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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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paid tribute to the fallen soldiers of the First World War in the 100th


anniversary of the start of the conflict.


Welcome to our lookahead at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


Tomorrow's front pages. Starting with the Independent. It says that


labour could lose out to UKIP in several key seats at the general


election. The Guardian meets on Gaza in the story we have been covering.


The Department of Health says the test came back negative. Millions of


savers are being hit by high fees on their pensions.


The FT says HSBC is the latest bank to be implicated in the mis`selling


of payment protection insurance. A generation of troops who are ready


to be deployed to the world's troublespots. Commemorations to


start `` mark the start of the First World War.


A picture marking the end of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.


Showing no favouritism at all, we will start with the Daily


Telegraph. Christopher has the front page. UK troops, a new warrior


generation. Suggesting after involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq


we have some battle hardened troops that make them worriers. ``


warriors. Our defence and `` editor has been to Afghanistan. Quite


extraordinary claim about our troops. They have been serving for


over a decade now. They are battle hardened, warrior generation. The


info we went in on is the idea that they could go back into Afghanistan


if, after combat troops withdraw, there could be a rise of the Taliban


or other groups. There is the suggestion we could go back in. That


is not what everybody else is expecting. I am very impressed with


Chris. Your colleague went to Afghanistan and you are discussing


it. What I am discussing is, we have this interview with the head of the


army. He is talking about a battle hardened generation of warriors. In


actual fact, 20,000 of them are being deployed to the job centre.


Massive cuts are coming through the army. It begs the question of what


we are talking about. The army are currently recruiting a new


generation of soldiers. At the same time, it will not be battle


hardened. A lot of them are reservists. They are also recruiting


some regulars as well. These trips being praised in the Daily


Telegraph. Being battle hardened means you are desensitised in some


way, aren't you? Undergoing some very tricky trauma. PTSD. There are


have been campaigns to combat combat stress. People can experience


appalling things during war. It presents itself as a psychological


problem 15 years later. There is not a lot of support them often. Often


they are left to their own devices. We have to be fair. Things have


improved since the start of the campaign. A lot of people still fall


through the net. A massive number of homeless former servicemen. The


centenary of the First World War will be marked by David Cameron and


everybody else. There is an interesting piece from the expert


saying how he has been looking at how the First World War started and


how to commemorate it. He has recognised he holds nobody at fault


for when the war started. But he says it is quite easy to see that


how peace is so fragile. You can move towards war without meaning to.


Thinking about troublespots and how things can escalate very quickly.


Moving on to the Mirror. This story will be hugely interesting to a lot


of people. The idea that Ebola could have been within our borders.


Doctors test body after flight from Sierra Leone. It was a woman


suspected of having the virus. Thankfully, it turns out she did


not. But she did die of other causes. The headline shows how


terrifying this ideas. This is not the first scare. But it is the most


terrifying one. The passengers had absolutely no idea what was going


on. They are not sure what they have been exposed to. There was a story


on the Express when we were last here altogether. We were slightly


mocking of the story. The suggestion that health officials have been put


on standby. But we have seen athletes... There was a story on the


common at games being affected by it. We thought it could not possibly


happen. `` Commonwealth Games. This is alarming. You do not know who is


walking through. Whether that could have been any symptoms are merging.


`` demerging. But this is a slightly misleading headline, isn't it? It


should be a scare. I know you are trying to sell papers. But it is


alarming for the papers, surely. We will see how you are feeling


tomorrow. We will check in with you. Let us look at the Independent. Ed


Miliband warned of UKIP threat to Labour majority. An academic study


suggesting UKIP has the potential to take traditionally working`class


constituencies. That headline could be David Cameron warned. Nobody


knows how UKIP is going to manifest itself at the next election. It goes


both ways. It could be a right`wing threat or a threat to working`class


Labour supporters. It could go either way. It depends where the


vote is concentrated. UKIP is basically going to be making this an


uncertain election. Somebody who started out in politics just before


the 2001 election, I have to say that... That is not very long ago.


For somebody who spends their time writing about this, it is


fascinating. A net change of one seat. So all of the old


uncertainties have gone? A lot of the old certainties. The left`wing


is breaking down left, right and centre. Rather than devoting


swinging between Labour and the Tories, we are going from Tories to


UKIP. Even the Lib Democrats to UKIP. They tend to be the none of


the above type. Isn't it extraordinary that one party can


appeal to so many disenfranchised voters. All things to all people. It


drove the red and the blues mad. The Greens are taking votes from the Lib


Dems. Labour are having to think about how to fight the Greens. In


Norwich and in Brighton. It is really confusing. We are seeing the


Labour Party talking more about our plans on immigration, trying to


shore up traditional labour voters. But does it cost them the


middle`class professionals who came over from the Lib Dems after the


last election? Does it mean that Labour, Conservatives and the


Liberal small manifestoes for particular places where they face


challenges? The Lib Dems are coming down to a couple of,000 votes in key


seats. That is the level. `` couple of,000. 10,000 votes to 1004 years.


`` 1000 in four years. They have to dig in and the card. Over 50 super


boom is rewrite retirement rules. Rewrite them for the rest of us. A


long way off. He may come over as a fogy, but he is a young folkie. The


story is saying that retirement is so last century, essentially. Nobody


retires any more. They will always be part`time working. She, it is


interesting how they have got good pensions, but do not want to retire.


They are feeling, younger, healthier, not smoking. They are not


spending money on smoking either. And the people who have not retired,


their prospects have not been better. People are going to have to


do part`time work. It seems a little more glass half full. For those of


us who are not of this generation, we are not as healthy. Eating habits


are dire. We are not as rich. It will not be an option, you will be


flogging your guts out until you drop. On that date. He is quite


cross because of his diet. All I would say, what is interesting about


this issue of working harder, there are fewer volunteers to our National


trust. You have to work longer until retirement. The Guardian, just


finally. We have not gone for the obvious picture at the end of the


common games. Which is highly in failing boots and amazing headdress.


`` Kylie Minogue in thigh length boots. It has been amazing. Lucky it


did not rain. It rained all day on the cycling. If you are born with


the weather in Glasgow, wait an hour and it will change. They handed over


the Gold Coast City. Gold Coast City. We are in dispute. We think it


is just the Gold Coast. It is called the Gold Coast when I went there.


What do we get next? We have had the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.


We need the World Cup. Really? We need another big thing. That is a


long way. That is a poisoned well. We do not have time to get into


that. You are the odd couple. In a lovely way. James, Christopher, nice


to see you both. Thank you for coming in to look at the papers.


Stay with us on BBC News. At midnight, Israel announces a


temporary humanitarian truce. Coming up next, it is time for the final


Commonwealth Games Sportsday.


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