying, an election as `` is coming. They are blaming Ed Miliband for


this. I can remember in the past, the companies have not passed drops


onto us. There are sheltering behind the fact an election is coming. It


makes your blood boil. You say you're going to have a freeze, why


can't you legislate to, you must pass these cost reductions on. It


must be possible. And clear bills as well, please. And we can go on to


Eastbourne Pier. Fantastic pictures on nearly every front page. I am not


quite sure why it is getting quite such prominence. We have been a


starter kit catchment to our peers. `` aid the spellcheck attraction to


our piers. They should restore it to its former glory. There was a 900


seat music room and ballroom. How much nicer would it be to restore it


to that instead of the amusement arcade which it is now? There are no


longer economic. Now a lot of the piers I have visited are mainly slot


machines. I just wonder if we are being a bit middle`class. A lot of


people like these things. There was one in the centre of Richmond. I do


not know, I do not play slot machines. You are possibly right. I


remember I managed to crack the code for the fruit machine and get at


least half a crown. We are running out of time. I want to take you to


the Express. There are headline is, millions are set for tax cuts. There


is a election coming up. All of these women being put into positions


of ministerial power. Now they are talking about struggling families


who pay 40% tax and they are going to change the threshold. I am not


sure how that helps poor people. They do not pay 40% tax. It is a


squeezed middle. It is a squeezed uppermiddle. David Cameron has said


he would like to raise the threshold. But he also says he


cannot make that promise. Nice headline. In terms of the actual


story, when that threshold was introduced, one in 20 were paying


the rate. Now it is fired in sex. `` five in the six.


When you put up things like VAT, it falls on poor people. If he was


interested in being fairer, he would look at the half of the country that


are poorer. People may say the economy is recovering, that people


say that their living standards have not, but all and they are suffering.


`` gone up at all. Thank you so much for coming. Do stay with us. At


midnight, we will have much more on the situation in Gaza of the United


Nations school came under attack. `` after a. Also coming up is the


Commonwealth Games Sportsday. That is why from Glasgow.


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