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Coming up on the film review we will have a new offering from Marvel.


That is with Jason Solomons. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are Philippa Kennedy,


Ombudsman for the Sun and Vincent Moss, Political Editor


of the Sunday Mirror. The Observer is leading with the SNP


saying the success of the Commonwealth Games will encourage


Scotland to back independence The Sunday Times servers Boris warns


the primaries they must be ready to leave the EU.


Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond's condemnation of the intolerable


suffering in Gaza is the main story on the Sunday Telegraph.


The Gaza conflict is also the top story for the Independent with the


paper focusing on a row between the Conservative and Labour leaders.


And the Mail on Sunday says Britain is to get its first NHS`funded


national sperm bank, to make it easier for lesbian couples


Let's begin. No surprise the papers continue to be dominated by Gaza. We


will have a look first at all `` of all at the Independent on Sunday.


Cameron and Miliband in furious row over Gaza. A political story.


Vincent. Quite interesting, Ed Miliband has issued a statement,


very strongly criticising David Cameron, saying he has not been


critical enough of the Israeli attacks on Gaza, saying his silence


over this issue has been inexplicable. It is very strongly


worded. He is making the point David Cameron has not been quite as out


there as he should have been, as Nick Clegg has been. He says it is


intolerable and it has to be stopped. He has balanced that by


saying it is intolerable also that Hamas had been attacking Israel. He


said Cameron should be doing more, use currently on holiday. Number ten


have answered this by saying they are shocked, they think Ed Miliband


is playing politics with this issue. An old`fashioned political row, but


David Cameron should step up to the David Cameron should step up to the


plate and play a more leading role. David Cameron is on a flight. Yes,


it looks like quite a tabloid headline. There is a big Cameron and


Miliband in furious row. In fact, Mr Cameron has not said anything, you


spokesman has. It is quite strongly worded. To get any political leader


interesting in the current climate. interesting in the current climate.


I do not know if you want to go on to go onto the Telegraph piece, the


Philip Hammond piece is to go onto the Telegraph piece, the


Philip much more on a humanitarian... We can look at that


next. Hammond condemns intolerable suffering in Gaza. That is the angle


most papers have taken. I have been watching the news all week like


everyone else and I find it really hard to watch without crying. It has


been the most awful, pounding of emotions for viewers, for anybody


with any interest... Watching children with their eyes tight


closed, please let it go away, it is really hard to watch. It seems to me


the PR battle has been won by the Palestinians, by Hamas, until the


Israeli lieutenant was captured. Then it slightly swung the other


way. They say they have no knowledge of it. What was the Second


Lieutenant doing wandering around on his own? From a military point of


view I find it very hard left tenant is captured. Normally it is a stray


soldier. These pictures playing out across the world. `` tenants at the


ability for anybody outside the situation to be able to do anything


about it. That is what the political row was about. I think everybody is


incredibly disturbed, as Philip Hammond points out. I think a lot of


the public especially in England are taking the view, hang on, that are


civilians out there, children out there, you have to have a


cease`fire. It has to happen. It is no good saying they are bombing us.


I think that is why the Ed Miliband interventionists and interesting. He


is Jewish, it is his background club his heritage. He is saying, he


almost seems to be saying while not condemning Israel can hear saying


the Prime Minister has to take a stronger lead on this. And it is


time something has to happen. In a sense he is trying to push the Prime


Minister into a no`win situation. He is. Nobody can ever solve this


situation, we hope someday can one day. It has taken years and years.


Until Israel sits down at the table but they will not do that. The whole


of the Middle East is in this manner strum of war and disagreement. We


are now seeing a ratcheting up of the pressure on the Prime Minister,


who unfortunately for him is in Portugal on a sun lounge. Everyone


is entitled to a holiday, but this is a major complication and we have


a situation where we are not seem to be too involved. You and I mentioned


the timing about this holiday. Is the comment from the Labour Party


deliberately timed for the moment the Prime Minister steps away, to


make it more difficult for him to come back? I think Matt is part of


it. I'm sure Ed Miliband is about to take a holiday as well. `` think


that is part of it. The Middle East is in a terrible situation, there


might be demand to recall Parliament because there are problems all over.


Even the bowler crisis. Serious problems than it does not look good.


`` the bowler `` Ebola crisis. Now this story on the NHS. The fact that


many hospitals now have fast food restaurants or coffee bars on site.


Which is a revenue raiser for them, but questions about the type of food


they are serving. This is an extraordinary story. The poor people


who go to visit their relatives in hospital. They want to have a cup of


Coffey may to have something quick because they do not want to be away


from their relatives too long. `` cup of Coffey. We are grown`ups, we


can decide what we are going to eat. Furious because they are selling


discounted chocolate. You get a drink, a sandwich, a sugary drink


and a bar of chocolate as well. This is absolutely disgraceful. But it


tends to while away the time. If you have ever spent any kind of time at


the hospital bedside of a relative, as I know you have been in seeing


your mother. The argument seems to be the presence of certain


companies, a bakers that sells pasties, a fast food takeaway


chain, another firm telling these foot long bag gets. `` French bag


gets. That is the row, that it is a wrong type of food. If you are in a


hospital, most people I have seen just have tea and Coffey. They do


sell tea and Coffey, but it is not compulsory. What you want when you


are in hospital visiting a relative is convenient. You might want a cup


of tea or coffee. I would rather you could get it in the hospital than


walking 15 minutes down the road to get it. If they get some revenue


from that, that is fine. There is an argument against Coffey bars and


burger bars. I think there is a difference there. I have a view


about a temp I think you have to be sensible


about these things, you need a place to have a coffee or a cup of tea. It


is find they are there and hospitals get some revenue from it. A separate


argument being made that we should eat more healthily. We started with


some awful stories, let's move to some bright ones. The Commonwealth


Games. This is on the front of many papers. On the Observer, the front


page dominated by picture of Nicola Adams, who has taken gold in the


women's flyweight boxing. My fellow countrywoman. You are going to rub


that in. She think she won that fight. It went down to a split


decision. Yes. The story that the Observer quite extraordinarily is


running as their lead story, is that they believe the success... Nicola


Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister, believes the bounce effect


of the Commonwealth Games will benefit the yes vote and the Scots


will vote yes in the referendum. Everybody is feeling very good about


themselves. The Commonwealth Games have been a great success, apart


from the one remark or otherwise from Usain Bolt. Which he said he


never said. However, that is the sort of thing... Sport is a


wonderful thing of making people feel... I wonder if it knocks the


story down a bit, sport and sport and politics is politics is the last


quote. Yes it has been a successful games, will it turn the vote in


favour of the yes vote? My instincts are probably not. Nicola Sturgeon


would say that. She is running the yes campaign. It is not a surprise.


That wonderful picture of Nicola Adams. I suspect in later editions


it might be replaced by pictures of Usain Bolt or Tom Daley. Very brief


bathing shorts. Have you been monitoring that? It is a lovely


picture. It is an important story. Tomorrow is the closing day. Will


Barack a vote yes, my instincts are probably not. Timing is everything.


And an interview with Nicola Sturgeon saying momentum is in their


favour. Closing tomorrow. By all accounts it has been a great


success. Moving on to the Sunday Times, back with some less positive


news. The Ebola story. The doctor's diary of hell in the heart of


Africa. 720 lives so far lost in four African countries, set to get


very worrying. Sadly we have not seen the diary. All we have is the


front pages. This is the diary of a care worker, American, William


Fisher. He has recorded his daily e`mails to his family. He goes in


there in his suit to keep the germs away. Seeing the most frightful


things. There is no cure for Ebola, bleeding internally. A little boy


came into the hospital carrying his dead mother. Queueing up blood in a


room on his own with nobody to comfort him. `` throwing up blood.


It is awful. I health authorities are already saying it is very


unlikely Ebola will come to this country, because it spreads via


bodily contact. It is not as if it is a virus or a flu. Nevertheless,


we were just talking about that. If that is happening in America,


everybody would be in quarantine. `` if it happened. A lot of people are


superstitious, they think the doctors are bringing it in, it is


part of the issue. We have a similar story in the Sunday Mirror tomorrow,


the diary of a different doctor, saying much the same thing. These


people are dying without the comfort of the human hand. In a north London


Hospital, if anybody came to England with that, how they would be looked


after. It is astonishing to see there is a tent, people get suited


up in the space age suits, it is very frightening. I have seen news


items where people have come to London and said they are surprised


at the lack of checks as people come into this country. In America... A


change of pace, I want to try and get to ? la story. The headline in


the times, you are hired. `` in the Times. She is your close friend. I


was on a television show with Karren Brady and if she is indeed being


elevated to the peerage, I cannot think of a better person. Just


following her career in a very male dominated sport,


she would be a concern peer but the person she helps `` she would be a


Conservative peer. She is a respected businesswoman and great on


the apprentice. Great choice. That's it for the papers this hour. We will


be back for 1130 PM. Stay with us because at 11, the latest in the


violence in the Middle East where any hopes of the cease`fire are




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