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qualifier. We will have the action and the latest from the U.S. Open


tennis. Welcome to our look ahead to what


the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. The Financial Times


reporting on the investigation into Christine Lagarde. The Telegraph is


looking at the Council officials in Rotherham who it says failed to act


to prevent the sexual abuse of more than a thousand children. The Metro


reports on Emma, the victim who says she was forced to leave Britain to


escape her abusers. In an interview with the Guardian the deputy


children's commissioner says children are at risk of serious


abuse right across England because of a culture of wilful blindness


about the scale of sexual exploitation. The express is urging


David Cameron to get tough with foreign benefits cheats. We will


start with a story that has dominated the headlines for the last


couple of days. Chiefs who ignored child abuse must quit on the


Telegraph. It seems a to a lot of people that given the scale of what


went on in Rotherham only one person has resigned. I'm usually against


politicians saying other people should lose their jobs when people


like Ed Balls have done it in the past with Sharon shoesmith. This is


different because they are being reports for at least a dozen years.


People have took absolutely no action whatsoever about this


appalling scale of industrial abuse. They wanted to hope that it wasn't


happening or perhaps they didn't have the resources for it. It's


undoubtedly the case that these people who actually responsible for


the services at the time, somebody has be held accountable. That's the


point. I've witnessed it in the past. It is easy, so`and`so should


resign, it happened on his or her watch. That's the traditional


British way, and yet in recent times you find criticism that people


haven't resigned when perhaps they should have done. In my experience,


sometimes when people do resign because it happened on their watch,


those who actually were responsible survive. My only question tonight to


people in Rotherham would be if social workers, these social


workers, if council bosses, if the Police and Crime


workers, if council bosses, if the Commissioner and is particularly the


police seem to have been rather quiet in all of this, if they were


responsible on earth was? There's a lot of evidence that the police were


told about these cases and didn't act. They were caught or house where


a 13`year`old girl had called for their help and when they turned up


they found her drunk and hiding under the bed of an Asian man in his


30s. They arrested her for being drunk and disorderly. They paid no


attention to him. No action taken to having a 13`year`old naked girl in


his bedroom. The police prefer to think that these girls were


prostitutes or slags or responsible for their behaviour. The victims


were being blamed. The numbers that this report highlights. 1400. Is


that the tip of the iceberg as some papers suggest? Who knows what's


happening elsewhere. Regardless of whether Shaun Wright who is the


former Labour councillor responsible for social services, he's now the


Police and Crime Commissioner. He is making it clear that he doesn't want


to resign. You wonder who is advising him on that. How can anyone


have any confidence in him rightly or wrongly given the report that's


taken place? That's right. This is one of the flaws. Tories set it up


with the idea that they would be invulnerable to local pressure. If


the electorate doesn't like you you will get voted out that there are


years to go before another election. The Labour Party would like him to


go because he's an embarrassment. They can expel him from the


government. No one has any power to say you are off. I come from a part


of a country where we had an election last week for a Police and


Crime Commissioner. The turnout was under 15%. That's the other flip


side. Going onto the Guardian. Wilfully blind. The evidence seemed


to be there, but those people with a statutory duty to protect children


seem to ignore it. This comes from an interview with the Deputy First


children's minister. Her comments are intended to broaden the case


beyond Rotherham and similar cases of abuse. She cautioned despite the


emphasis placed on most of the victims were poor and white, while


the perpetrators were Asian, she said it affected all communities and


races. On the BBC News channel you've had interviews and you've


been reporting on your own Asian channels. We've been asking what


does the Pakistani feel about the way this has been reported? There


have been some very strong views expressed. It would be fascinating


to see how it plays out. I interviewed the head of the slim


women's network which works on behalf of Muslim women. It was


fascinating. She was talking about the fact that is in a Muslim


household the mother or the sister or one of the female members notice


something strange about the menfolk and feels that there may be grooming


taking place they are often reluctant to speak out because they


will be ostracised by their community. She said society needs to


intervene to provide a safe haven for these women who will feel they


can come forward and say I think something dodgy is going on with


so`and`so in the household. That's an interesting take. There has to be


much more openness about the fact there are sexual exploitation taking


place across all races but it often indifferent cultural forms. You can


get black gangs in London where girls are raped for members to prove


their masculinity and then raped by rival gangs to get back at the


original gangs. That's troublesome. We've known about a lot of


exploitation in white communities. Look about elderly white men from


Jimmy Savile onwards exploiting girls. We have to investigate how


it's happening in different areas and spot the different patterns. A


report earlier this year didn't get much attention. There is appalling


sexual abuse taking place all over England and police forces and social


services are averting their eyes. I'm afraid everyone was looking


around and saying in what ways have children been mistreated. This will


make us look at what is happening now. We will have to put resources


into this. A lot of the time social workers don't want to look at the


reality of what's going on underneath it because then they


would have to take action. It's expensive. There's not much money


around. This has been going on quite recently. None of this is history.


The Financial Times and Christine Lagarde. A leading light of


international finance, French. Like Dominic Strauss Kahn. In no other


way is she like him. I meant being French. She is being investigated.


Innocent until proven guilty. Caught up in a corruption scandal dating


back to her time as finance minister. We are always prejudiced.


I've always thought of her as a heroine. When I read through this


copy and read it quite a minor charge that there was a corruption


scandal, a businessman possibly paid off, she was finance minister and


the only possible charge being laid against is that she should perhaps


have intervened. Possibly a charge of negligence. No one saying that


she was corrupt herself. I have high hopes she will be found innocent.


The businessman to whom you refer is a former owner of a football club.


He had some business difficulties. Who knew that he was a bad man? I do


need to say alleged I think. I will say it anyway! The Financial Times.


Ryanair. Planning to land a share of business. ?2000 to pay for a


flight, would you go to Ryanair? I love this story. My old mate Michael


O'Leary, changing the image of Ryanair. It's going to do business


light flights. According to the Chief marketing officer of Ryanair


business travellers, what they want has changed. It used to be about


Lounge free snacks and free drinks but now customers want a reliable


service that gets you to your destination. That's a fairly basic


thing. It is quite interesting. Ryanair has had this brand, I used


to ban that word. I hated it. The brand of Ryanair is very clear. It


was built up deliberately by Michael O'Leary successfully and it worked.


Actually, it ran out of puff. Now he's trying to change it. He puts up


his marketing officer to try to change the image. I like Michael. I


want to see more of you. We are running out of time. The Daily


Telegraph we will do at 11:30pm. Let's go back to the Guardian. Mary


Beard. How to tackle your troll. Right his job reference. A brilliant


story after a run of such depressing news stories. Mary Beard was


horribly traduced on Twitter by people hurling sexist abuse and


being cruel about her appearance. What has she done, she befriended


her patrols. She discovered they have troubles in their lives. She's


taken out to lunch, writing references and finding that they are


angry about health care problems. She says all she is trying to do is


to stop hating badly. It's magnanimous and generous. She


reached beyond the ancient Roman or didn't, to Anglo`Saxon England and


used certain words that would be more appropriate. She has decided to


help them. I think it is fantastic, I congratulate her and I think it is


wonderful, but, for me, Twitter is changing. There is some trend in


going on. This trending his people that are on Twitter but not putting


themselves. They listen to what other people are saying. ``


tweeting. But people are intimidated by what goes on on Twitter. I don't


think that has got anything to do with Twitter watchers, it doesn't


matter if people are just following feeds. I will watch the


developments. You are both on Twitter? Do you get trolled? No.


Even from those on the right of the political spectrum who feel you are


a bit of a lefty? Well, maybe now they will start. You have been on


the papers for years! Everybody that follows me has been charming. I am


sure you get trolled by Manchester City fans? I learned a long time ago


to give as good as I get. We are going to be back in an hour. We will


have the stories behind the headlines. Stay with us on BBC News.


At the top of the hour we will have much more on the local Labour


Party's warning in Rotherham that it will suspend the South Yorkshire


Police Commissioner Shaun Wright from the party if he has not


resigned by the morning. Now it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday ` I'm Nina Warhurst.


Sanchez seals it ` Arsenal beat Besiktas and go through


to the Champions League Group stages for a 17th consecutive year.


Will Neil Warnock be the right man for the job?


Crystal Palace fans are divided as he's brought back as manager.


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