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Coming up on the Film Review, . 's Pocket, stirring Philip Seymour


Hoffman and the rest of the week's top releases.


`` starring. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. We have barred the door


but they are still here. With me are James Rampton, Features writer for


the Independent and the barrister, Sophia Cannon. There is no escape.


Tomorrow's front pages. Many of the papers including the Times are


dominated by the situation in Iraq. The Times leads on the situation in


Iraq and reports that David Cameron is coming under increased pressure


to launch air strikes against jihadists in the country.


The Telegraph has a picture of a Yazidi woman cradling her child in


Iraqi Kurdistan. The story to the right focuses on Government plans to


clamp down on trusts designed to avoid inheritance tax.


The Guardian says at least half of the 40,000 people besieged by


jihadists in northern Iraq have escaped in the past 24 hours, aided


by Kurdish rebels who crossed from Syria to rescue them.


The Independent reports on claims that women and children have been


buried alive by Islamists in Iraq. The Mail says the number of foreign


criminals avoiding deportation rose by 50 per cent last year.


Kellie Maloney is on the front of the Mirror, talking about her


decision to live as a woman. Maloney is on the Sun's front page


too. The Express leads with news of a


breakthrough in the treatment of arthritis.


Only one place to begin and that is with the story of the fate of some


of the Yazidi community as we know because many are making their way to


mount Sinjar or without water or food and the Metro has it on its


front page. It says that 500 have been put into mass graves in Iraq


and some of them went dead, they were historical and biblical


references abound here. We don't know if this is true. We are looking


for other sources other than this Iraqi minister. If this is true, it


is a new depth for ISIS, the first or the fourth caliphate. How can we


not be challenged by this into action? We will come to that in a


moment. The pressure has been reported on David Cameron in the


Times. Just when you think you could read anything more atrocious, along


it comes. Shocking applies in this case. It is something I had to read


twice to believe it was being written. The idea of placing 500


people, some of whom are live, in a mass grave conjures images of


terrible genocide from the past. Many past atrocities that people


will think of when reading of this. Another story emerges that 300


Yazidi women have been kidnapped and will be put into slavery. Yet again,


women at the forefront of war and treated as cattle. Like with Boko


Haram. Indeed. This is the core issue, women are seen as the spoils


of war. That in itself should be made a war crime. One of the last


things he did, William Hague, was have the conference about rape being


used as a war crime. He met with Angelina Jolie and everyone said he


was starstruck, though it was right to highlight the issue `` had the


conference. It is another reason to take action. Let's talk about that.


The Times has a headline, send in warplanes, Tories urge David Cameron


to recall Parliament. It is summer recess at the moment. David Cameron


under pressure to launch an air strike against jihadi is in Iraqi


and supply weapons to the Kurdish forces. `` jihadis. There is dismay


at about the fact that we are only sending humanitarian aid. They're


terrified of the disaster of the Blair`Bush invasion ten years ago


and the catastrophic aftermath of that. That is one reason by


President Obama has been cautious `` one reason why. He is terrified of


being tired as the new Whoosh because he ended in catastrophic


failure `` Bush. At the moment, we have Ed Miliband's opposition in


distinction to David Cameron's coalition. One looks like a


government in waiting and one looks like somebody waiting to leave. We


don't have direction. Why not recall Parliament? There is a case for


that. The stories we have heard tonight and previous week, Dyer ``


previously, in the call for comments, and thank you for this, he


agrees with your comments. Even if you believe the invasion of Iraq was


unjustified, it should not widely held the view will be amongst


the British public if they here we go again. Another conflict.


The only debate I know of is on social media. The correct forum for


this is in Parliament. He'd you know Parliament has only been


times in 30 years? It may be that the horror of what is


is our fault, we have to look at this and right this wrong. Last year


they were recalled to discuss Syria, worth a? No, it was the London riots


`` weren't they. If there is a case for it, this must be it ignores this


is barbaric. `` this must be it because this is barbaric. The Yazidi


story. People who have fled to the Sinjar mountains to escape. The


story we concentrate on is above that, legislate now to keep children


safe online warns a charity chief. This is the managing director of the


charity Beat Bullying. He expresses the concern that we are not far away


from the internet becoming so lawless that it is too dangerous for


children to use. He uses the phrase, lawless jungle. The abuse is getting


so bad that it is leading to self harm and suicide. The figures beggar


belief. Cyber bullying affects one in three young people with one in 13


so consistently bullied that it leads to self harm of suicide. That


terrifies me. I have three teenage girls. I haven't spoken to them for


20 years because they are on the internet so much. Not quite true.


The obsession of young people with the internet and social media and


with their phones is so great now that they live their lives through


these media ad that worries me. Not only as a father but as they never


of society `` and that worries me. It is leading to terrible bullying.


The shock is worrying about sex offenders and now he will have to


worry about peer to peer pressure that children face everyday. Cyber


bullying that has driven some children to suicide. It is the


subtlety of websites playing to normal fears, am I too thin or fat


or popular enough? It is a step down from self harm to suicide. The


teenagers that have killed themselves into online bullying and


that being cited is quite clear. There is no off button and we need


to regulate it. From a legal point of view, where do you start? From


some sites I have read about thinspiration sites where young


girls with eating disorders postage of themselves getting thinner and


they are applauded and sometimes encouraged to get even thinner. I


would close them down instantly. I don't care about free speech. There


is the danger that they can be reproduced. As much as a government


intervene, `` as a government can intervene, I believe they should.


Indeed. If we start the debate now in 2014, hopefully by 2019, we will


have parameters of what is safe and what is not safe and a dark area of


the internet being regulated. It sorts of sites should be put into


that no go area. Might it be that we have sections of the internet where


you have to opt in, you are automatically opted out, I don't


know if it is possible. Look what happened, when the internet service


providers were spoken to by the government, they have now had to put


in an opt in button for pornographic material. Perhaps this material


should go into that part of the internet. Regulated, hopefully,


safe. Moving on to the Daily Mirror, agony of boxing legend, secret life


of boxing legend drove me to suicide bid. This story was featured in the


Sunday Mirror how Frank Maloney, known as a boxing promoter who took


Leonard Lewis to the World Championships has been struggling


all of his life it would appear, having been married twice with


children, he feels he was in the wrong body and has now chosen to


live as a woman. Her name is Kelly. They want to undergo gender


reassignment surgery. The courage of the paper talked about in speaking


up, having worked in that incredibly macho world. It is hard to think of


a more macho environment he could have come from in boxing and a more


difficult world he would have been in to come out and wanting to go


through this procedure. I salute him. I think courageous doesn't sum


it up. He said he wants to set an example for people and destigmatise


it and show that it shouldn't be an issue. What do you think? I have


been uncomfortable reporting this issue, even discussing it. First of


all, the headline, they are still calling her frank. It is still that


element of ridicule `` Frank. She is Kelly, that is how she has chosen to


be identified. She has had to sell this story in order to pay for the


transition and any operation that she wants to feel complete and


whole. It is Debra Gate in an humiliating `` degradation. The


story being sold feels the issue that it is different it is wrong. It


feels transphobic and hatred. I feel uncomfortable. Does it really? The


way the article was written was supportive of Kelly's choice and the


bravery to speak out. I hope they started by calling her Kelly. They


still allude back to the old life and the fact that Kelly has sold her


story to pay for this is humiliation. She shouldn't have to.


Kelly, I wish you all the best. A lot of support on social media. A


take on board what you are saying, however, is more famous people, and


statistically there must be people going through these crises, which


obviously was for him, come out and say I have gone through this...


Sorry, I have come out the other side and hopefully everything will


be OK, I think that does destigmatise it. She says she will


retreat from the spotlight once she has done this and leave the life of


anonymity. `` lead a life. I hope that the media respect her and her


views. The Daily Telegraph warns that this one can damage your


health. Wine bottles should show health risks and the number of


calories it contains. Were not allowed any fun any more, are we? ``


We're. I think that prohibition springs to mind and the ideas that


fun is illegal. I take on board the fact that alcohol is damaging to


society. It costs ?21 billion to the economy, the damage that alcohol


reeks. People are grown up and they know the damage that alcohol causes


and they can make their own choices about it `` wreaks. Would it stop


you drinking? The calories would. We already know how many units are in


there. Calories. We need to say to the young man down at the pub, it is


going to make you impotent. To the mum looking at her figure, it is


going to put something on your rear. We need to attack each element of


society. I don't know how to appeal to your age group? We are past


helping, I am afraid. The idea of temperance and is a brighter you


will see very much as being not socially active if you don't drink.


`` Sobirety. `` Sobriety. In January, everybody went dry, lost


weight. They got used to the idea that alcohol isn't that integral to


society and that we can do without it. I agree that we should drink


less but I think people should make decisions about it, they shouldn't


be told by the nanny state. The whole messy Reagan thing a dense


drugs doesn't work. If the government tells a young person not


to do something, they are more likely to do it. `` thing about,


drugs don't work. That is it for the Papers. Coming up next on BBC News,


it is time for the Film Review.


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