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round results and the latest from the US Open, where Heather Watson


has failed to enter the second round.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are Isabel Hardman, Assistant Editor of the


Spectator, and journalist and broadcaster Henry Bonsu. Tomorrow's


front pages. The Daily Telegraph leads with the story about


paedophile gangs preying on more than 1,400 children in Rotherham


over a period of 16 years. The Sun's headline is: 1400 victims of PC


brigade. The Guardian features the same story, saying the Report damns


politicians and police. And like the Telegraph, it also carries a picture


of Kate Bush, who returned to live performance tonight after an absence


of 36 years. As well as those two stories, the Times reports the World


Health Organization, suggesting people should be banned from smoking


e`cigarettes indoors. Scotland's Daily Record reports that Gordon


Brown and Alistair Darling put their bitter feud on hold for the campaign


to save the union. The Financial Times has the story of Burger King


transferring its headquarters to Canada as part of its $11 billion


acquisition of coffee and doughnuts chain Tim Hortons. And The Daily


Express says Britain is now home to two million illegal migrants. Let's


begin. This striking headline, 1400 victims of PC Brigade, a reference


to the story that has emerged today from Rotherham. Give us your take on


their coverage of this. They say these 1400 victims of the PC


Brigade, this is probably one of the few stories where the word


politically correct does apply. Police and council officers were


failing to pass on allegations of rape, sexual abuse and sexual


exploitation of children being threatened violence and doused with


petrol, partly because they were worried of being accused of racism.


My concern is the importance of the Asian link. If they had the


evidence, they would have followed it. But it could well be that what


was most important in their minds but that these were children who


were probably looked after, that it would be a lot of hassle to deal


with these cases and they couldn't be bothered. They didn't listen to


them and follow`up the complaints and let it go. The fear of being


branded racist is an alarming element in this story. If we are


talking about a situation where somebody thinks something is wrong


but because of the racial background of the perpetrator they decide to


say nothing about it... They might say that afterwards but if we had a


fight now and the police came... Please don't do that. But they


wouldn't hold back and say, we are looking for a blackmail in his


middle 40s. `` black male. The report said some superiors had set


not to include a description of the men who were alleged to be carrying


out these offences. Even though it could help them find the perpetrator


and solve a potential crime. This is where it becomes strange because


it's not fear of the crime, fear of what's happening to the children,


but fear of being labelled a racist. It becomes more important than fear


of a vulnerable 11`year`old being sexually exploited. The other point


being made here, it's the last sentence on the Sun, they said none


of this stuff would be disciplined. Apparently because there wasn't


enough evidence to act against them. The council has stepped down but I


understand the professor, who carried out the report, is writing


to people who have moved onto other bodies and authorities to point out


that they were involved in this report, so there were aware. What we


have seen in many cases where social work has gone wrong is that they


haven't been talking to the police, the police haven't spoken to them,


the authorities weren't working in a joint away. We saw this when there


has been no racial element. That is the key to this story. Organisations


promise to do this, as this will never happen again that they don't


talk to each other. Take us through a different story. The Express, to


Gaza, what might be slightly more encouraging news from that part of


the world? It needs to be because we've had seven weeks of fighting.


Israel, which has one of the best equipped military is in the world,


and Gaza, led by Hamas, and we've seen 2200 people dead, the vast


majority of them civilians of Palestinian background. Around 80 or


so is Raleys, the vast majority soldiers. Of course whenever Israel


is involved in a conflict with the Palestinians, the US, the UN, they


always say they have to back Israel pretty much no matter what. At there


has been criticism of Israel this time. `` but there has. But not


enough. This ceasefire has to hold and this blockade has to end and we


need to see a proper two state solution and we need to see the end


of this blockade. It has been interesting politically in terms of


the British government's response. It has been confusing for those


observing from Israel and foreign capitals because the coalition


response has been split between the Lib Dems, who want to take a much


harsher line with the Israelis over the way the IDF has been responding


to Hamas, and the Conservatives, who still want to support Israel's right


to defend itself against a mass, a group which doesn't believe in the


state of Israel at all. `` Hamas. So the messages have been mixed. The


government hasn't been speaking with one voice. Nick Clegg has spoken


about it. One of the things, I have been contacted about this on


Twitter, the generation that feels so strongly linked to Israel and


will defend it no matter what will gradually disappear and those people


who haven't got such a close allegiance to Israel, either from


what happens during the horrific Holocaust or what has happened since


1948, I suspect Israel will find it has fewer friends in the future than


it has had. We shall see. Turning our attention to domestic politics.


Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, double trouble, a great headline in


the Guardian. I think Boris Johnson is helpful for Cameron in the Nigel


Farage respect, in that he is quite good at countering Nigel Farage. He


appeals to people who aren't that interested in politics. He is his


own man. In that respect, Boris Johnson announcing he will stand as


it Tory candidate is a good thing for Cameron. But him getting closer


to the Commons and having more opportunities to make life difficult


for Cameron isn't good in the long`term. It will be mayhem. But


it's a government. He is basing his bullets... What about Nigel Farage?


South Thanet has decided that Nigel Farage will be their candidate for


the 2015 election and this is interesting because it's a marginal


Tory seat. What could actually happened is that UKIP could split


the conservative vote and labour could get the seat, or Nigel Farage


could return as UKIP's first MP. He said if UKIP doesn't get an MP in


2015 he will stand down as party leader and he hasn't hosted the


easiest thing to win. Rotherham is much easier for him to win and South


Thanet. I was about to raise that. He has represented Kent at European


level already, so you can understand why he would go in that direction,


it interesting he is targeting a currently Conservative seat, whereas


in recent times there have been taking a lot of votes from labour as


well. I think deep down he believes this is their heartland. People have


come along and made false promises and on `` I think he feels that if


they can't win them, they can't win anywhere. It is a barometer.


Although they topped the poll at the last European elections, their vote


tends to drop significantly in subsequent elections and that could


happen again. He is clearly talking confidently about winning a seat but


he is very confident that UKIP will have representation in the next


houses of Parliament. You think they will? I think they have a good


chance of returning one MP but I'm not sure about the 12 target seats


they've got. It's very difficult for UKIP. The system is against any


party like this. And we are voting for a government. When you look at


Nigel Farage, do you see a Prime Minister in waiting? Probably not.


Moving on. Talking of politicians who enjoy life, there's a photograph


on the front of the daily Record that's dealing with actually the


relationship between Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling but we can't


avoid seeing Alex Salmond tucking into a chocolate bar above them,


which isn't the main thrust of the story. Take us into this one. This


is a fascinating story. It isn't the story about Alex Salmond's diet


going wrong but that Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling could battle


together to save the union. This is so interesting because Gordon Brown


has spent the past year and a bit doing B, if they want my advice,


kind of act. `` doing the. In the last few weeks of the campaign, he


is going to step alongside Alistair Darling. I wonder who ran food. I


suspect Alistair Darling probably pick up the phone. `` who rang who.


I know they will get together in Dundee, which is supposedly the most


Scottish Nationalists place of all other cities in Scotland. You can


see why the bad blood runs so`called between them, it goes back to the


time when Alistair Darling refused to step down as Chancellor. He gave


an interview and was really honest about the depth of the crisis. And


Gordon Brown unleashed the dogs of war. The dogs of war. If Gordon


Brown comes in in a more prominent way, clearly the man pictured above


the headline will make a. He will say, this is a sign that they aren't


going according to plan. `` make hay. We don't want to look at this


through too much of a Westminster perspective. At Westminster, Gordon


Brown is like the useful idiots, which is a bit unfair. But in


Scotland he is still hugely respected. The effect it can have on


the Labour photos is huge. You are right. Westminster view is so


different. `` voters. They will say that he was the man to do things for


the union and there will be more people like him to come. But stick


with the Times. A ban on smoking e`cigarettes indoors would cost


hundreds of lives, it says. This is what the WHO says. And they say it


has stepped into and issue counter`productive advice. Because


lots of us who have never been a smoker have sat in relaxed fashion


next people smoking my face almost. At night hotels.


They say there's a of "vaping". `` there's a danger of "vaping" . We


don't know if the paper harmful pollutants. What I thought these


were safe. Or safer. Yes. I suspect one of the things they aren't happy


with is that some of the major manufacturers of the e`cigarettes


are the big tobacco companies. Suspect there is an industrial


point. A modern way of getting the paper because you are inhaling


nicotine, which is still bad for your heart. But these e`cigarettes


are hugely useful to people trying to give up smoking. But we don't


have the figure on those. It is have the figure on those. It is


anecdotal. The WHO says is it a gateway alt, rather than a gateway


in? It looks cool as well. I shouldn't promote it. I think it


looks strange. I think you are A final word on Kate Bush. She looks


magnificent, resplendent, there is a great deal of mystery among men of a


certain age, who are fascinated in Kate Bush in the mid to late 70s,


how successful she was. How unusual. And then to disappear for such a


long time. If you have not seen someone perform for 36 years, it is


a good way of drawing a crowd. She has definitely kept people waiting.


She seems to be anti` Miley Cyrus. She has not oversold or overexposed


herself, which a lot of stars do today. She has kept her fans


waiting, and it was still there for her. I have been trolled about my


chest hair, I was unaware that it was so repellent. I would have


thought it would be about your shirt! Thank you for sorting that


out. Thank you to Isabel and Henry, and we will be back at the same time


tomorrow. At midnight, more on the report that has revealed that 1400


children were abused in


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