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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are James Rampton, features writer for The Independent,


An oversight that you end it did not coordinate outfits. I apologise.


The Express leads with news of a breakthrough


The Metro reports on claims of atrocities in Iraq carried out


The Telegraph has a picture of a Yazidi woman cradling her child


The story to the right focuses on Government plans to clamp


down on trusts designed to avoid inheritance tax.


The Guardian says at least half of the 40,000 people besieged


by jihadists in northern Iraq have escaped in the past 24 hours,


aided by Kurdish rebels who crossed from Syria to rescue them.


The Mail says the number of foreign criminals avoiding


Kellie Maloney is on the front of the Mirror, talking about her


Maloney is on the Sun's front page too.


And the Independent reports on claims that women


and children have been buried alive by Islamists in Iraq.


We will begin with that story. Women and children are buried alive,


Islamic extremists putting 500 people in mass graves in Iraq. Just


when you thought you could not read about any more atrocities, here we


have this story, which as you are reading it, you cannot believe what


you are seeing. Shocking is a word overused in journalism, but it


really does apply. I was astounded when I read the details of this. 500


people, including women and children, with 300 women allegedly


kidnapped and sent into slavery, and 1500 UCD is still stuck on this


mountain. They are at risk from the elements. `` Yazidis. It is


extraordinary what they are going through. I am glad we're doing


something about it. I think more must done. These people don't have


an army. The very fact that the Kurdish rebels have come across the


mountains, and other persecuted race of people, but now they have their


own territory, they can assist. And the fact that these people felt the


best option for them was to run to Mt. No food and no water. `` Mt. It


is a measure of the peril they face. The sun is punishing. Even if the


jihadist I get them, the elements will. That is why we need to do


something quickly. It is a true catastrophe. The Mac when you see


things like this, why are people not stepping in? By a then not


coordinating this effort? That is what they are there for. Iraq has


asked the USA for help, and many people in Iraq, although they think


America is to blame for the mess the Iraqis in politically, they are at


least coming to the rescue they asked them to do so. The issue is we


have a league of Arab nations that need to stand up for what is right


about is line and put that forward. This is not that is not Islam I


know. The jihadist what they are doing, we need people drawn from the


locality to support these people. They need to stepping from the area.


They don't need to call on a bummer to sort out this mess. The Iraqi


army has not stood up to the March of the Islamic State. `` President


Obama. The peshmerga seemed to be doing a better job. We saw a


peshmerga commander saying we do need the UN, and the president said


he would not be a matter of weeks but months. He is a loosely


unwilling to get involved in a boots on the ground operation, that


dreaded word mission. George W Bush catastrophe years ago is again


hanging over him. But something must be done. That is a terribly glib


phrase, but something must be done. It is the horror in hell of being


buried alive. We as a people and nation have to step in and do


something. Once it happens once, it can happen again. Let's move on to


the Daily Express. A bit more cheerful, at least. I don't seem to


have this on the right order in my stack. I am not very organised. I


know what the story is. Boris Johnson, I became a to besmirch it


is of being Prime Minister. Shock horror. `` a Mayor to boost my


chance. I know people in Henley were crying when he came to be the London


mayor, but the issue is that Boris always had this plan. Do you know


that for a fact? Have you chatted to him personally? Unfortunately for


the other candidates that are eyeing up the big seat, he has laid down


the gauntlet. He is not without being prone to saying the wrong


thing. Any other politician, that would've been a career ending


incident. He just once on and keeps going on, impervious to any


criticism. `` Swans on. Whenever issues you may have with these


policies, you have to say he is the most fantastic self publicist, and


that may be why 34% of Tories believe he should be the next Tory


leader. 19 points ahead of Theresa May, who was the previous favourite.


She has blown `` been blowing out of her shoes. He was asked what he had


voters may, and he said you have to keep showing relentless energy. He


is bringing the game of brains back to Westminster. `` game of thrones.


He would be on in international stage on a daily basis. This is my


personal opinion, but I think he has not convinced me he has the


responsibility and Gravett is for that job. The idea of him with his


finger on the nuclear button terrifies me. Lots of people love


him. `` repeaters. Adobe key is a potential Prime Minister. A


watermelon smile. I will say no more. Let's look at the Daily


Telegraph. An interesting story. People to pay in intelligence tax


was still living. It is a new drive to avoid tax avoidance planning,


when people try to reduce the impact of inheritance tax before they die,


and in assets over to their children. We will cut to the


legality in a minute. I'm sure you can enlighten us. I'm glad we have a


boy here. It would bring in a few quid to the Treasury. `` more you.


Perhaps be this headline, it is a good PR move by NHMRC, because it


was a huge funeral a few months back about Gary Barlow and other


celebrities allegedly using these tax shelter schemes, and I think


that created a lot of bad feeling that rich people were apparently


able to dodge some aspects of taxation, and to avoid things that


other people weren't able to avoid. That was certainly the perception.


Whether that was true or not, I don't know. Knowing this down is a


good idea, because it will really convince people they are trying to


do something about it. `` nailing this down. The Mac before you die,


you hand over the keys to your house to your child, but if you die within


seven years, you are caught by this new rule anyway. Lee Mack the best


thing about it, it will stop that, seek on hand over the keys to your


house, and if you die within seven years, it they will catch you. They


will lengthen that time. Doing have to pay market rates rent to your


children if you want to carry on living in a house having handed the


keys over? You died. Anyone in their 50s or a bit younger, they need to


start handing over those houses a bit earlier. For how much longer?


We're not sure. They are trying to close the loophole. If you handed


over as a gift, you will be trapped. White baby a clever tax consultant


who will get around the law? `` won't there be. We were told not to


drink two days in a row last week. Now they are suggesting that wine,


beer and spirits should have a health warning put on them


compulsorily, like on cigarette packets. Doesn't really work? A lot


of people have given up smoking, haven't they? In Australia, there is


evidence that the graphic pictures of lung damage they put on the front


of packages did help, but adds to this general sense of a nanny state,


and the things we are not allowed to do. I know it is an extremely prop


`` big problem, and the figures for alcohol abuse are shocking. Liver


disease amongst under 30s doubled. ?21 billion is the cost to the


economy. Those are shocking figures. Has an part of the problem being the


legislative change that brought in broader jinking hours, because I


remember you could not buy alcohol on a Sunday. `` drinking hours.


Perhaps those hours have contributed. How much is being made


from the tax on alcohol? It is the collateral damage from the issue of


sobriety. It is the domestic violence. It is the drink`driving.


It is the general degrading. We think it is a bit of a laugh, having


one too many? Lee Mack and especially the girls, Winer o'clock


going around Twitter. We know the tobacco lobby has been fighting


against plain packaging and so forth. It may well be that the


drinks lobby will step in and try to influence the government not to put


these warning on, because they want to sell more of their products. At


this moment in time, I think it is a step too far. Maybe looking at how


history will go with these under 30s and whether they will be dead by 50,


we may have to step in with proper legislation. More foreign convicts


win the right to stay. It is the number of foreign criminals avoiding


deportation rose 50% last year despite repeated pledges by the


government to kick them out. The trouble with these is if they are


winning the right to stay, citing their human rights to a family life,


laws apply to everyone, don't they? Is irrespective of whether you


committed a crime or not. The issue is deciding how foreign are they?


Add AEEU National 's who have been hearing in caught doing the wrong


thing, and have the right to stay? `` are they EU nationals? Or are


they from the Commonwealth, from Jamaica? That has been a problem in


the past. Or are they polished? We don't know, and again in the Daily


Mail, the idea of foreign. raise a lot of questions. The other


is the European kon European Convention on Human Rights. I think


UKIP is very anti`that as well. It may be another that the Tory


backbenches are rumbling about. This is an issue that the Tories will


have to appear tough. It is a get`tough`issue for them. That is it


for the papers this hour. If you have a comment you want to make, we


encourage you to contribute. You can Tweet to us me. More air strikes are


launched by America against Islamic militants in Iraq. Coming up next,


it is time for Click.


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