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fans. We have reaction to the Champions League draw as Liverpool


are set to take on Real Madrid and we round up the action from tonight


Europa League. That is up in 15 minutes after the Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are is Kate Devlin, political correspondent of


the Herald and live from Glasgow is Susan Stewart from Women for


Independence. Welcome to both of you and thank you for being with us.


Tomorrow's front pages. The Financial Times says David Cameron


is scrambling to restore order in his party after the defection of the


leading Tory Eurosceptic MP Douglas Carswell to UKIP. The express leads


with the same story, saying the move threatens to split the party. The


Daily Telegraph reports on the prospects of more MPs following Mr


Carswell to UKIP. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are pictured are as


they are on many front pages. The Guardian leads on the crisis in


Ukraine and the indications that hundreds of Russian troops are


involved. The Metro leads on the scandal in Rotherham and the report


that police try to disprove victim accounts. The Daily Mail says


Conservative MPs have talks with UKIP. The Times says David Cameron


is warned to brace himself for more defections in the coming months.


And, baking bad, the Sun focuses on the great British bake off and the


controversy over eight ruined baked Alaska. Rest assured, we will do the


Sun in a few minutes. We will kick off with the Daily Mail, leading


with the headline, eight more Tories in UKIP talks. Kick us off, Susan,


with the Tate on problems facing David Cameron and news of Douglas


Carswell's defection. Indeed, every political work in London will be


looking for others in the Tory party looking to defect and the Daily Mail


claims to have eight. This gets serious for the Prime Minister and a


guess the question is how he will respond. `` I guess. One wonders and


one worries if he will adopt tougher anti` European rhetoric and shift


the Tory party even further to the political right in relation to


Europe. Thereby, shifting political gravity again in Westminster and a


game creating a political culture. Particularly around Europe, which is


increasingly out of sync with the views of the Scots. It is a little


disappointing that none of the front pages or not many of the London


based front pages have analysed today's news in relation to


Scotland's referendum which is three weeks today, we will all have voted.


That seems astonishingly myopic in my view. Kate, one word in the


coverage. It goes on to talk about suggestions that nine Conservatives


have dined with the UKIP doughnut, Stuart Wheeler and that it might be


significant. `` donor. I think they were trying to persuade more. One


hell of a Kunar. It has come off. `` one hell of a coup. It has been a


difficult day for David Cameron and this raises all sorts of problems


going into the future, not least will the Conservative party start


obsessing about Europe again and tearing itself apart, but very


interesting to see that it doesn't seem as if, despite their


protestations and best efforts, the Conservatives have a handle on this


at the moment. Does Susan have a point about the Scottish view about


this? The interaction between the Scottish referendum and the EU


referendum has been incredibly interesting because it clearly


blindsided number ten and they weren't expecting it. They thought


it would be two separate issues and they thought the two would never


meet. `` Number Ten. They have had a lot of traction arguing the main


threat to Scotland's membership isn't independence, it is David


Cameron, which we will come to. Kate suggests that on the front page. I


had we come to that. We will. Scottish Premiership to the EU has


been debated during the referendum campaign with doubts in some circles


cast about how the relationship would be established if Scotland


vote yes `` Scottish membership. It was one of the early scare tactics


of the campaign towards the end of 2012. It has been resolved by the


slew of European experts who have said that actually, there would be


no problem and Scotland's population have been citizens of the European


Union for 40 years and there position would be relatively short


and the process would be relatively straightforward so, any traction


that it would have had at the beginning of the campaign, it has


been a long one, has dissipated and indeed, most people are beginning to


realise the safest way and best way of ensuring Scotland stays in the


European Union is a yes vote on September 18. Pro union politicians


would completely disagree, they would say it is not true. They would


admit they would have hoped to line it up with a win for them and the


fact that the issue has been muddied on this one isn't what they would


have hoped for. Let's move on because there is more to cover. The


front page of the times and while that leads with further domestic


politics there is a line about Russia and Ukraine `` Times. Kate, a


reference about what Nato are saying in Ukraine. Yes. They are taking a


strong line on this. This is interesting because of the dramatic


scenes we have seen in Ukraine today and the struggle that is happening


across the international community on how to deal with it. Nato is


particularly interesting because David Cameron is hosting in Newport


next week, a Nato summit, in which he said a couple of weeks ago that


he is hoping to convince them that more is needed is just a complete


change in Nato's relationship with Russia. His hand will be


strengthened by this. I think there will still be a lot of deep


negotiations in Wales next weekend. Let's stay with this story but move


onto the next newspaper, Susan, namely, the Guardian. The


interesting point about the headline is the worried, in faded, we have


been invaded, Kiev accuses Russia. That carries all sorts of legal


implications `` invaded. The Ukrainian President says further


down the story that Russian forces have entered Ukraine and Western


leaders said that there will be consequences. As yet, they are


undefined. One gets the sense that Nato and other Western leaders are


talking tough but I think that particularly the Prime Minister will


be conscious that Durm mood of the country will not be for any kind of


precipitous action, particularly after Iraq et cetera `` that the


mood. One gets the sense through the front pages of a rise in the


rhetoric without necessarily anyone being terribly clear what exactly


Nato should do. The United Nations were debating this tonight as well.


They were. Strong language there as well. From the American ambassador.


Before we move on, it was interesting, Kate, to see the press


conference with President Obama and he was asked if he regarded this as


an invasion. He came out with this strong language we have shown all


the headlines but he didn't repeat the word. He didn't. So far, no


world leader has. It will be interesting to see if they back up


here. They have been very strong about this. The Scottish Daily Mail


has a poll on independence. Union on a knife edge. Poll shock as yes camp


narrows gap to six points. I don't doubt, Susan, you are pleased by


that. I point out that you are still in second place on this. Yes. Is


this significant? What is your take ? It would back the trend in other


polls that the gap is tightening between the note and the yes


campaigns and undoubtedly, I am not sure when the fieldwork for this


poll was done, it was after the debate, and the first minister it


was said one big debate handsomely `` of the No campaign. It has not


been a great week. They had a broadcast out on Tuesday night that


was lampooned widely on social media and thought to be incredibly sexist


and located perhaps in the 1950s, in Don Draper land. Today, of course,


they had David Cameron's visit, which isn't wholly positive for the


No campaign. Not a good week. Certainly, the yes campaigners have


felt that the opinion polls have not been picking up the critical sector


of the population, those who have never voted before perhaps because


they thought it wasn't worth it and who, when the expressed an intention


to vote in the referendum, they will overwhelmingly vote Yes. Name on. It


will be very tight in September the 18th, even the Daily Mail says so ``


game on. Kate, came on? In some ways, yes. Three weeks ago. This is


too close to comfort for the No campaign. `` came on. It is


resetting it, taking it back to the same poll for the same newspaper one


month ago. It is suggesting the TV debates cancelled each other out.


That is interesting. What has happened is essentially that Alex


Salmond managed to end on a high. I don't know if Susan will agree.


Whether the momentum continues and whether a poll set next week shows


it is continuing, will be interesting. This is far too close


for what the pro union party would have wanted at this stage.


Especially when you compare it with six weeks ago, or two months ago,


when the mood in the No campaign was buoyant and we were reported... It


was reported that Labour and story were complacent and thought it was


done and dusted and it is clearly not. People don't always tell the


pollsters what they will end up doing in the actual confines of the


ballot, which is what is worth pointing out. We saw that in 2011.


We have seen it on a number of occasions in the last 20 years in


different elections. Tell us more Kate. This is a dramatic thing that


happened in Glasgow this evening. David Cameron went to speak to the


CBI to give basically a strong speech on the dangers of Scottish


independence to business and before he gave his speech, the president of


the CBI, sir Michael Rake, stood up and told the Prime Minister to his


face that the EU referendum that David Cameron has promised in 2017


was causing problems for business and it is very embarrassing `` Sir.


Not only does it fit into the issues that business have around this, but


it also feeds into the wider independence debate. It is


interesting, Susan, because you made reference only on to what you saw as


the contrasting view towards the EU in Scotland as a pose to the rest of


the UK and presumably you would argue that this story further


that narrative if you like. Absolutely. I think that the word


humiliation isn't too strong. Not in the Herald headline. If there is one


audience a Tory Prime Minister traditionally would have expected a


fairly warm welcome, it is the CBI. And, for the president of the CBI to


criticise a Tory Prime Minister in relation to Europe suggests the


scale of the urgent on matters European north and south of the


border. Not a good night for the Prime Minister and I am sure that


people in the No campaign will be licking their wounds and wondering


what else can go wrong this week. Says somebody from the Yes campaign


I should point out in the interest of maintaining a degree of balance


in this. Talking of balance, let's move on to the front of the Sun.


This is a fantastic headline. And, extraordinarily story. I encourage


you both as you tell it to throw lots of unleaded into what you are


about to tell me `` allegeds. Kate, tell us more. Taking bad. First of


all, this is a fantastic headline, taking bad. Who knew that date


Alaska could cause so much scandal. It is all about the bait off and the


episode they show the other night and Allah `` allegations of


sabotage. There were allegations of a stitch up. To be fair and I speak


someone as a Masterchef girl than a great British bait off, but the chap


who went to Alice Gatt collapsed and he said that he, under dirty diet,


are at best of chums. `` Dirty Di. It is self`referential and cheeky.


`` are the best of chums. It might be a wee bit of fuss over nothing in


terms of the Bake Alaska war. I love the complaints. Viewers complained.


When people call up they normally complain about TV. Apparently, he


was complained that the Bake Alaska was taken out of the other when it


should not have been. I think that it is great that people are so


caught up on this. Was it the other or the freezer? The freezer. I am


sorry. Stand corrected. The reason it collapsed was because it came out


of the freezer and he accused her of doing that and then it melted. Did


he? The ice cream melted but I'm not sure if he accused her of doing that


or if it were the viewers who thought she had done that because


certainly, today, he is quoted as saying they are the best of chums.


She says she was up. Yes. In the end,


wedding and good luck to them, I guess. I am claiming this is a great


old`fashioned local news story that emerged when he was at a museum in


Devon doing a junket for his latest film and it was noticed he was


wearing a wedding ring. So, someone spotted it. And, word got out. Hats


off to the person who spotted it. Time is up. Thank you very much


indeed for reviewing the front pages for us. Kate and Susan. Stay with us


on BBC News. At midnight, the latest on the political fallout following


the defection of Douglas Carswell to the UK Independence the. Coming up


now, it is time for Sportsday. `` UK Independent Party. In


Hello and welcome to Sportsday with me,


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