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first interview after a bribery trial. That is all in 15 minutes.


Welcome to the Papers. With me are Rosamund Urwin of the London Evening


Standard, and Alice Arnold, broadcaster. Tomorrow's front pages.


'ISIS? What crisis?' the Mirror asks as it shows the Prime Minister


surfing while on his holiday in Cornwall. The Independent also leads


on the battle against Islamic State, and suggests that the West is about


to join forces with President Assad of Syria.


The Mail leads on what it calls a 'victory over the parking cowboys'.


It says the Health Secretary will tomorrow announce free or cut`price


hospital parking for those who are seriously ill.


The Telegraph says Theresa May will announce a three`point plan to


counter British Muslim extremists. Measures will include new


anti`social behaviour orders to restrict radicalists' behaviour and


language. The search for 'Jihadi John' is the


lead on the Times. The paper says police are preparing to raid the


homes of several Britons in an attempt to find out who killed US


journalist James Foley. The FT gives prominence on its front page to what


it says is a new low in relations between Moscow and Kiev after a


Russian convoy crossed into Eastern Ukraine without permission. The


Herald claims tensions are rising ahead of Monday's TV debate on


Independence. It says the Yes and No campaigns are locked in a fierce


battle over exactly how long Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling will be


given to cross examine each other. Let's begin. We will start with the


Daily Mirror. The headline is ISIS, what crisis? It is fairly


unflattering to David Cameron. You would not want to keep doing that


year after year. He is interrupted his holiday. He has returned to


Cornwall now. You do wonder whether the Prime Minister really gets a


holiday. It is a good thing that he gave to do something different. Do


you agree? I do. Carl Turner be Labour MP, it says what a disgrace.


`` the. They are scraping the barrel to find someone to say that because


a lot of people are on holidays. It was probably the one hour a day that


David Cameron had free and he probably spent the rest of the day


of the phone at the computer and dealing with the big issues. I am


sure it is not a peaceful holiday. The Daily Mirror go all out. There


is obviously someone down their working overtime because it is in


other papers. Independent arts other issues to talk about with the West


joining forces with Assad. It is different depending on who you talk


to. There has been this expression about your enemy's enemy being your


friend. Or not. Opinion seem to differ. Whether there seems to be


collaboration in terms of exchange of information, in order to try to


destroy ISIS, but this one question. Joining forces with Assad is pushing


the point. It says that US has already covertly assisted the Assad


government by providing information about the whereabouts of Jihadi


leaders. I don't know if we will get a shocking U`turn. As often as Assad


is, it is quite sensible to give that information. `` awful. I think


that is sensible and it helps what we are trained to achieve. ``


trying. I don't think that means we are trying to help Assad. That is an


overstatement. Philip Hammond city is not going to create poisonous


alliance. I don't see that it is going to happen. We moved to the


Daily Telegraph. They lead on government statements about to be


made. They lead with the Home Secretary. She is launching a new


raft of laws that aim to tackle radicalisation in the UK. We are


seeing the return of antisocial behaviour laws. A British Muslim is


suspected of doing that in Syria. The attention comes back to


the country and what we are going to do a radicalisation. Theresa May


talks about bringing back anti` radicalisation laws. It makes people


think about noisy neighbours and ineffective legislation that never


did any good. They are going to struggle. They are talking about


restricting extremist behaviour and language. That is difficult to


police. It is going to be difficult to join extremist groups that


creature violent views but are not directly involved in terrorism. ``


preach. What is a pilot for you? `` violent view. You have to make sure


that you are doing this for all groups. This is going to be


difficult. Otherwise it is going to be seen as an attack on the Muslim


population. It is a three pronged approach. The Conservatives are


trying to keep their papers on side. Jeremy Hunt is talking to the Mail


about something else. The perception that a lot of people quite rightly


have is that when we look at the numbers, more people have gone from


Britain than other countries in Europe. There has to be a reason.


That is because we have failed to address the problem earlier. I'm


sure there are other reasons, but that is the perception. They have


got to be seen to be tough. It looks like we have failed when other


countries have done far better. Some of the quotes that are being


attributed to Theresa May in this piece says we must do all we need


and we must give ourselves all the legal powers. The language is


tougher than what we might have hurt. `` heard. We have to look at


the fact that this is a group of disaffected youth. They are


desperate for a cause. They are vulnerable. We talk about young


people being groomed for extremism. We have to look at more than new


laws. We have to find out by that group is so easy to prion. `` why


that group is so easy to prey on. People are scared that the stoop is


good to come back from Syria. `` this group. She has got to sound


tough. The other side is why is this happening? Why it did these people


not feel like they are part of society? We will get the detail on


that in coming days. To the Daily Mail. It is the health secretary


that is being even `` given a plug. This is about the


parking cowboys who give huge fines at hospital car parks. This is a


long`standing issue. Should people who are long`term and hospital have


to pay huge amounts? The fines are on sat and unjust. They seem to have


won. They are going to have some kind of free parking. I don't know


if they will make the fines smaller. They did go into the


details. `` don't. I'm not sure how it will work, but everyone has


agreed that it seems that people have found it unfair that they


should be punished financially because they are ill. This is a


campaign that the Mail have been claiming for themselves. It is


always good to have a victory. They want something they can win. It is


good. It was unfair and it has been addressed. To the Scotsman. This has


been on social media. This is the ice bucket challenge. They are


working overtime on the headlines for this. Wetter together. Alistair


Darling has done it. Alex Salmond will have to do now. James McAvoy


volunteered both of them. This has had a lot of attention. President


Obama said he won't do it. It makes a lot of sense. If he does that, we


not had to do other things for other charities. I wonder if another


charity will come up with something else and it will all snowball. It's


as it raises money, but it doesn't say is you how what races. You


challenge someone and if they don't do it, they have to give ?100 to


charity. Most people will do both. It doesn't look great if you say you


don't want to give ?100, here, through water at me. `` throw. That


doesn't reflect very well. To a happy story on page three. It is


about dogs. This story is about dog looking like their owners. `` dogs.


There was a quiz about which dog looked like its owners. Rosamund did


well. I did very poorly. I have a dog, but I don't think he looks like


me. He is small and has a lock of hair. `` lot. He is cute. Two out of


three. I have an ex` racing greyhound. I wish I was as thin as


my dog. The headline is disproved by the reality. David Beckham has the


ugly one? He has the one in the bottom left that is not quite as


pretty. It is one with a funny nose. I would not say that it looks


like him. Apparently we like things that are familiar. We see ourselves


the Mirror and we want a dog that looks like ourselves. At least we


discussed about in detail. Stay with us, because at midnight we have the


latest on the crisis in Iraq. Rejected calls to work with Assad.


Coming up next, it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Lizzie


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