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still a powerful force. It is 11:24pm. It is now time for


the Papers earlier than usual because we have a special football


focus coming up later on looking at transfer date coverage. With me I


Penny Smith and petri Hosken. We start with the Express leading on


David Cameron's plans to tackle the terrorism threat to the UK by giving


the police temporary powers to seize passports or suspects. The terror


threat is also the main story in the Guardian, which claims a key


proposal to stop terror suspects returning to the UK has had to be


shelved. Britain could join American air


strikes in Iraq and Syria, if national security is threatened.


That's according to the Telegraph. But a poll commissioned for the


Independent, and also featured on the front page of the i, suggests


there would be strong public opposition if Britain went ahead


with air strikes against Islamic State.


There's another poll on the front page of the Times. It's a YouGov


survey which says support for Scottish independence has risen in


the past month. The parents of Ashya King are


pictured with their son on the front page of the Daily Mail. They're


being held in a Spanish prison after removing Ashya from hospital last


week. The Metro claims Apple is under


pressure to improve its security after hackers stole intimate


photographs of female celebrities including the actress Jennifer


Lawrence. The hacking story also makes the


front page of the Sun. It says 101 female stars, including the former


Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay, had private photographs


stolen. We are going to start with the Times


and if this poll. Scotland poll puts union on a knife edge. The


suggestion that we could wake up on September 19 and Scotland isn't part


of the union. What happens? Start building Hadrian 's Wall again. This


is saying that the lead has drunk to six points, suggesting the momentum


is firmly with the nationalists and they say that undecided voters are


twice as likely to choose independence when they come to vote


on September the 18th. Every time I read about Scotland and its


independence, the thing that makes me sad is that anyone who tries to


speak out for remaining part of the union is that they get hugely


trolled every time anyone put their head above the parapet and says we


are better together. They get inundated, swamped, with mean,


unpleasant and nasty comments which doesn't happen the other way around.


People don't suggest that comes from the actual... (CROSSTALK) God no. I


am merely saying that... To me, it seems like the debate seems to


me... I hope that they feel, that everybody feels, that the debate is


a proper one and not just watching Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling


having a debate and people being able to talk about it. When I speak


with Scottish people living here, who don't have the vote, they say


that when they have said... Comments in passing about the fact that they


do hope they get attacked quite severely. They are twice as likely


to vote, the undecided. They are undecided, how do they know what


they are twice as likely to do or not? This is the journalism that


drives me insane. If you tear it apart, it sounds important for the


pro` independence people. If they are undecided, they don't know. It


is a trend, isn't it? It is picking up on what has been happening for a


number of weeks. The debate is swinging towards, you know, they Yes


campaign. That was my point about the fact that every time anyone


suggests it is better together, they get jumped on. It is true.


Particularly if they do it through Twitter. The question is why there


has been this move. By all accounts, the debates were evenly


matched in terms of who has one. It was one ` one, to use the


football... We have had various luminaries coming out, saying it is


a bad idea to vote Yes. Despite all of that, this way has been the other


way `` that swing. It remains to be seen. This isn't like a general


collection for four years, this is for ever. `` general collection. I


wonder if this has sunk in and whether it will sink in on the day


you have to... (CROSSTALK) maybe it has sunk in and they think it is a


good idea. For ever is a very long time. You're not Scottish. I am half


Scottish. My family who are full Scottish cannot vote. Are you angry


about that? I think it is unfair. If it is your country of Origin and you


don't have a say as to what happens to that country, it doesn't sound


like a democracy to me. The front page of the Times. We can bomb


jihadist without asking MPs. That is according to David Cameron. He says


today that it seems that if we go with the Americans and support their


airstrikes or do it ourselves and start bombing the jihadis, he will


go ahead without asking MPs. Of course, this speculation being that


the last time he asked MPs was over Syria and the Assad regime. That was


overwhelmingly denied. We are now going, phew. Thank goodness. He is


now saying he will do that. It kind of worries me a bit that again, we


have got MPs for a reason. We didn't vote four to David Cameron at all,


as a whole `` we just have one person and I don't think he should


go it alone `` for David. That leads to the Independent, strongly against


airstrikes against ISIS or ISIL, whoever you called them this month.


This is a poll that doesn't surprise anybody. This is a poll saying that


most people, public opposition to airstrikes... Left the door open.


35% of people agree that ridge should take part in airstrikes, 50%


disagree, 15% say they don't know. When we spoke earlier, we thought we


wondered if the poll was taken before or after the severe rating


for the likelihood of an imminent attack on British soil. That might


change the figures. I think it might change the figures. Let's stay with


the Independent, down the bottom, drive to claw back millions from


wealthy crooks isn't working out, so they are trying to get back the


Lamborghinis and the big estates in Spain. I don't know many wealthy


crooks, I don't know many wealthy people to be fair. It seems hard to


get this stuff back. It does. When they get a confiscation order, so, a


crook will commit a heinous crime, some fraud where they make millions


of pounds, and they are told when they are being sent down that they


have got to give back the money they have taken and they have got to pay


for it, so they will take away the proceeds of crime.


Ordered to return the beginning. Many of them are not doing that. ``


Lamborghini. Why this baffles me. There is a clue in


the last sentence. I have read it. It says that the Serious Fraud


Office, which is responsible for prosecuting these people, one of the


things is a demand to an end to sham divorces used by criminal families.


They say that it is not my money, it is the white's. It is for her to


drive around. She is into the Lamborghini. All right. OK. Very


good. On to the Telegraph. They have wiped thousands of people from the


GP registers? On the face of it, it is a savings drive. Perhaps it is


more complicated than it actually is. It appears to be that they were


trying to make sure that ghost patients, they called ghost


patients, patients who had moved out of the area or are no longer on the


list for whatever reason. It means that you therefore have a doctor 's


surgery with loads of people who are sent out reminders for examinations


and they don't turn up. They try to get rid of them and they have


unfortunately wiped away a lot of people who did not turn up on


things. They send out something saying to have a vaccination and


they don't turn up and so they take them off. It seems to have therefore


affected the most vulnerable, especially the elderly, children...


People were sent letters to ask if they have moved. Don't forget that


these ghost patients cost us a lot of money because each surgery has


paid for each patient it has on the list. If people have died or moved


to another surgery, you may be paying to three times as much per


patient. I can see why they had to do this. It is the more vulnerable


who did not answer so couldn't read or it was not the correct language.


They did not respond and were then wiped off the register. Going to


something we all know a lot about. The Metro. On Twitter, Daniel says


that cloud dartitis not hard to understand. `` cloud data. If you


try to watch the papers and try to work out what it is, you will not do


well. I got a text from a friend who said that they had a lesson in how


to remove stuff from iCloud. The iCloud service allows users to store


information on a computer servers for download to multiple devices. It


allows users to wirelessly back up their devices to iCloud instead of


manually doing it using iTunes. Apparently, dam, it is difficult to


understand, mate. One of these places that have cloud in it...


(CROSSTALK). The bottomline is that some of the photographers involved


in having some of these pictures of these actresses, it is backed up on


the cloud, sometimes wirelessly which means that there may forget


that it is backed up. Hackers got in there. They need to sort the hackers


out. I have to ended there. Stay with us here. At the top of the


hour, we will have much more on the latest of the Prime Minister's


announcement of the new measures to deal with British nationalist


fighting for extremist groups overseas. Coming up now, time for a


special transfer date edition of football focus. It is coming up


right now.


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