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cricketers finally ended their long wait for a test victory. That is in


Sportsday in 15 minutes, after The Papers.


Welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will bring us tomorrow.


With this, old friends, the home affairs editor from the London


Evening Standard, I mean all that in long`standing! LAUGHTER And Louise


Cooper, financial analyst. Let's look at the front pages. The FT


reports European businesses starting to feel the effects of sanctions on


Russia. The Telegraph has a story about households being forced to pay


higher rates of stamp duty. The Metro carries a story about a TV


interview where a UN official broke down in tears saying his


organisation was at breaking point in Gaza. The Daily Mail leads on a


driver who killed a man using to mobile phones at the wheel of her


car. The Guardian reports of the conflict in Gaza, saying the number


killed is now greater than in both previous rounds of fighting between


Israel and Hamas. The express has a story on a funding boost for the NHS


to help cancer, and finally the Mirror describes how a car on wealth


Games cyclist from Sierra Leone was held in a collision for four days


before being cleared because of fears about Ebola virus ``


Commonwealth Games cyclist. We will start with the Guardian leading with


Gaza, saying the death toll has passed 1400. This is a hugely


relevant story still, but as we have just reported, there has been


breaking news in the last few minutes suggesting movement towards


a humanitarian truce armour and hopes of a durable cease`fire.


Because this is very surprising, isn't it, Martin, this news, because


it didn't seem that either side felt inclined even to start mentioning


the cease`fire at the moment. No, we had a short pause before, then it


resumed, and the Israelis since that time have said they are determined


to carry on until they finish their objectives, which include destroying


the tunnels and stopping rocket fire. It seemed like they were


determined to press on pretty much at all costs. And yes, as you say,


suddenly we have this three`day window, apparently, where there will


be an attempt to negotiate, which still raises quite a lot of problems


potentially, but it at least gives them some time, hopefully, to try to


resolve the key issues. Always tempting to clutch at reasons for


things happening in the Middle East, but it is a dangerous thing to do.


It does follow the US coming out with its strongest statement yet.


Exactly, and I find that interesting. I was reading a piece


from the Israeli point of view saying it depends who criticises us,


whether we take notice. Clearly the White House criticism is probably


the most important critic of their actions from an Israeli point of


view. I am sorry to be a pessimist about this, but when I look at this


deeply devastating, horrendous humanitarian mess, I just think... I


don't see, over the long term, any structural improvement. Cyclic


thing, it goes from slightly better do is likely worst, `` sick lately.


But over the long term has been been any improvement? When then Nobel


Peace Prize is given out to both sides ten, 15, 20 years ago, yet


guess what, we are back to one of the biggest death tolls we have seen


in the entire history of the two fides. And I think also of course,


that very point is made, but also the Israeli have `` have stopped


because it becomes clear that all they are achieving, they are


achieving something, stopping the tunnels, I can understand why they


want to do that, but there is a danger that they are just hardening


opinion, consolidating Hamas, which actually, Hamas's power and


influence in the Gaza Strip, actually was under threat fairly


recently after the kidnappings, the fallout from that, they were looking


weaker, and now they seem to have been strengthened by this, and as


you say, from a long point of view we might get a resolution. In the


short`term the station hostility which would be fantastic ``


cessation of hostilities. It seems so far away, even to get a


short`term cease`fire to stick would seem almost a miracle. What I was


surprised that was the numbers, 1400 dead in Gaza, Palestinian officials


say 8200 people have been wounded. That is an extraordinarily large...


Almost 10,000 people. Not that many people live in Gaza and that is an


extraordinary amount of people. Civilians and children in


particular. The Palestinian authorities say 80% were civilians.


One thing that does have to happen of course, it is quite hard to see


how this will happen, is that from an Israeli point of view, some of


these rockets have to be stopped us well in the long term, because that


keeps provoking, every couple of years, these attacks and these great


onslaughts. It is not the first time we have seen this. It is the worst


one but we have seen it two years ago and previously. Moving on to the


FT if we can, European companies feeling Russia paying. Ox wagon


voicing concern occurs the sanctions over Russia and Ukraine are biting


`` false wagon. What has changed over the last ten or 15 years are


European companies doing massive amounts of business in Russia, more


than ever. They were all told to do business there because it has great


growth and they are all doing business there and now they're


Russian business could be taken away from them. It is not just... You


have BT, Rosner, a third BP's oil production, Adidas selling a lot


there, so many big European companies earning good profits in


Russia, which could be taken away. Unintended consequences sometimes of


sanctions. They are not necessarily unintended. They are affecting


companies that wouldn't be targeted in the first instance. You wonder


about Adidas, what is behind that, because it cannot surely be


oligarchs. There is a consumer boom in Russia, the greater the middle


classes stop Lee I understand that the sanctions do not affect every


person in Russia. They backed currency exchange rates. And also


sentiment towards Western brands. `` affect currency exchange rates.


Europe can't afford `` I said Europe can't afford sanctions against


Russia but the downing of MH17 has changed that and I now wonder how


much damage they are willing to do to the European economy. I think we


should do some damage, actually, and I am not convinced that we are doing


as much damage overall as... We have just come out of the Eurozone


crisis, it could be significant. We will have fisticuffs outside!


LAUGHTER. I'm supposed to be in charge but it doesn't feel like it!


Thank you, Martin. The Daily Mail, what a judge has been talking


about, in his summing up, he jailed a woman who had killed a graduate


using two mobile phones `` she was using two mobile phones and said the


use of mobile phones in cars is a plague on society. We heard last


week police will have the power to confiscate phones they think have


been part of the problem in a car crash. Yes, everyone can see when


they drive around or walk around, people using their phones, looking


at them and so on, this is a particularly horrendous case with


this woman appears to have been using two mobile phones in a 70 mph


crash. There seems to be pressure for further action. The commission


of the Metropolitan police has suggested six penalty points, the


Transport Secretary suggested he might be willing to take that up, so


they could be pressure for tougher action. You see at all the time. You


do, and what I find quite encouraging is that she has been


jailed for six years, because for me this is pretty much manslaughter.


You know it is a dangerous thing to do. She was text thing on one and


phoning on the other at 70 miles an hour. That truly is astounding


behaviour. `` text in. Let's move on to the Telegraph, millions more


being forced to pay higher rates of stamp duty in the last decade, a


booming property prices pushing more people into the higher rate of stamp


duty, and the stamp duty threshold have not moved up property prices


have, have they? Guess what, in Ostia times when the government is


highly indebted, they will find all kinds of ways to relieve Britons of


their cash `` austere times. Clearly politicians like hidden ways to


relieve people of their cash, and this is exactly what you would


expect, therefore, so they haven't increased stamp duty, and as you


said, the amount therefore means that it has gone up massively as


property prices have recovered. And there is some speculation that the


Tories may give a sop to us and increase it, but I wouldn't hold


your breath. I wonder there will be tempted to move it because it is a


big earner. They might try to do a little bit but it is hard to keep


pace with the rapid rise in house prices for one thing and secondly,


`` secondly, the difficulty is they are raising a lot of money out of


it, financial constraints continue into the next election whoever wins,


and where will that money come from if they do change? Louise, Martin,


thank you very much, shorter than normal because of this breaking


news, but we will return for another look at the papers at 11:25pm. I


must tell you the joint statement from John Kerry and Ban Ki`Moon


regarding the developments in the Middle East. We urge all parties to


act with restraint and abide by the commitments during the cease`fire.


It is critical to give civilians a reprieve from violence. During this


period civilians in Gaza will receive humanitarian relief and the


opportunity to carry out vital functions including burying the


dead, taking care of injured and restocking food. Overdue repairs on


infrastructure can also continue. He talks about the delegations


immediately going to Cairo for negotiations with the Egyptian


government at the invitation of Cairo, aimed at reaching a durable


cease`fire. They will be able to raise all issues of concerns in


these negotiations. That is part of the statement from Ban Ki`Moon and


John Kerry. Now it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. The headlines tonight: Scotland's


poster girl for these Commonwealth Games


provides a silver lining on a grey sky night at Hampden Park.


Three Commonwealth golds at just 16. Claudia Fragapane becomes England?s


latest triple gold


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