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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello. This is BBC News. We'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings


papers in a moment. First the headlines: The search for the


identity of the man who beheaded journalist James Foley is on as


British intelligence agencies try to track him down. It's believed that


three UK men are amongst those holding foreigners in Syria. ?80


millions for his release ` that's the ransom Islamic State militants


demanded for James Foley's freedom. The US says they post a long`term


threat. We should expect ice is to regroup and stage more offences. The


US military involvement is not over. Tests are being carried out on the


body of a man in Ireland who died after developing Ebola like


symptoms. He recently returned from a visit to Africa. In America, a


doctor and an aid worker who contracted Ebola in Liberia have


recovered after being treated with an experimental drug. Here, GCSE


results show an overall rise in pupils getting the top grades `


Maths in particular sees a marked upturn. But English results dip `


after changes to the exam system. We will have the latest on allegations


surrounding mall can make a and Ian Moody. England have qualified for


the women's World Cup final in Canada after beating Wales 4`0. The


IPC athletics and aquatics championships. That is all on


Sportsday. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the


broadcaster Jennie Bond and the political journalist Rob Merrick.


Thank you both for coming in this evening. Let's have a quick look at


some of the front pages. Like it's English counterpart the Scottish


Daily Mail leads with comments by fellow hostage ` Didier Francois `


who was released earlier this year. He says he "roughly" recognises the


man behind the beheading as someone they would call "John". The Daily


Telegraph says the net is closing in on the Jihadist who killed Foley, `


with the SAS on standby. The Times says twice as many British Muslims


have joined the fight in Syria compared to joining the British


different lead ` the Bank of different lead ` the Bank of


America's record settlement of $17 billion ` dominates their front


pages. It's as a result of the misselling of toxic mortgages that


led to the banking crisis of 2008Back on the murder of James


Foley in the Guardian ` that leads with a call from MPs to toughen


domestic laws on extremism. The Scotsman has a rallying call from


Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond at the last Holyrood session before


the referendum. And finally, the Sun leads with an image of former


footballer Paul Gascoigne and his ongoing problems with alcohol. Let's


begin. We will start this hour with the Daily Mail and the headline,


sadistic reign of jihadi. James Foley, we have been featuring the


story. This story dominating so many papers. They are all taking a


slightly different angles on it. This is the most interesting, to my


mind. It is the most actual or stop they have talked to former captives


held alongside Mr Foley and the image one gets of this chap called


John, I should not call him a chap, this monster. We are learning he


beat up James Foley and the others. Mr Foley was forced to stand in a


crucifix pose against the wall. This jihadi John probably spoke to Mr


Foley's parents via Skype which really is chilling. The more you


learn about the time in captivity, the worst it seems to be. This is


definitely the best. We can agree on that. Hostages are reluctant to go


on the record but clearly, the Daily Mail have spoken to former hostages


and it has given it its power. We know James Foley received


distressing e`mails not long before the act. It is interesting, they are


concentrating less on who we use, the ID which has been fascinating


much of the media. And it is not just him. There are other Brits


there. It is believed that the narrator, was not actually the


killer. I have not seen the video but... It is not clear the narrator,


as he is called, it is the killer. The Times have a different angle.


Hundreds more UK Muslims choose jihad over the UK army. If that is


accurate, then it is devastating. We just thought it was confusing,


bizarre, perplexing. Why on earth they want to have this headline is


not clear. Is it the shock value? It is sinister. What are they trying to


say about Muslims who do not join the Army? I have not join the army.


We would not quite clear what they were trying to say. The figures are


quite tiny as well. 220 Muslim joined the army and twice as many


have travelled to Syria and Iraq. Its value is lessened by the facts.


We were talking about an hour ago about the different angles. The


shock of this story seems to dominate. The hunt is on. You can


see that the newspapers will continue on this hunt for John, just


like the security services. That is the number one aim. That will happen


at some time. With Facebook and social media, surely his name will


come out. Somebody in Britain will know who we are is. Downing Street


is not just about jihadi John. There are 500 Britons out there. For them


it is the bulk of the people out there rather than just one


individual. Let's go on to domestic use. Staying with The Times, fears


overvalued medics trained for two years. The first paragraph: patients


will be treated by less qualified dog is. The government plans to


relieve pressure on the NHS. `` doctors. The papers are full of


scare stories. If I was confronted by someone clearly less qualified, I


would feel like a second`class it is an stop however, there is a lot of


Administration work that could be done. Admitting and discharging, the


ordering of tests. That could regard by someone with limited experience.


And deciding on treatment? It seems to go a bit too far there. I wonder


if I should draw the parallel with police. We get different systems.


Teaching for example. Most people would agree they are very valuable.


50 years it has been going on in the States. It does not seem to have


been any great crisis. Later on in the story, the treaty should medical


Association is cautious about the change. They say it could be useful


if done properly. It sounds to me they could at least see the merit of


the story. Don't tell me cost will come into it, surely not! Today has


been G CSC discovery Day. What is different this year is the fact


there is a new secretary, a new minister in charge of education. ``


G CSC. The results are a direct result of what Michael Gove


implemented when he was there. His legacy, boys are falling behind


girls. Basically, because the method of examining people has changed, it


has become more rigourous, the greater fall, particularly in


English. Some people would dispute that. There has been less course


work and left attributed to it. `` less. That loading towards the end


of an exam does suit some are not others. Supporters would say that


life is a bit like that. There was always going to be this debate.


Intelligence, achievement, through assessment all by some hot housing


where we know some people will not perform. The debate will go on. For


the children who got worst results today, it is devastating. I know


some head teachers were saying they were shocked by them. They have an


example who got ten and then suddenly they go down to a D or an E


in English. Some things seem to have gone wrong. Can we not just


concentrate on educating our children instead of examining them


from three years old. It has two stop! Plans afoot. On to the


Scotsman. We will not go with the go out and win message for Alex


Salmond. Instead it is Ebola alert in Ireland after a man dies.


Obviously, a great deal of concern it might have reached the shores of


Ireland. This is a real scare story. This is frightening. Cannot imagine


why this is not all over the papers. It says the chances are fairly


remote. Extremely low, it says. Of it being passed on. A person would


have to have very close contact. Clearly, this guy came back on a


plane and that is pretty close contact. It is terrifying. I was


surprised not to see it in more papers. Scotland is closer to


Ireland and maybe that brings it closer to home. The transmission is


extremely low. But getting in contact with the people that were


close to this person is clearly important. It is all about the panic


stopping it coming back here. Tracing people who have been in


contact could stop the spread. I fear that these last two stories


will bring out the bad in Jenny. You are not quite sure of this is true?


I could not believe that food bills tumble. Absolutely not, as far as I


am concerned. Everybody is complaining. Apparently it is backed


up. Because of this vicious price war. Morrison says it will half its


underlying profit. Well, I do not shop at expensive supermarket at all


but my bills are extra, `` astronomical. Supermarket was a big


business. They do not do my own shopping, that idea is outrageous. I


look forward to receiving the letter. There is evidence that.


Supermarkets having to react and bring down prices. Most would see it


as a good news story. Presumably if his on the front of the FT because


it is a bad news story for some. A story I no we are role keen to get


to. Page three of the mail. By a powerful vacuum cleaner now. This


combines everything from household chores to having a go at Europe. Who


does the hoovering in the bond house? Roger. Isn't that the


cleaner? He is a robot. He is a new acquisition. A cheap one. He is


absolutely excellent. This is another true scare story. Honestly,


if you cannot have your 1600 watt vacuum because Europe says no. Why


isn't saying no? It is a climate controlled thing. That really, I


think we should be allowed to buy whatever Hoover we want. It is a


delicious image of everybody fighting for the last few powerful


Hoover 's. This is like the lightbulbs. So we cannot see. I


suppose we cannot see the dust any more so it is good. He with the main


Hoover must in your household? We will leave that one aside for the


moment. He has vetoed the last two stories! The power of the Hoover


does not reflect how well it picks up the dad. It is all about the


transmission. Obviously, they are arguing that.


They say the labels could be misleading because they didn't take


into account the cost of consumables, like vacuum bags.


That's a good point. He is a very clever man. That joke from the


Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he got rid of his Hoover because it was


collecting dust. Yes, there were a lot of good 1`liners. You can't


claim credibility for that. That's it for The Papers this hour. Thank


you to my guests. Stay with us here on BBC News. At midnight, we'll have


the very latest on the attempts to identify the jihadist, who was


filmed beheading the American journalist James Foley. Now it's


time for Sportsday. Hello. I'm John Acres, welcome to


Sportsday. Heading to the Women's World Cup. England book their place


in the finals by thrashing Wales. Malky Mackay apologises for sending


two messages of a "very regrettable" nature, following allegations he


exchanged discriminatory texts with a former


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