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That was quick and! `` that was quick! Thank you for joining us. I'm


just so pleased when it works. Time for a look at the front pages.


Disagreement between airlines over whether Iraq's airspace is safe to


fly through. A campaign against private parking companies that


threaten drivers with huge fines. Millions of motorists could face


higher diesel costs as the EU puts pressure on Britain to cut air


pollution levels. The latest from Gaza on the front page of the Times,


including the news that an Israeli soldier appears to have been


captured by militants. The picture is of Claudia Fragapane. The World


Health Organization is concerned about containing the Ebola virus.


And the picture is of Usain Bolt at the Commonwealth Games. He is easily


through and beautiful to watch. The Guardian is keeping Gaza on its


front page. Not all of them are by any means. War returns to Gaza as


truce breaks down. Nick Clegg is calling on Benjamin Netanyahu to


talk directly to Hamas. I hate to say this but I'm not sure that his


intervention is going to make a great deal of difference, given that


the entire full force of the American federal government is not


managing to get the Israelis and the Palestinians around the table. It is


a very sensible intervention by Nick Clegg to say that there must be


negotiations at some point but where is the incentive for Benjamin


Netanyahu to do that? He has the military power, he has the force, he


has the Iron Dome protecting his citizens, and he now has a clear set


of military objectives which is to destroy these tunnels which he says


Hamas has made and which will be used and are being used for


terrorism. Until he has done that, I do not see, given that there is no


stick being wielded by the international community, why he will


come to the negotiating table. We understand that a soldier has been


kidnapped by Hamas. Israel will not rest until they have got him back.


We have looked at various versions of this story full of the Guardian


has sources suggesting that they have both claimed they have taken


one Israeli soldier and one source says they have not. There are also


claims a strategy is being deployed by Israel where they will pound the


area around where the man is being seized, even if that is likely to


cause injury to him. It seems that something has certainly happened


there. It is true that in November, 2011, there was an Israeli soldier


released by the Palestinians who had been held for five years and in


return for which 1000 prisoners were released. In terms of getting


something out of this situation, in which Hamas have practically no


credibility whatsoever and no allies, and the allies they used to


have in Egypt are now in jail, and there is no broker on their side...


Although, I understand Turkey is trying to intervene to get the two


sides together in Egypt and to those who stalks. `` to those peace


talks. You bowl out of control. Four countries have seen `` Ebola out of


control. The World Health Organization says that with the


right resources and the right measures, it can be contained. We


have the headline that it is out of control but then when you read the


article carefully, to, three athletes from Sierra Leone have


tested negative for Ebola. You begin to wonder if it is similar to the


kind of scares we have had before. In the other article, it is athletes


from Sierra Leone currently in Glasgow that are begging not to be


sent back to their country, because that is where we have had the


outbreaks. People are suspicious and do not want to dump forward and go


to hospital, which is where they have to be. `` do not want to come


forward. Let's be clear, there has not been a single case in the UK or


outside of west Africa, as far as I know. What they are picking up on is


the fact that the visa seems to be spreading quickly in those West


African countries. `` the disease seems to be spreading quickly. In


this country, we do go to the doctor when we feel sick. And we have good


public advice. When we get to the doctor or into hospital, we have a


relatively well equipped and resourced system. There are good


reasons why we should not necessarily panic yet.


Some airlines are still continuing to fly over Iraq, even though it is


a war`torn part of the world. It has still been allowed, or airlines have


chosen to fly over eastern Ukraine. Even though there is a lot of


conflict there. I am not sure of that we knew the rebels have those


kinds of weapons capable of reaching planes at 30,000 feet. Now we are


looking in the north of Iraq and thinking, do the fighters there, the


insurgents, have these kind of weapons in the same way that the


rebels in eastern Ukraine had them? To my mind, I do not understand what


is in it for an airline. This is involuntary choice. `` a


involuntary. If I was an airline boss, I do not see why I would fly


my planes over any point of even potential risk. It is not like they


have to be changed all over the world. This is one spot on the


globe. Maybe more people will now choose the airlines they fly with


depending on the route. Fair enough. That is a point people


should be able to choose about. Here is the confusing thing. From reading


this article, Rajesh Airways, for example, consider it safe to be


flying over Iraq. But they have not been flying over the Ukraine since


March. I did not know that. `` British airways. I am still puzzled


about how they can have better intelligence than practically any of


our defence sources in the government.


A lot of police officers on duty because of the Commonwealth Games


taking place in Glasgow. They have got leave to take, holiday to use


up. They are probably working overtime. Is this really a concern


for people in Scotland? After London hosted the Olympic Games we did not


see a massive surge in crime. I do not think people are actively


worried that the place is suddenly going to be hit by a rash of


unsolvable crime. But I have spoken to police officers who have pointed


out that a lot of what is normally delegated or contracted to private


security firms is being done by the police in the Glasgow Commonwealth


Games. Partly because they can see there are cuts ahead and they are


trying to bolster income. I think there probably is a state at the


moment where there are not so many police around the rest of Scotland.


They will probably be problems ahead. A Labour MP, a former chief


constable, says the backlog will be enormous. Is this a green light to


criminals? As far as I know, we did not see a rash of burglaries or


worse after London 2012. What we did see in 2011 were the riots in


London. It seemed after the games that London was a more united, a


proud city with its head held high. That is a broad, impressionistic,


almost jingoistic thing to say. I do not know whether there was any


effect on crime whatsoever. But the effect on Glasgow after the


Commonwealth Games will be more along the positive lines. The city


feeling great about itself. The Daily Telegraph. Larger UK this


Scotland better off than peers in smaller countries. Scots have more


disposable income because there are part of the UK. This will not make


happy reading for the Nationalists who are in favour of independence.


But people might prefer freedom and independence to having money in


their pocket? Freedom comes at a price. The rationale is that at the


moment the Scots apparently enjoy a greater level of disposable income


than their contemporaries in Denmark or Finland. The rationale here is


the supermarkets, for example, sell products at the same price all over


the UK, even though transportation costs to the north of Scotland are


higher. The argument goes, after independence that might change.


There could be variation in prices. There was a point earlier on how the


Nordic countries have things like better childcare and more cohesive


societies. Those other things Scotland could aim for. But that is


not the platform on which Alex Salmond is fighting the election. He


says, we will be better off. We will keep our oil. There will be more


pounds in your pocket. Once we escape the cover the English. This


story is a saying that is not true. Will it be the main thing that


people want their pocket? That might well be the way people think, since


money seems to be the only standard of value in Britain these days. If


we look at the countries that we have just mentioned, we are


currently 16`20 of the child well`being index. Denmark and


Finland are probably one and two. Money cannot buy you love, it


probably cannot buy you the things you did in life, which are social


goods provided by governments that are responsible. We are not living


in a government that has those priorities. We could have some more


quids in our pockets, but I do not think it will make people feel any


better. What money will get you though, is a tad too. Many tattoos,


depending on your preference. The Times is looking at how the Jews are


the new social climate. `` tattoos. Are you a fan of it? No. I cannot


get it. I remember getting the transfers when I was young. I have


never liked the idea. The more they seem to proliferate, the less I can


see any point of doing it. In the old days it was a bit of a


statement. Now it seems to be part of the uniform. Everybody seems to


have one. Do you? I do not. I have always rather wanted a Diet Coke


logo on my shoulder. I love Diet Coke. They might pay you to have


that. Yes indeed. But now I learn that 27% of my middle`class compete


to its habitat use, compared to only 26% of people who are working class.


`` have tattoos. Maybe it is time for us to alter out and get into.


The thing like this, you think about the 70s and platform shoes and


flares, you can get rid of those. I know somebody who had a lot of


tattoos in his late 20s, early 30s. He is spending a fortune on getting


rid of them. That seems like an expensive way to spend your free


time. So could it be classy? Helen Mirren get away with it. I think the


pendulum is about to swing. 90% of the upper class could also get them.


We will end up with the pendulum swinging right back. Much easier to


stick with the flares and the platform shoes. Thank you. Thank you


very much. That is it for the papers. Now it is time for


Commonwealth Games Sportsday.


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