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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Cup. They beat Ireland in Paris and we will have a round`up of the


Knights football. That is all in the sport in 15 minutes after the


papers. `` tonight 's football. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow morning. Welcome. First,


before we talk about what is in the papers, let's have a look through


the front pages. The financial Times says the slow rise in wages means


the city is not expecting interest rates to rise until 2015 at the


earliest. The Governor of the Bank of England added any rides will be


gradual and limited. The Daily Telegraph says, Briton 's STS is on


the ground in Iraq already. They are trying to find a way to rescue the


refugees trapped by jihadists. How to reclaim an unpaid pension? Up to


5 million people are missing out on payments. The Metro has the tale of


a fly be pilot who manages to land his 47 passengers despite his


prosthetic arm falling off. A photo of a man on the front of the


Guardian who spent the last five years trying to defuse bombs in


Gaza. Yesterday, as it says, his luck ran out. That dominates the


front of the Guardian. Meanwhile, a level results of the concern of the


Daily Mail. A shop because pupils can no longer resit exams


back`to`back and lower than hoped`for grades will be expected


tomorrow morning. Also a photo of A University lecturer who is attacked


by burglars in his own home. Let's begin with what is happening in


Iraq. This is coming to Baroness Nicholson. She is now in the House


of Lords. She is the Prime Minister 's trade representative in Iraq. She


says they have been working on the ground `` the SAS has been working


on the ground already. They have been operating separately and been


in places we do not know about I suppose, from that point of view, it


is not a surprise and it is necessary if we are going to have


humanitarian missions. We need to ensure that the helicopters are


landing in a secure place and that there is some intelligence there,


which is what these people are there to do. The bigger question is,


whether it leads to deeper involvement and more troops being


involved in some other shape or form. That is the thing that will be


concerning all sorts of people in parliament and elsewhere. Six weeks


ago, ISIS took over most soul. There were thoughts about having to stop


the spread of ISIS. Everyone's attention is you do not want them to


advance further north. This piece of information is very interesting. It


predates the humanitarian crisis being on everyone's radar. It is


quite telling. The CIA is providing arms to the Kurds. It is hard to


believe this is only going to be contained on the mountain. The Prime


Minister is stressing it is a humanitarian operation. No need to


recall Parliament and no worries about British troops being drawn in.


At what point does a humanitarian operation deal with protecting those


people? At what point does become a military operation? Presumably you


might be caught in crossfire if you are trying to lift the refugees out.


You are talking about varying weapons. That is not to do with the


humanitarian mission at all. It is about trying to stop ISIS and


pushing them back and so on. The fact we are not supplying them


ourselves. They are looking at Eastern European weapons, Soviet


ones. If we're worried about creating a reaction, people who are


on the receiving end of this... We are involved if we do that kind of


work. Unlike Syria, where you have an opposition made up of good guys


and bad guys, here you have a much simpler story, in a sense. We


support the Kurds and have done for 20 or more years. We are opposed to


Islamic state. Therefore at least the intervention will be much


simpler. I think it is going to be argued it is much simpler but it


cannot be argued that simply. It is ironic, people are talking about the


intervention will be much simpler. I think it is going to be argued it is


much simpler but it cannot be argued that simply. It is ironic, people


are talking about. We cannot distinguish between the two said


bluntly. There was already a military presence in Iraq. This idea


we have to finish the job that was not finished. Especially in the US,


there was pushed back will stop the job was not finished in 2003. Iraq


was never really secured. There was always a security vacuum and it is


being filled with militants. The SAS are involved and the Americans are


involved. I think it is about saying we have to see what happens in Iraq.


Going back to the point you made. If there is some involvement in


supplying weapons and so one, it is not just a question of drawing a


line in saying this far, no further for the Islamic state. We cannot


just abandon mows all. It cannot be very simple. I am glad you make that


point. Let's have a look at the Guardian. The picture on the front


is poignant to say the least. This man, as the headline says, spent


five years defusing bombs in Gaza. His luck ran out. The broader point


is the news tonight that a cease`fire has been agreed for five


days. What is going on? Is there real progress being made in the


talks or is this simply a kind of extended cease`fire that basically


will leave the two sides in the position they were in before the


outbreak of violence a month ago? The involvement of the Egyptians,


the Americans to some extent, Saudis and other Arabs and meetings you


have had with different ministers indicates that nobody wants this to


be another few days cease`fire and then going back to the old ways,


especially as the damage from Gaza is so expensive. You cannot just


have another in 2012, 2014 and then we will have this again in 2016. At


the same time, because the talks the Americans were hoping to push


failed, we were at the no political process. Now there is impetus to try


to go forward. In the Guardian, it is a poignant story. Nobody knew


what tomorrow's headline would be. Very wise editorial choice from the


Guardian. What is important to remember is that these are people 's


lives which are being devastated and we cannot continue to let it


happen. There is some substance to the talks, especially with the


Egyptians being involved. There will be a five`day cease`fire. That


itself has to be positive, hasn't it? People will have time to try to


reach concrete deal. This picture is very striking. Not least that a poor


man has died. In the background, or the munitions he has been defusing.


It gives a small indication to the scale of the problem. Let's move on


to the financial Times which is looking at the Bank of England 's


inflation report. It says all the bets on the market and at the rate


rise will happen will move back to next year. That is perilously close


to a general election. Presumably the combination of that and the news


of wages is not going to be particularly welcome in the Treasury


number ten. Yes and no. In general, this is pretty good news for the


Treasury. The growth forecast is slightly up. Everything looks pretty


good. I suppose and a rate rise delayed. There was going to be


potentially a rate rise later this year. The wages one is significant.


If it is .2% if you include bonuses and if you do not include bonuses it


is a small rise of 0.6%. It talks about constricted living standards


and so on. The whole issue is interesting politically. The issue


of labour saying even if the numbers are looking better day`to`day life


is not better. The idea of a wage fall or decrease, that is what you


are feeling in your pockets. That plays out politically. In the


financial Times, they are saying there is a wide range of views at


the monetary policy committee. I think that will be used. They cannot


agree and they cannot make up their minds. I saw commentary in a day, if


you think central bankers know what is going on, think again. Perhaps


they need a holiday. There is a lovely story down the bottom for why


you might want to work for Daimler, the German car company. Explain it,


please. This is a good news story for everyone complain there are no


good news stories. `` complaining there are no good news stories. It


is about saying all holiday e`mail will get deleted. If you send any


man to someone who is on holiday you will get any well back saying, I am


on holiday, your message will be deleted so please resend when I am


back. It is amazing to think that those of us who are disciplined and


not checking their e`mails will go back to a flood of e`mails. Do you


check yours when you are on holiday? Quite often. I do as well.


I hope somebody upstairs is listening. Now living on to what


perhaps is our favourite story of the night. Also on the Daily


Telegraph. Murder suspect asked his iPhone, where shall I bury the body?


This is a terrible story. He telephoned and asked the device on


the iPhone way he should bury the body and it responded by asking what


kind of place he was looking for, a swamp, a metal foundry, dump? The


evidence has been produced in the trial to show that this question was


asked. Having technology does not necessarily mean we have become any


clever at using it! And not at all, although investigators have used it


in quite a smart way! We have had photos of people posting pictures of


themselves breaking into houses, on social media. It is good if we can


use it to catch people out, but there is always a trail left behind


of the way we use our devices. A good sanitary reminder. And as you


mention, burglars taking a selfie of themselves and things like that!


Fortunately, some criminals are quite stupid! There are clever ones,


yet some are quite stupid and I think this one is high on the list.


Thank you very much for the look at the first editions of the


newspapers. We will have more in one hour. Martin and Mina will be back


at 11th and EBM with the stories making the news tomorrow. Stay with


us. At 11pm, more on the Gaza conflict as both sides agree to


extend the cease`fire for another five days. Coming up, time for


Sports day. I'm John Acres, it's been a night


to remember for British athletics. Mo Farah is back, he storms home


to win gold in the 10,000 metres at the European


Championships, with Andy Vernon


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