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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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his attempt to get a fourth major title. The wet weather in Manchester


hampers English cricket. But first, look at the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Louise Court, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan


and Sue Matthias, Editor of the Financial Times Weekend Magazine.


Hello and welcome to both of you. Let's look at the front pages.


Several of them have the US air strike on the front. The Daily


Telegraph quotes sources who said that Britain has not ruled out air


strikes. The Times newspaper has the same front page photo. The Daily


Mirror says members of the SAS have been sent into Iraq. The independent


newspaper leads with a front`page photo of President Barack Obama as


he speaks to the King of Jordan. The Daily Mail looks at guidance from a


health advisory body on the safety of drinking alcohol or two days in a


row. The Daily Express warns of severe weather in the days ahead.


Let's begin. The decision to mount error strikes on Iraq. The Daily


Telegraph suggests that Britain is considering are strikes to avert


genocide in Iraq. We know that written has committed to providing


humanitarian aid and only America is involved in error strikes. The


suggestion that Britain might change its mind depending on what happens


on the ground. `` error strikes. This is a complete turnaround. David


Cameron says he will help that humanitarian aid but not in a


military way. The Daily Telegraph stakes its claim here. It says it is


possible that we could get involved in... Military action. It was not


long ago when the United States turned down a request from Nouri


al`Maliki to intervene when Mosul cell. `` fell. Now the situation is


such that he cannot ignore it any longer? I think that is the case.


Barack Obama was quite clear that they did not want to go in until


there had been a change of government. That does not seem like


it is imminent now. But the United States is in a position where they


had no option but to intervene. We do not know what the politics of


this is in the background but certainly there has been pressure on


Mary al malachite to be more inclusive. The argument is that


divisions in the country have led to the rise of this Sunni Muslims


group. President Obama has said he cannot sit back and watch while


genocide takes place. He said he is not going to be drawn into a war and


will not send troops out there but I think it is impossible to see how


the whole thing well on hold. I think because ISIS... They are not


going to stop at anything. Barack Obama says the US will have a turn


of often and there is only so far that they will go. `` a button that


they will turn off. There was a suggestion that if chemical weapons


had been used in Syria, there would be a line that had crossed but the


United States still decided against error strikes. But eventually you


have to act. That is correct. So far, seems to be general support for


what the United States is doing. There is not a huge amount of


criticism. My own paper, the Financial Times, in its leader


tomorrow morning, calls the action risky correct. There is a genuine


chance that Kurdistan could be completely overrun. Iraq could be


completely overrun. They also point out in the leader that the US has a


mandate. It has been asked to intervene by Iraq. Apparently, it is


justified in doing so under the UN right to protect. Let's look at the


Independent newspaper. Barack Obama is speaking to the King of Jordan on


the telephone in the Oval Office. The Islamic State group now in


charge of parts of Iraq and Syria as well. The headline talks about


launching air strikes. It will be interesting to hear what happened in


that conversation. You would love to be a fly on the wall, wouldn't you?


I was going to say there is the issue of oil. A number of oil


companies have withdrawn. There has to be some way of going around this.


I am not sure about this right now. The markets are obviously very


rattled by Fortis happening. I think the companies are worried about the


safety of their essential personnel. `` by what is happening. They are


making progress. Prices on the European and Asian markets dropped


because of what is happening. There is particular concern and people are


speaking out about the protection of Christians in particular. The fact


that this ethnic group, the UCD sect, many women have even taken. ``


the Yazidi. People have had to flee to the mountain without food and


water. An extraordinary story and it throws light on to this particular


group. They have targeted by Islamic State for their religious


background. Apparently they are accused of being devil worshippers


by Islamic State. This is a kind of misinterpretation of their faith.


The latest story from I think, the Ministry of health, is that hundreds


of women have been taken captive in Mosul. Let's move on to the murder.


`` to the Daily Mirror. The SAS have been sent into Iraq but how do they


know that? I suppose it makes sense that you would have a corporate


operation. I am sure. `` eight corporate operation. `` an


undercover operation. Let's move on to the Daily Mail. Do not have a


drink two days running. Latest advice from a health crime go. `` a


health group. On a Friday night, here we are, not having a dropped! I


am here until the very small hours and not a drop ball pass my lips!


This not a drop will have my lips. Gerald Howarth says the advice is


completely unrealistic! People have the common sense to know how to look


after themselves. For him, the idea of not having a drink two days in a


row is out of the question. What is interesting is that it sets a


completely different tone from all of the other front pages. It has got


a fairly light`hearted health story. It has a massive emotion for rather


nice spring flowers and for the start of the football season. ``


massive emotion. Why do you think they have done that? They stand


apart from the doom and gloom. The Daily Mail understands its readers


very well. It will probably sell more papers. They are probably more


concerned about not being able to drink two days in a row! I wonder


some days about the public appetite for what is happening in Iraq. We


look at them all of the time, of course, that is what we do, but do


other people want to hear about it? It is very difficult. There are wars


going on on almost three fronts and the news is a mitigating. Your taxi


driver on the way in says will you be talking about the war tonight?


And you said which one? There is that much conflict to choose from.


You cannot fail to be struck by the fact that the bestselling Saturday


newspaper focuses on avoiding the story of the day. We are


traditionally the new silly season and there are not any stories! This


is a silly season front page and it is not silly season at all. There


are more stories than usual. Are we turning into a nanny state? They do


not say how much she can drink! Do not drink a bottle of wine! That is


a good idea. It is undeniable that deaths and illnesses from liver


disease are growing. Deaths from things like cancer and heart disease


are dropping. There is probably a bit of truth in there. Let's move


on. Let's look at The Daily Express and they are also avoiding the


situation in the Middle East. Storms mayhem and The Met office issues a


severe weather warning. Sunday is going to be an unpleasant day. It


could have been worse if the storm had travelled further north. We do


not know where it is going and we know that The Daily Express likes a


weather story. The readers do as well. They say there is a 60% chance


that we will get it but if you go onto their website, there is a story


about the end of days because there will be a huge moon that apparently


will make the weather even worse. Nostradamus wrote about this some


time ago. Let's look at the Daily Telegraph again. Another story that


is interesting. The suggestion that collection boxes, postboxes will be


collected earlier as part of Royal Mail you restructuring. ``


restructuring. I have done that race around trying to find the collection


box for the last posting of the day. Letters are doing very badly for


Royal Mail because nobody sends them and everyone is online. Since the


sale of Royal Mail, the business is doing better but they aren't doing


well delivering packages. `` they are doing well. Internet shopping.


The days of the postbox might be numbered. There are a lot of people


who do not rely on the Internet. I am thinking about older people who


do not shop online. They depend on letters. Or getting your passport


delivered. There are certain things that still come in the post. You are


saying it was not cost effective because there are still matters to


be collected, but it is hastening the demise, isn't it? If you think,


it is no good, because actually, if I have not gutted posted by 9am,


then I do not stand a chance, and people are going to use it west. I


think the area that is still booming as birthday cards. Everybody still


likes to get a card, don't they, rather than something over the


Internet? It does not feel very personal, does it, an electronic


card. Apologies to those companies that make them, and allow you to


design them with twinkly bits of music and snow falling. Or they do


not work at all. That is always disappointing. You cannot go wrong


with a card. That is the Papers for this hour, but we will be returning


at 11:30pm to look at the front pages of the morning News. Stay with


us, because at 11pm, the US attacks Islamic militants in Iraq, watching


air strikes in the north of the country. Now it is time for


Sportsday. Good evening. Welcome to Sportsday.


Coming up in the programme, Rory


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