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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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In the sport, rain Rooney is named the new England captain. `` Wayne


Rooney. We also have the Champions League draw and the results from the


Europa League. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Kate Devlin, Political Correspondent of The Herald and in Glasgow, Susan


Stewart from Women for Independence. Tomorrow's front pages:


The Financial Times says David Cameron is scrambling to


restore order in his party after the defection


of the leading Tory eurosceptic MP, Douglas Carswell, to UKIP.


The Express leads with the same story


The Telegraph reports


The Guardian leads on the crisis in Ukraine `


and the indications that hundreds of Russian troops are involved.


The Metro leads on the scandal


found police tried to 'disprove' victim's accounts of their abuse.


The Mail reports claims that eight more


warned to brace himself for more defections in thecoming months.


What do you make of this take on this? I think the rate to use world.


It is not very often that this can happen. What they are talking


about, potentially other people following Carswell. I think David


Cameron could have been forgiven for wanting to go back to bed this


morning. One of the reasons is that the official migrant numbers have


risen again. Even farther away from his target. This has always been the


problem. Very interesting, when Carswell don't make this


announcement, it was not just about the European Union. He criticised


David Cameron about you look, but also political reform, not being


series about that. `` Europe. People who know Carswell well, they wonder


if this is actually seen an opportunity in UKIP. He could almost


take over. He wants to make it more connected. But the problem. It is


meat and play death. The world shock. Or are you shocked? Nobody


saw this coming. Despite David Cameron keeping you are done these


things, the divisions, we did not see this coming. Carswell chose to


go. His reception may have been another reason. Interestingly, the


Daily Express looks at the migration figures. Of course, in Scotland, to


divert and cultures. Scotland needs significant numbers of migrants. It


was 14,000, a recent estimate. Again, quite different attitudes.


What is your response to that? I agree. The repercussions are going


to be very interesting. It is a difficult period for David Cameron.


And they have chosen to do it now until the Conservative Party


conference. And the next newspaper is continuing the theme? They are


looking for the search for more with others. Every political journalist


will have been speaking to backbenchers. Hoping to get some of


us who will join Carswell. I agree as well. Nobody saw this coming.


Including the Prime Minister. David Cameron reeling. Staying with the


Financial Times, it is a very vivid photographs. NATO say that over 1000


Russian troops were operating in the country. You can see why they have


chosen this picture. It is human eyes is the issue. `` humanises the


issue. The man in the picture looks incredibly young. But they still


seem to be struggling with us, interestingly, they have not used


the world invaded. Also, the world invasion is clearly going to be


key. It features in one of the other headlines. President Obama was asked


what he thought and he did not use that world. In terms of the


legality, any international response, I think everybody is being


very careful. But Ukraine are fairly clear, the fuel that the Russian


troops have invaded. The soldier does look very young indeed. It is


the only people that has chosen to use a picture to represent the


situation. Now, you want about the police force must quite demands. The


growing pressure on the police and drain Commissioner. `` crime. The


Prime Minister has added his voice to this. The problem is that he is


independent, he does not have to go. Seems to be Norwegian foursome.


Also, Carswell complained about the recall of MPs not happening any time


soon. If it did happen, we would have to include the people from the


commissions. One more world on this, the events in Rotherham? Is two


points. When people read the language used, the police having a


disregard for victims, another newspaper also says they try to


undermine the victims, almost a sense of revulsion. Nobody seems to


be able to do anything to remove him. Interestingly, the other thing


is that Ed Miliband, as far as I can see, has not said anything about his


position. That is Julius. `` curious. Moving to the Scottish


Telegraph, I am pretty confident you will not agree with David Cameron. I


am a little surprised the Prime Minister came to Glasgow tonight and


did not say anything new, or give any new or positive reasons for


maintenance of the union. Of course, many people in Scotland would like


to see the Prime Minister in Scotland debating the First


Minister, Alex Salmond, but the Prime Minister has said no to that.


It strikes me that the Prime Minister is either in this debate,


or not. If he is in the debate, I am not sure that Scots will feel it is


good enough to fly into Glasgow for a day, not speak to many ordinary


people, not do any interviews. I think he did one with the BBC and


then went home. People in Scotland want to see a debate between the


Prime Minister, the leader of the Westminster government and the First


Minister, Alex Salmond. Thus far, Mr Cameron has said absolutely not.


Kate, I suppose the is the idea that the Mr cannot win here, because he


either goes to Glasgow and he speaks as he has tonight, or he stays away.


Alex Salmond says he wants to debate, the priming us to has said


no, and it is a difficult line to tread. It is a difficult line to


tread. This is the issue with a Conservative Prime Minister who


decided to hold this referendum and core Alex Salmond's bluff. He knew


his party was not popular in Scotland and he would face these


issues. He also faces lots of other issues. Everything has come together


at the same time. We have a slightly different take on our front page


tomorrow, which is that it is embarrassing for the Prime Minister,


because just before he spoke, the president of CBI stood up and told


him the EU referendum is actually what is causing problems for


business. He told him that to his face. That is interesting. Maybe we


will go back to that in an hour, and to the bake off scandal, which we


are keen to speak about. For the time being, thank you for being part


of the paper review tonight. They will be with us again in an hour. At


11pm, the latest on the political fallout following the defection of


Douglas Carswell to the UK Independence Party. Coming up now,


time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday


with me, Reshmin Chowdhury. Spurs breeze


into the group stages of the Europa League, after thrashing


Limassol 3`0 at White Hart Lane. It's a Champions League dream


for Liverpool. Five years away


from the competition, and they draw


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