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and are calling for their executive to resign. And Britain's new world


record`breaking swimming star will be up later in sports day in 15


minutes. Welcome to look ahead at what the


papers will be us tomorrow. Let's have a look at the front


pages. We are going to start a night with the daily Mirror. As you can


see, there is a picture of the Prime Minister on holiday with the words


Isis, what crisis? And on to the Independent, and we have a picture


of President Assad, the Syrian president, and the headline says


that the West are poised to join forces with President a sad. And the


Daily Mail reading on what it calls a victory over the Cowboys. It says


the Health Secretary will tomorrow announce free or cut`price hospital


parking for those who are seriously ill. The Telegraph says that


May will be announcing a 3`point plan to counter British Muslim


extremists. Measures will include new anti`social behaviour orders to


restrict radical behaviour and language. And, the search for the


Jihad is John is the lead on the times, saying that counterterrorism


police are preparing to raid several British homes to find out who killed


James Foley. Those are the looked at the front pages, and not


surprisingly Isis is continuing to dominate. We can start with the


daily Mirror, it is a good headline, although some might argue that it is


unfair to the Prime Minister. Having a bit of fun at the Prime Minister


's expense, but there is a legitimate point that he has gone on


holiday with this crisis on. He is allowed a holiday for me. I feel


sorry for him, there are pictures of him in a wet suit on three of the


front pages, and he is having a private time with his family, and


they are trying to make him not look great in a wet suit, which he


probably does not. The question on whether he should be on holiday not,


well frankly he would have had to come back endlessly for various


things, and this situation is there. He has gone away again, but it is a


difficult time, and this summer has been a nightmare time news wise. And


also politically for him it has been very difficult in terms of foreign


policy. The headline writers working on this, Brian mess, and all at sea.


I think there. But Alex is right, these are what the pictures like,


they like to make the politicians look silly. The headlines are very


good. I think probably, this is David Cameron's third holiday of the


year, it is his 15th since 2010. I think the problem is is that for


many people it seems like a few too many. But I agree that he is


entitled to take a break and he has already interrupted this holiday to


come back. I think we need somebody to have that sense that we do not


constantly need to have people working like that. If you look at


pictures of any American president, but also the British Prime Minister


is, how much do they age during the time they take office? Actually some


sort of fresh air, it probably gives him a bit of perspective. Maybe it


is one holiday too many. And President Obama was pictured playing


golf after the press conference with James Foley's parents. The Daily


Mail has said it was a disgrace. There are people clearly upset by


this. I think that is a bit excessive to call it a disgrace. The


problem as well, if you think that you are Prime Minister, and if you


are anybody that has political ambitions, you think that you will


never go on the beach if you get in that job, you will just avoid it.


Same story, but a different pitch and outlook, we can go to the


Independent with the headline that the West is poised to join forces


with the South. We have been speaking to several commentators and


they are saying no, but it looks like this is increasingly being


considered as a possibility now. The Independent has gone very hard on


this. We have had Philip Hammond they very much this was not going to


happen and he called the possibility of it poisonous, and obviously has


also said that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. The Independent


has gone much harder than other newspapers. Everybody else has


repeated the quotes. But one of the things they have pointed out,


sources have claimed that the US is already covertly assisting the


President Assad government by passing an intelligent about the


exact location of the leaders. But obviously that is not the same thing


as them being in an alliance. Joining forces is a very loose term


I think. I think they have used it in its loosest term. People have


been talking about perhaps if the West were going to launch some kind


of rocket attack or whatever on Isis, they would perhaps warn


President Assad said it were not in the same place at the same time.


That is a long way from joining forces. They have also called it a


shocking U`turn, I do not personally think if that is the case that that


was due to the shocking U`turn. Think it is a stretch and it makes


the headline. This is an article from the Home Secretary, Theresa


May. ASBOs coming back into this but this will be a different form. You


see that, the word, it arouses scepticism from everybody saying for


goodness sake, we're not back with these, because they do not work and


do not have any effect. We think they are to do with noisy


neighbours, but we are talking here about terrorists that slit people 's


throats. It is a very different thing, and it is an incredibly


difficult problem. This is... As Theresa May has said, we are in the


middle of a generational struggle against a deadly extremist ideology.


But what you cannot do is say that we are just targeting one group of


extremists. This has to encompass all extremism from all religions of


all political persuasions. Where do you draw the line? It is incredibly


difficult to police. We all know what the ultimate aim needs to be,


it is just really hard to work legislation that can cover that. And


no surprise going to the Telegraph with this for the Home Secretary of


course. But these ASBOs, the anti`social behaviour orders,


looking to restrict extremist behaviour and language. As with an


ASBO, it could result in a criminal conviction carrying a jail term. I


suppose once again, it is always going to have to be the burden of


proof with those things. Absolutely. And one of the other things they are


doing is making it illegal to join these extremist groups that preach


violence views but are not involved in terrorism. Some people were


asking why has that not happened already? And as well, other people


will go the other way and say actually, what is going to happen is


quite right, we are going to have to get the burden of proof, and it is


going to be very high. And that will be very tricky. Plenty more in the


Telegraph on the inside pages with that Terry is a article. Onto a


different story, but one that has been the second highest Tory for


most news bulletins for a long time. We have to turn to the Daily Express


to get there. The comment is that Hamas will pay heavy price for the


death of this boy. There is no doubt that Israel is saying that it has


not finished yet with its so`called operation protective edge. We have


to get to the last sentence of this story to work out that about 500


Palestinian children have been killed in this conflict in Gaza.


This is obviously horrific that the four`year`old boy has died, but the


death toll is an always on the other side too. Obviously much bigger on


the other side. The other thing in this story is about Hamas shooting


people that they are claiming our informants for Israel, and that is


obviously a horrific thing that took place. It is interesting with Hamas


and Isis, they have an incredible fear of spies, and a lot of internal


unrest. Also another story here about the Conservative friends of


Israel asking David Cameron not to support the commission of enquiry


that is investigating breaches of international humanitarian law. This


has already called for those to be put on trial for the humanitarian


court. They say that this is not going to be neutral or not biased in


his judgement, and they are asking that he does not support his


improvement. And you see that that they are overrun over the coming


days with other newspapers. It is quite an interesting aside. Yes, it


is still a mess. A lot more to do with both Hamas, Israel and also the


Isis situation in most of the papers. A very different story in


the Daily Mail. Yes there is the Prime Minister again, but the main


story there is victory over the parking cowboys. It interesting that


the Daily Mail and the Daily Express are claiming that this is their


victory. There is a serious point behind this, if you are going to


visit summary that is seriously ill, you can end up paying a lot in


parking at hospitals and they have been campaigning to stop that. This


has been a long`term Daily Mail campaign, not so sure how long the


express has been doing it but the Daily Mail have been pushing it. If


you have a long`term condition, the number of tests that you might be


going into hospital for and then paying through the nose for is very


unfair. One of the things that is very marked this August is that we


have had all of these domestic stories, normally August is quite a


dead time, but all of these domestic stories have been kept off the front


pages, and now obviously they have chosen this story. But in general we


have had an awful lot of very important foreign stories. But there


has not been that very quiet period. It has taken a back`seat. More


precisely this is about the people that impose the fines, saying the


criticism is far too large and sometimes small parking


infringements get heavily penalised. They are also talking about paying


for parking when you leave, you only pay for the amount of time you be


there. The last time I was in hospital, I made really good friends


with somebody else because we were feeding the meter at the same time


every hour because we had no idea how long we were going to be. We


were pretty close seven hours later feeding the pound coins into the


thing. It is not fair and especially when people are often incredibly


stressed that those times, the last thing you need is to come out and


see that you have got a ticket on your car or whatever. They need to


sort it out, they are sorting it out. They will obviously have to


come up with some kind of permit think that the people that are


visiting long`term ill patients that have regular visitors because how


would you know who is visiting who? There are publications in working it


out but at least they are addressing it because it has been a real


problem. So we have that in the Telegraph, here we are talking about


Jeremy Hunt here pre`empting something in the Daily Mail. The


thing about newspaper campaigns, they reason, they love when they get


a victory, it is important to show your front pages have achieved


something, the Daily Mail must feel happy. It an important thing. We


have time for the last one, the Daily Telegraph. Looking at the


bottom right of the front page, give children smaller plates. A call from


the head of Public Health England. In the battle against the BCT, it is


suggested we could shrink plate sized `` against the problem of


overweight people. It works with dogs. You can get these things for


dogs, food is difficult to get. It takes them longer to eat it, they do


not guzzle it, we could do that for children. Putting the food in


puzzles. It sounds like a zoo. It is the same principle. Eat less and be


more mobile, that is news. Some more headlines coming in and about one


hour, but that is it for this hour. Thank you. Stay with us, at 11


o'clock we will have the latest on the crisis in Iraq as the Foreign


Secretary rejects calls to work with President Assad to tackle Islamic


statement and is. Coming up next, time for Sportsday. `` Islamic State




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