21/08/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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women's World Cup finals in Canada after beating Wales 4`0. And more


gold medals for England in the athletic Championships and aquatic


Championships. That is after the papers.


Welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow, I am joined by Jennie Bond and the journalist Rob Merrick.


Let's look at the front pages. The Metro leads with the comments of


a fellow hostage, Didier Francois, He says he "roughly" recognises


the man behind the beheading. And the Daily Express saying as


many as a thousand British Jihadis who fought in Iraq and Syria could


be back on the streets of the UK. The Daily Telegraph says


the net is closing in on the Jihadist who killed Foley,


with the SAS on standby. And the Guardian leads with


a call from MPs to toughen domestic The Daily Mail has the same comments


from the fellow hostage, Didier Francois about the identity of the


man doing the beheading. The Independent newspaper


has an image of the Yazidis who have apparently converted to Islam, it is


a video released by Islamic State The Daily Mirror leads with


a different story, saying the footballer Paul Gascoigne is in


trouble because of his alcohol It is of no surprise that all of the


papers apart from the last one are dominated by the news that has been


going on this week. The Daily Express, the headline "Jihadist


killer on our streets. " The first paragraph, as many as 1000 British


jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq are believed to


threat in Britain from the jihadists returning but sometimes I think that


these headlines, they think of a number and they double it. I don't


know where they get the number of 1000 from. The Downing Street says


that it's best estimate is that 400`500 have gone to Iraq and


Syria, a much lower number. You think that most people who have gone


out there to fight will stay there to fight, which is what they have


gone to do. There is a threat at home. It strikes me, the Daily


Express is talking about ministers being urged to introduce tougher


border checks to stop the fanatics coming home, ironic in the week


where we have read more about the disaster, the Borders Project, an


attempt to toughen the border checks, which failed to do the job


and was three costly. `` very costly. This is going to dominate


the papers now. Of course, with every reason, but we have to be


careful not to have what may be called scare stories. This is a


frightening headline, Jihadist killer on our streets, is it backed


up? Are they feared to be back? It is frightening to think, to know


that this chap, "John", might have grown up in London, but we have to


be aware of scaring ourselves and the population. The Daily Express


has taken a UK perspective. Indeed, same story, a different angle,


hunting for this character, John, the headline in the Metro newspaper.


All of the papers will be trying to do their own investigations. Yes, a


number of people in the security services say that the net will close


quickly on John, with social media the way it is, they can track him


down. I think this is quite frightening, the freed hostage,


Didier Francois, who was locked up for seven months with James Foley,


and one would assume clearly knows who is holding the other hostages


and who killed him, he can only say, in a measured way, when asked if he


knows John, he would say that knows John, he would say


"recognised is a big word. " He is terrified, if he talks, then the


guys who are being held, may get it. He was warned of that. An


intriguing insight into the mind of the hostages who have been freed,


their motive is to try and save the lives of the people who are still


out there. It isn't clear, I suppose the quote suggests that he doesn't


really have any idea who the person is, he may think that the person was


there at the time, that's a long way from identifying him meaningfully.


The person may be identified soon. It is indicative of the Catch`22 we


are in, this man feels he cannot talk even though he we have two


consider whether Ransomes should be paid, a huge ransom was asked. Some


countries pay them, we and America don't, should we? Are the terrorists


getting more pop the city and spreading more terror by doing what


they are doing, instead of us quietly paying the ransom? ``


getting more publicity. If you pay it, you will get more Stooges.


Talking to the security analyst, he said that this is big business. The


same story in the Daily Telegraph, the headline, the SAS put on


stand`by. That was in one or two other newspapers, some alleging that


they had already gone in. This continues, saying that the net is


closing on John. It struck me yesterday, talking to people,


government sources, there is a different focus. The media are


focused on who he is and how they will catch him. That is part of the


government focus but are more concerned about the large number of


Britons who have gone out there, and jihadi John is not the first Briton


to go to Syria and Iraq and behead someone. Several have done this, the


difference is that this person is an American. It isn't just about


identifying John, that is the media focus. One has to question the


headline. Is the net closing in? I don't know, it seems to be based on


a former MI6 chief, who said that the long arm of justice was closing


in as the SAS was put on stand`by. That is the sole fact. You are in a


sceptical mood! There are other stories but all of the papers are


dominated for a second day running. Let us look at some of the other


stories, one of them affecting thousands of youngsters and their


parents, GCSEs and the legacy of Michael Gove, the former Education


Secretary, giving the results and added interest. Definitely, there


was great interest. Michael Gove, no longer the Education Secretary, he


had to be taken outside and shot, metaphorically, because he was too


scary for the voters. His imprint is on the results, in particular the


English results, where I gather there is a 2% fall in the number of


people getting the right grades, because Michael Gove move towards a


focus on the exam rather than modular assessments, no longer


speaking and listening. Interesting about the resits, because the


government is getting tough on them because they feel it is gaming the


system. I spoke to a headteacher who was various about the change, saying


that they take pupils who lack confidence in exams, they ask them


to sit early, and then they gain confidence to go on and take the


exam next year and get the grades, which could be important. It isn't


gaming the system, it is giving them the confidence. I am confused by


this story because they seem to be suggesting that they are endorsing


Michael Gove's legacy. Kids who work incredibly hard for these GCSEs, it


means the world to them, you saw the emotions, they should be judged


purely on this, the idea that we have league tables and we talk about


the stories going `` the grades going up and down, it is imperative


that they are given the confidence to go on learning and measuring it


the way we do should be stopped. OK, a lot of people shouting and


screaming, saying it has to be done. The gap between girls and


boys, very gracious of Jenny not to point it out! It goes without


saying! Onto the Guardian, this story about the new and passed for


safety, a drug to treat the it bowler virus `` the Ebola virus,


which is wonderful news. Yes, if I was unlucky enough to contract it I


would certainly take an experimental drug. Of course. It takes a long


time to process these things, to get the permission to try them on


patients and maybe this is a salutary lesson, if there is a


chance to use them earlier, it is life`saving. They showed Kent


Brantley returning to the States, he couldn't walk, he was being carried


by people wearing those dramatic white coats. What we were hearing is


that they are far from sure that it is the experimental drug that has


caused them to get well. It may be a coincidence. They do think they have


learned things that they can pass on. We have heard that Senegal has


closed its border with Guinea over the Ebola virus epidemic fears,


three months after they reopen them. They have closed the border. Changes


going on there. Very briefly because we almost out of time, the Guardian,


save British television from US takeover says the Channel four


chief. They fear that TV is about to be changed for good, for worse.


Another scare story, about television. I say, here, here, save


us from an American takeover. David Abraham, who suggests the industry


is being brought up almost wholesale by US companies, and please don't


let us go down that road. Is it a scare story, or a realistic


possibility? He says it is realistic, he says that if you care


about creativity, speak up now. Wouldn't you be more worried about


20 years ago, when US television was terrible, you think about the Dukes


of hazard. Since then we have been bringing those programmes over. We


will have more later. My thanks to my guests. They will be back at


11:30pm for the stories making the papers. At 11pm, the latest on the


attempts to identify the Jihadist who was filmed beheading the


American journalist, James Foley. Hello I'm John Acres,


welcome to Sportsday.


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