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Radamel Falcao on a season`long loan deal. He is United's six signing of


the summer. That is in Sportsday after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the broadcaster Penny Smith


Let's look at some of the morning papers. The Daily Express is leading


an David Cameron's plans to tackle the terror threat to the UK by


giving the police temporary powers to seize passports of suspects. The


Guardian claims a keeper Bozo to stop terror suspects returning to


the UK has had to be shelved `` claims a key proposal. Britain may


join American air strikes on Iraq and Syria if national security is


threatened according to the Daily Telegraph. A poll commissioned for


the Independent suggests they would be strong public opposition in


Britain went ahead with air strikes against Islamic State. The metro


claims that Apple is under pressure to improve its security after


hackers stole naked photographs of female celebrities including


Jennifer Lawrence. The hacking story is on the front page of the Daily


Star which claims the actress and model Kelly Brook was one of the


celebrities who had rowed across stolen. We start with the Daily


Telegraph, the UK ready to take steps, David Cameron with proposals


that he hopes will make us safer from these people going to fight in


Iraq and Syria. Does it make much sense according to the Telegraph? We


have been waiting for the non`knee`jerk reaction for a little


while. Everybody was saying don't have a knee jerk reaction to the


James Foley execution. This does not seem to be much of a reaction at


all. A lot of words about doing this and this, a programme for the


radicalisation `` but how do we know who is out there? We have been told


500 people, but how do they know? How can they de`radicalise people?


Are they profiling people? How do they do that? There are many words


here, but I can't see where the meat is that we badly need. White but do


we, do we need to hear more? Civil liberties campaigners would argue


that the laws are already there. If you know somebody has gone over


there and taken part in terrorist activity, then press charges and


lock them up it is a jihadi wearing a Mexican hat


and carrying a donkey, saying "nobody will know you have been


fighting in Iraq or Syria." That's the point, it isn't difficult to


change, not difficult to get a new passport probably. They have been


borrowing passports already, going out with passports of people who


look vaguely like them. What the Conservative get of the coalition


really wanted to do, what many people in the country feel should


happen is that if it is known you have gone out there, you cannot come


back into the country. They cannot do that and that is the problem.


Nick Clegg is also saying that a lot of this is not going to pass muster


when you talk about human rights. If you go down this route, all I can


see the endless court cases, people saying they have been wrongly


imprisoned, had their passport away, that they were not there. We have


been told it is illegal under international law to render someone


who is a British citizen stateless. They can take away citizenship from


someone who has been naturalised in Britain, that's one thing they are


looking at, and they can take away citizenship from somebody who is


awaiting British citizenship, somebody who has a passport and it


is in a work `` in the works. But who is out there? The answer is that


they do not know. What is interesting about this politically


is how damaging it looks for Nick Clegg, to the country. Is it a


U`turn? Signing up to the proposals. Absolutely, but they say


they have kicked into the long grass of the issues that David Cameron


wanted to address today. They negotiated over the weekend. I've


been reading a lot of comments about the Lib Dems, and my programme is


asking questions and many people think it is damaging for them


because they might look weak, like they are putting Civil Liberties


ahead of security. Certainly many commentators are saying that they


have got to balance it right, the Lib Dems. Although they are right to


protect our Civil Liberties, for those people who are afraid... I


just wonder if anybody is going to feel more secure, even if these are


brought in. Is anybody going to feel safer? Staying with the Telegraph


now, the eye cloud `` iCloud. We were saying that we don't understand


it. White the Daily Telegraph has a photograph of Jennifer Lawrence. ``


the Daily Telegraph has photographs of Jennifer Lawrence. Photographs


had been released which she thought were deleted long ago. We think that


they were on iCloud. We are a bit long in the tooth to embrace the


technology. We have heard about iCloud. We have been we were told


that everything was safe, you think you have deleted it but it seems


not. These... The iCloud has essentially been hacked. You don't


have any idea! It is like climbing up a tree and there is a cloud


there. I was talking to my floor manager who said that apparently,


there is stuff on the Internet, right? If you delete something...


From the Internet? From your e`mail, for instance, it is backed up on the


cloud. You are doing that like it is a real cloud! One of the actresses


who had pictures splashed around said that she was told these


pictures had been deleted long ago. If you delete something, I'm sure


people on Twitter will tell us what we should be talking about, even if


you delete something it is still back up. It is only deleted on your


phone. And the cloud, it is a server somewhere? There are servers in


Wisconsin, Delaware somewhere. So it does not even looked like a cloud?


No, it is a big ugly building! We shouldn't laugh, it is a bad dory.


It is a problem for all of us, we are told that something is secure,


and we assume it is because we don't have the technological knowledge, I


don't, to question it. We are told that it is backed up, if you lose


your phone it is all still bear. It is like the technology has run away


we think it is quite exciting. We are so excited about using it, it is


great, we buy the products but there is a lot underneath we don't ask


about. There is this thing about the dark web, which I am scared about.


The dark web! Let's move on to the Independent. A poll on air strikes


in Iraq. Apparently there is strong public opposition to the UK being


involved with America in attacking ISIS,


sold as something new. Doing the shows that I do, asking about public


opinion, phoning in, this isn't new. I would say that this is pretty


evident. What is it, 50% of us are against, 33% are in favour, and 15%


are undecided as to whether it's a good idea or not. I don't think that


has changed. I thought that might have changed a bit weird the severe


threat coming in. And David Cameron's comments making it clear


that this is a very serious threat. He is saying that if he feels he has


to join the Americans, he will do it to join the Americans, he will do it


without going to MPs first. Because he was burnt over Syria. There are


reports on page four and page five. I was wondering when this opinion


poll was taken, whether it was... That is the feedback I have been


getting, I don't know about you. I wonder if it has changed, whether it


was done before the severe threat on Friday. White staying with the


independent `` staying with the independent, coping about wealthy


criminals the fact that anybody would think


that criminals were not clever, when of course they are clever. They can


run rings. Crime pays? Half ?1 billion is issued, the police, when


they have caught a rich crook and they are going to take their assets


the way. Confiscation. Yes, half ?1 billion is owed and they say that


realistically we will get 160 million, or not. Probably they are


not the cleverest of the rich criminals. The front page of the


Guardian. It says that they are practised rutting. I like the


picture because although it does not feel like it in many places and the


temperatures are going to go up, it is actually the start of autumn. It


has been a brilliant summer for a lot of people and there is something


quite nice. August has been terrible! I went for a walk in Devon


and the hedgerows are groaning, there are so many blackberries. Some


of them have gone to the iCloud! We will work out exactly what it is,


hopefully, when we revisit the newspapers again. Stay with us. At


the top of the hour we will have much more on the situation regarding


the government's anti`terror measures announced by the Prime


Minister, in tackling British`born jihadists. Now, Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm John Watson, live from the


BBC Sports Centre in Salford with around 13 minutes remaining


With over ?800 million spent already, there is still time for one


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