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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers with lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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work on Radio one and the Late, Late Breakfast Show. Coming up on


Sportsday, Tom Daley wins gold in the ten metres diving platform.


Welcome to our look at what the newspapers will be ringing us


tomorrow. Thank you for joining us. Time for a look at the front pages.


The Observer has claims from the Scottish National Party that the


success of the Commonwealth Games will boost the independence


campaign. The Sunday Times says Boris Johnson will tell David


Cameron that he must be prepared to leave the EU if he wants a better


deal from Brussels. The Sunday Telegraph leads on Gaza and an


interview with Philip Hammond, who says the public is deeply disturbed


by the fighting. The conflict is also the top story in the


Independent on Sunday, with the paper focusing on a row between the


Conservatives and Labour leaders. The Mail on Sunday says the UK is to


get its first NHS funded national sperm bank to make it easier for


lesbian couples and single women to have children.


This evening, we will begin with Gaza, which has been dominating our


news for the last few days. Looking at it from the Independent on


Sunday's point of view, David Cameron and Ed Miliband are in a


furious row over Gaza. A political story and one that suggests that the


two leaders are attacking each other on this. Yes, this was sparked by a


statement earlier today by Ed Miliband, bluntly criticising the


Prime Minister for not condemning what Israel is doing enough. Ed


Miliband makes the point that there should obviously be a ceasefire and


both sides are in the wrong, and he does say that there has been an


inexplicable silence from the Prime Minister on these continued attacks


on civilians in Gaza. He says the Prime Minister should show more


leadership. This is awkward as the Prime Minister has just left for a


holiday in Portugal. His office has hit back, saying it is shocked that


they see the leader is playing politics over such a serious issue.


A big fight over a very important matter. Normally, they tried to


speak with a united voice over such things. Yes, it is strange, really.


Ed Miliband is Jewish and he has come out strongly saying that Israel


is wrong and unjustified in the level of violence that it has been


raining down on the citizens of Gaza. He has also criticised Hamas


as well but his line of fire is really to attack David Cameron for


not doing enough and not being active enough in making sure Britain


takes a lead. Do you think people watching night after night this


relentless bombardment, do you not think we are all a bit unsure of


which side we should be on? I mean... I'm not sure even Philip


Hammond has got it right in the Sunday Telegraph. People now think


the balance has shifted away from Israel because they just see


innocent civilians and children in the firing line and I just


wonder... You can never get it right but people are thinking, hang on,


Israel. You have a good case but you have got to stop killing civilians.


And the graphic pictures as well. Let's look at these comments in the


It is a weekly, really. `` week Sunday Telegraph. The condemnation


It is a weekly, really. `` week lead. He has talked a little bit


about this and a little bit about that. He has talked about Ebola and


commerce to send support if any British citizens who are brought to


come infected. Given the economic recovery in the UK. `` even. He has


talked about the potential for an increase in anti`Semitic attacks in


Britain. Why should that happen? Do you really think that is going to


happen? I do not think so. It is a measure at interview. The situation


is intolerable in Gaza and something must be done. Frankly, thank you


very much, tell us something we do not know. He does not seem to have a


solution. Not really taking a strong leader that we want to see. It is


that lack of a solution that makes Ed Miliband's comments so


interesting. He is almost trying to get the Prime Minister to say he has


got a solution. He is also trying to drive a wedge between the Prime


Minister and Nick Clegg. David Cameron has been a bit more


measured. There is a little bit of political manoeuvring. He knows the


Prime Minister has just gone off on holiday. It is a bit mean. Right


now, when the world could be on the brink of war. Maybe it is not the


best time to go off on holiday. Change onto the Observer now. A much


happier story all around, the Commonwealth Games. Nicola Adams.


Who narrowly beat my fellow countrywoman from Northern Ireland.


She thinks she was robbed. A split decision. It is the friendly games,


we do not discuss these results. I think she is a wonderful athlete.


You cannot have a sport nowadays, if the men can do it, the women can do


it. This story is more about an interview with sturgeon. She


believes the record`breaking performance has led to an interest


in the country. She has a point. Any sporting triumph does have a bounce


the fact. `` effect. It is not until you get knocked out. In this


situation, the Commonwealth Games has been a great success. The lovely


weather has helped. The wonderful spread of medals. Fantastic


performances. Do the politicians actually think this will have any


effect? I do not think so. Had the games been a disaster, it might have


reinforced the no vote. The fact it has been a success, I am not sure it


could make a difference. I think probably we are looking at a no,


rather than a yes. Do you want a fiver on it? There will not be much


else happening ahead of the vote on Scottish independence. I think we


will see a lot more on this. The Observer has done rather well to tie


together a series story with what is going on with the common scams. You


will have to make your bets off BBC premises. `` Commonwealth Games.


Boris Johnson is said to be warning the Prime Minister that the only way


to win reformed is to threaten or be prepared to leave the union. Who


would thought Boris Johnson is appealing to the conservative


grassroots by saying it you should be ready to leave the EU? This is


based on one of his economic advisers. He is going to suggest


that unless major reforms happen in the European Union, Britain should


be ready to leave. That is the kind of thing that most Conservatives are


saying. He is just reinforcing that message. It is a way of getting a


popular conservative onto the front of the Sunday Times. Everybody wants


to know if Boris Johnson is to finally put up or shut up and become


an MP and eventually take over from David Cameron. Smart money was to


mark her nose. ``? Who knows. Isn't it just a bit of sabre rattling?


Just in case he ends up in the chair and it is also setting up the EU for


renegotiation. He is reminding people that he is still there. David


Cameron is in Portugal. Elsewhere on the Sunday Times. News or


speculation that the star of the apprentice will be made a Tory peer.


Lord sugar is a Labour peer. I never know where these leaks come from.


They are usually be well sourced. `` pretty. I think there has been a


good idea. She has proved herself in the arenas of sport and business and


on television. She is a thoroughly good egg, in my opinion. She might


liven up the House of Lords. I think there will be some these trembling


in the House of Lords. Alan sugar has already been on Twitter saying


it would be a great idea. Does need some younger blood. Some more


competent women. The Mail on Sunday. NHS to find sperm bank for lesbians.


`` fund. That is going to get Daily Mail readers I rate, I would have


thought. He has to think very hard how he can upset his readership, his


constituency, every Sunday. This will probably get them going. This


particular sperm bank idea will also be available for heterosexual


couples. The lion that is intended to anger is that it will be


available to lesbians. Same`sex couples are fully intended to have a


family as anyone else, why not? Interesting front page. The headline


a rather different story altogether. Allegations about Russel Brand.


Thank you very much for your input. I think Gaza will dominate those of


the papers and inside pages. Thank you both for that. Every day we


discuss the papers on BBC News. With the Commonwealth Games drawing to a


close tomorrow, it is of course the closing ceremony with Kylie Minogue


going to be the headline act. We will cross to Glasgow and have a


look at the Commonwealth Games Sportsday.


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