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Trafford. We will have football results and referees learning how to


use the vanishing spray. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me is Oliver


Wright, Whitehall Editor of the Independent and in our Edinburgh


studio, author and journalist, Iain Macwhirter. Tomorrow's front pages.


US Weighs up airstrikes is The Guardian's headline as Islamic


Militant group IS continues to make gains in Iraq. While an image of


Iraqi refugees dominates the front of the Times, saying a mass exodus


of Christians were fleeing from the Muslim extremists. Boris Johnson's


on the front of the Express. He says it will be easy to win powers back


from the EU, as long as the Prime Minister gets tough. The Mail, which


says NHS operation waiting lists are the highest they've been for six


years. While the Telegraph says the new Education Sectary is to push for


British values to be taught at nursery to protect toddlers from


religious extremism. A striking photo on the front of The Indy,


which says fresh violence has erupted in Kiev as authorities tried


to remove activists. While The Scotsman says the sanctions showdown


between Russia and The West could cost the Scottish economy up to 50


million pounds.And the Mirror says the gang that allegedly


attacked and killed two students in Malaysia were high on crystal meth.


Net is start with the Scottish Telegraph. `` let's start. Alex


Salmond got a grilling. He refused to back down. It is the aftermath of


the debate on Tuesday with Alistair Darling. It has been the defining


moment of the campaign. He has been getting a hard time on people on his


own side. They are saying, why lock yourself in? Why not just say, if


there will not be a currency, we will get our own? We might print our


own pound which is one to one parity. Than Scotland would not be


liable for its share of the UK debt. It is a per capita share of 110


billion. That would make an independent Scotland more viable if


it would take on its full share of the doubt. What do you make of the


take that the Telegraph has? That's in light of the debate on Tuesday


night. From the no point of view, it is clear where their view lies. I


think the TV debate could go down as the defining moment for when the


game is up for Alex Salmond. For the yes campaign, he was on the central


point of the currency, put in a difficult decision. The question is,


he doesn't go for his own currency, and that is because people want to


keep the pound. This is all looking increasingly unlikely. What about


the people who are supportive of yes, but are not supportive of the


currency argument? There were people today talking on both sides. If


people are insisting they would not be a currency union, and I don't


think there would not be a currency union, as pointed out by


economists, is George Osborne did put up a wall to stop this, it would


damage the English economy almost as much as it would damage Scotland's.


They are one of the biggest trading partners. It could be worth up to


?24 billion. A prominent economist and a Labour Party adviser didn't


think there would not be a currency union. It is practical. Most people


do not want to change currency when they cross the border. The pound is


not England's property. It was a joint partnership in the 17A7 union.


When you to solve a partnership, you to sell the assets and liabilities.


`` dissolve. The Scotsman has a piece on its


front page with Mick Jagger and other celebrities to back the no


campaign. There is a lot of discussion about whether the no


campaign is negative. It is saying, if you are independent, you can't


have this or the other thing. But there is something about union


dispute. The no campaign has realised that it is better to have


people like Mick Jagger and then Judi Dench, rather than George


Osborne. It gives them a voice, but it doesn't give them much more.


There was a representative of the border constituency that made the


point, if you are sitting in the UK, it is like the debate we are having


about Marat, if we get divorced and we split up, Julie keep the house?


It should be about why we stay together. What do you think of


celebrities having a say in this? When a woman leaves home, it is not


assumed that she has given up rights to the marital residence. I know


there are many well, but maybe they shouldn't. This is a gift to the


SNP. Simon Cowell calling for Scotland to remain just piles up


votes for the yes. There was a proclamation urging people to stay


in the union. That has led to a play in the Edinburgh Festival talking


about like that shouldn't happen. There are other political issues


that I am thinking of. It depends which celebrities that's what. ``


says what. Simon Cowell might put them off. It would depend on it is.


Bruce Forsyth is not going to work. Let's go to the Scotsman and the


trade war between Russia and the EU. They are talking about what this


will cost the Scottish economy. It is quite a parochial take for the


this is a Russian attempt to post the trade ban on Western


agricultural products, which could cost the farmers of Europe billions.


This is a disturbing echo of the 1930s in having a trade war of these


two blocks. We have had the annexation of the Crimea. We have


had the separatist movements in the Ukraine. The Russian response is


disturbing. It is escalating. Both sides will have to look at this.


Russia is a big country. It has considerable agricultural resources


and it has control of most of the oil and gas that goes to Western


Europe. It could be very serious. From the UK point of view, don't


export but many products to Russia. Beef has been bound. The way that


Moscow could hurt us is to ban the export of oligarchs to London. They


might be concerned about what has been said here about the


consequences of sanctions that are going in that direction. A number of


them are people that have fallen out badly with the Putin regime. That is


why they are here. I'm a financial point of view, that could hit the UK


economy hard. `` from a. That was the take on the Scotsman, but it


should be covered more widely. I would suspect it is covered more


prominently inside most papers. Particularly with the prevention of


European and American airlines being prevented to fly over Russian


athletes. You have hinted at that. Let's go to the Times's front page.


They have gone on the events in northern Iraq. I'm not quite sure it


is Wars of religion, ethnic and religious cleansing. There is the


talk about whether President Obama could have limited air strikes,


which could come quickly. There is also the horror story of hundred


thousand people being forced to flee. They are being told by ISIS to


get out or be killed. People have nowhere to go and they are running


out of food and water. Part of the story is about whether they can


create a humanitarian corridor which is protected. This is a story which


people will focus on in the coming days. It is a very arresting front


page with a photograph to go with it. The times has given us the


treatment it deserves. It is reminiscent of what happened in


Kosovo. The West did arrange for abstracts that do to rectify the


situation to a certain extent. `` air strikes. They are hesitant to


get involved in Asterix, America, but this would not be a repetition


of 2003. `` air strikes. It is not the same situation. Only 10,000


people have managed to acquire military power from the Iraqi army.


This is what has caused this crisis and I think it could be contained


fairly easily. President Obama was poised to have air strikes. There is


an official quote saying that this could be a fast moving train. There


has obviously been a meeting. They probably have had contingency plans


free time. This `` for a time. It is of limited


scope. That goes back to the caution you were talking about. They always


talk about there will be no American boots on the ground. Given their


experience about what happened in Libya, it is difficult to say


whether the West could stand by and allow this to happen. It is possible


to mobilise ISIS easily. No military intervention is easy, but in this


situation, something could be done to prevent a humanitarian


catastrophe in the making. Let's go to the Daily Mail. This is a health


story. It is about a six year high for hospital waiting times. I don't


want to be an apologist for the government, but I think it is more


complicated Pat Howard has been presented. There


`` than how it has. This is traditionally a quiet time for the


NHS. That's not to say that there would be a problem in the winter. It


could be a flu outbreak. If the beds are taken up with the flu, then


that could increase the waiting. Any thoughts before we move on to Dr


Who? The national health service has been devolved Scotland. There have


been talks in previous years of people waiting outside the accident


and emergency in trolleys. One of the anxieties expressed in the


independence campaign, like Doctor Phillipa Whitford, saying if they do


not opt for this, the privatisation and commercialisation will happen in


Scotland. That is causing some concern. As I mentioned, we are


going to end with a story about Dr Who. The Daily Mirror has a picture


of Peter Capaldi. He is 56. The way people are going on, you would think


he was 156. He is, isn't he? I think the producers are worried.


Matt Smith was young. They had a lot of viewers. People probably watched


because of him. They will be wondering whether they can hold onto


audience. I am a fan of Peter Capaldi, but only because of Malcolm


Tucker. I don't see how he can transition. The land which will be


less salty. `` language. He is going to keep his accent, and so I don't


know if the Daleks will understand him. Thank you. Coming up, we will


have more on the situation in Iraq. Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I


Mike Bushell. The


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