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have a roundup of all of the capital cup results and the latest from the


US open where Heather Watson has bailed to follow Andy Murray into


the second rounds. That in 15 minutes, after The Papers. `` that


is in 15 minutes, after The Papers. Welcome to our lookahead to what the


papers will bring us tomorrow. With me are Henry Bonsu and Isabel


Hardman. That have a look at the front pages. We were. With the


Telegraph, which contains a story about the paedophile gangs preying


on more than 1400 children in Rotherham over a 16 year period. The


Guardian carries the same story and also a of Kate Bush to return to the


stage after 36 years. The Financial Times carries a story about Burger


King transferring its headquarters to Canada. And the Daily Express


says Britain is now home to 2 million illegal in the. Let's stop


with the Telegraph that leads with events in Rotherham turning a blind


eye to sexual abuse. This is an horrific story. More than 1400


children were abused over 16 years and the police and council bosses


did not follow up allegations the fear of being labelled racist.


Professor Alexis Jay has examined the failings in Rotherham and sheep


paints a dreadful picture of the lives of children who were sexually


abused. The list of failures is horrendous. It is huge and as the


professor says, we may only be scratching the surface. It's just an


estimate. We have seen cases like this before in Rochdale, Derby and


Oxford. You can understand why the Daily Telegraph put it on the front


page and other papers will do so. I sometimes think they speak with


forked tongues. They get very upset about the stories. They are often


the most honourable children that people don't care about. They have


the kind of parents that these papers often rail against, quotes,


feckless parents. It's all very well saying, why were these Asian men


allowed to do this? It's because we didn't want to be called racist. But


the key thing is why children were left unsupervised and why no one


believes them and why police considered that sex between


11`year`olds and grown men were consensual. Crazy. And that's why


papers like the Daily Telegraph said outrage. The state is meant to be


the parent that steps in when other parents can't care that their


children. But these are the same papers that they do politicians, but


out of family life because people can take care of themselves. Even


those of us who believe in a state that shouldn't intervene, the state


does have to be a parent in some cases and in this case they failed


miserably, and so did the police. They are there to protect the


vulnerable and they didn't do that for 16 years. That is a fair point.


The council leader has stood down, others have apologise, the police


have questions to answer as well. There are significant authority


bodies that let these children down to an enormous degree. Absolutely,


but one we examine it in more detail and look at the Council's role and


why they didn't do what they were meant to do, we have to ask what


would they have done with the information? They should have beefed


up security at children's homes and the police should have been more


involved. They can't say it's an Asian problem. We don't racialised


paedophilia when 70`year`old entertainers are involved. It's


because they thought they were going to be racist, in the same way people


work nervous about reporting Jimmy Savile.


Let's move on to the express. On page two AI making reference to the


Gaza truce. I get the sense in our courage that this one feels a little


different from the cease`fires we have had thus far. This one is being


described as open ended. There is a sense there is an opportunity for


both sides to attend something a little bit more long`lasting rather


than waiting for the next set of rockets to appear over the border.


Well, we said, thank God. At last they looked like something of a


truce. This has been seven weeks long. We are talking about 2200


people, the vast majority of Palestinians. It's a David versus


Goliath one winds. We hope Gaza will be reconstructed and the


humanitarian aid will come in freely, that the kind of blockades


that have turned this place into an open prison camp will be


dismantled, but no one winds. People have been killed, Hamas have had


their infrastructure strike, they have played kamikaze with their own


people, but Israel have gone in, guns blazing, far too far. Elected


government `` they have lost a lot of friends. A wonderful point has


been made and that is people in the Middle East know what they can die


for, not what they can live for. That's something that world leaders


want to look for, the reason to live for. They want to be seen as is's


friend because of what happened 70 odd years ago, but we are getting to


a where Israel's position in the world will be looked at through more


critical eyes as the generation that feels so closely found together with


Israel disappears. Let's move the Guardian. Farage and Johnson, double


trouble. Two prominent figures heading the Westminster. Nigel


Farage has been selected in South Thanet. I spent the weekend in


Ramsgate and I spoke to UKIP supporters and they said we are not


then to have this sky coming down here making all these fall from Mrs.


We're not going to be spooked by UKIP, but he is standing. There is a


lot he can say that he will do because the seafront has been left


to rot for the last 20 or so years. A lot of people there have lost hope


in politics. What about the double trouble for Cameron lined that the


Guardian is taking? Boris Johnson is seeking the Tory candidacy in


Oxbridge. We wonder why he has timed it for today. It may be because


Nigel Farage was going for his selection at the same time. Boris


has often been named as the anti`Farage. He is one of the few


politicians that can cut through to the section of the electorate like


Farage. But Farage's big challenge is can he appealed to Labour


voters? you have been at the Hammersmith


Apollo? I learned a lot about this evening. I remember her first time


round. I have never been fascinated by her but I have been intrigued by


her. Great photographs of her on a number of the front pages. I worried


about the Polish prime minister which has caught your eye. David


Cameron has offered to back him as the next head of the European


Council. This could be very good for Britain because he has a lot of


interests align with Britain's interests. But the major stumbling


block is he really disagrees with Cameron over immigration rules. They


had what was described as a blazing row. He doesn't speak French or


English. I'm not sure if Cameron speaks Polish well. You want and


blazing row can be if they don't speak the same language! It just


goes to show that sometimes when Cameron beat the British drama,


long`term, it may be counter`productive. `` British


drama. E cigarettes. World health experts call for a ban on them


indoors. I noticed the BBC has banned them as well! Apparently,


they are very bad for people who are sitting nearby, passively raping. ``


they purring. Where do you stand? I thought they were the safer option.


Some people have got onto this. On that note, we will have to bring


things to a close. As Manchester United celebrate


signing Angel Di Maria,


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