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despite a disastrous series against India. The latest from the U.S. Open


in tennis and the days reaction from the final football transfers.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. I'm joined by a broadcaster and the president of


YouGov. Many papers are leading with the apparent murder of American


journalist Stephen Sotloff by Islamic State. The Metro reports


that the militants threaten to kill a British hostage next. The Daily


Express calls it a chilling new threat. The Guardian says the


British accent of the jihadi in the video was the same as an early


video. The Times says the prospect of a close vote in Scottish


independence has sent jitters through the market. We will start


with the Daily Telegraph, Stephen Sotloff. I should say that for a


while some of the papers are using more detailed pictures from the


video. The BBC has chosen not to do that. The Daily Telegraph, Britain


will be next warns jihadi John as he beheads a second journalist will


stop this is a real problem for journalists, newspapers, television


and radio, because you are balancing the need to tell people as much as


you can, because we do not believe in censorship and covering things up


with the fact that you can play into the jihadist's hands by showing and


saying more. The Foreign Office has asked for the names of people


involved not to be quoted by the media. As far as I am aware the


media have respected this. In a sense it is a subset of this much


wider dilemma as to how on earth we deal with these people. The one


reflection I have is that through most of our adult life we saw the


world moving to greater interconnectedness. We thought it


would mean less violence. If Russia and China were trading with the West


it we would not go to war. But Russian gas is stopping is acting on


Ukraine. We perhaps need to deal with Assad in Syria to see off ISIS.


We perhaps need to do more with I ran. We need to have a different


relay should ship with Saudi Arabia. `` relationship with Saudi Arabia. A


lot of these countries have social Democrats in charge of them. It is a


problem with journalism but it is also a subset of a wider strategic


problem we face. The is another problem that we might try to behave


as well as we can as journalists but social media feels this and puts


terrible, grisly stuff out there and we might all decide that what they


really want is the optimum publicity. These are not ideologues.


First of all they are asking for huge ransoms from the families. We


saw that the French did a deal and got their hostages back because they


paid a vast sum of money. The British and Americans don't do


deals. There are another 20 western hostages. The Telegraph had an


interesting bit where they have been looking carefully at the background


of these videos. They are very well produced videos. They are


speculating that these poor people, these journalists being killed on


the same day, and may the British hostage is already dead. Because


they are so similar. For reasons you have explained, and you are rightly


not showing the horrible picture on the front of the Telegraph, but it


is still a very powerful front page, it has a huge amount of impact. It


is a front page that the jihadists clearly hope will be a recruiting


tool as well. Of course. This goes back to the dilemma. Do we sacrifice


our belief in openness and information and the risk of giving


them publicity. It is not an easy choice. Cameron was saying yesterday


that if you carry on with the humanitarian drops, or you could


also strike them. Nobody is asking that military question at the


moment, do we stay the same or you could also strike them. Nobody is


asking that military question at the moment, do we stay the same goal.


Thereafter selection of horrible wars. 1 million people displaced in


Ukraine who can't get on the front pages because this is happening. ``


there are. At the bottom of the Guardian front page. A Spanish judge


frees Ashya's parents from jail after a U`turn. Thank goodness. I


used to do a programme called Watchdog and there used to be a


requirement for a lot of evidence before you put anything on screen.


The way these parents have been treated with a durable in warrant,


that is a pretty serious thing with a potential ten years in jail


hanging over their heads. `` with a European warrant. To be treated the


way they have been done in the European system when they have not


actually got a charge, what would they charge them with? Child


cruelty? It was too nonspecific for the heavy guns that have been


trained on this poor family. But at the start of this whole issue, the


authorities at the hospital really had no idea what was going on, how


far the child had been taken away. They knew the parents had taken them


but it was against medical advice. I am playing devils advocate, but a


lot of us are having 20 slashed 20 hindsight. This child has a horrible


brain cancer. I was president of the European Cancer coalition and we


have talked endlessly about how Britain is not as good as most


countries in Europe at cancer. I'm presuming these parents might be


aware of that kind of thing and the hospital at one point were saying


this was a child who was terminally ill. We have no idea what the


parents were told or not told. Regardless of that, it was a very


heavy tool to use against these parents. They have been in


handcuffs, in jail for four days. That is what David Cameron said. I


suspect a 99% of the viewers of this programme will disagree with what I


will say, but this review process started after David Cameron and Nick


Clegg stepped in. It was plainly a ludicrous overreaction by the


prosecution service. But hang on a minute, do we really want to drift


into being a country where politicians, ministers, start to


interfere in legal processes? It is very easy to contain political


interference when we don't like it. The real test of when we mean it,


when we want to keep politics and law separate, is when we think


politicians are right and the law is wrong. Do we still believe in it? I


believe it was being sorted before that and I think they were jumping


on the bandwagon I believe it was being sought before that and I think


they were jumping on the bandwagon to get it sorted.


Does this undermine all the work at Southampton hospital as if they


don't know what they are doing? It is crazy. It has been revealed that


99 children already this year have been taken abroad for protein


therapy. That is about ?10 million already and we're only halfway


through the year. We need to have a much better system of looking at how


the rest of Europe deals with its serious cancers and get on the


bandwagon earlier. Lots of countries have got this. It is never too late.


Please get second opinions out there if you are told a child is terminal


and it sounds as if some point that was said and the parents have


believed that there are children and some... There are new facilities


being built. But we are late. We probably think we are better than


the Czech Republic but we are not. We are worse than most countries in


Europe when it comes to cancer. We need to catch up. Moving on to the


Financial Times. In Scotland, it is the YouGov poll that has rattled the


markets. The reason is, for most of the year, YouGov have been at the no


end of the scale. We have been showing no beating yes. In the last


two polls, we have shown to marked increases in the no votes. It is


showing that. Let me say, when I first saw the figures yesterday


morning, I was a bit twitchy. The law of probability. All polls can


get wonky samples. It is the law of statistics. You thought there was a


problem? I thought there might be. We found that of the 1000 people in


our poll, half of them are questioned early in the year at some


point or another. We could look and compare what the same people had


said a few months ago with what is being said now. There has been a


shift from no to year. That is absolutely real. I am confident that


something is going on. Sure. It is fascinating. If Scotland does say


yes, it is YouGov that has encouraged by the sound of it. She


is yanking your chain! The Scottish people are making the change. The


trend is... This is serious. The Financial Times is saying that banks


are losing shares. The most terrifying thing is that a top


Treasury civil servant has said he has not made any contingency plans


for a yes vote. He will wait till the day after the referendum. I


still big blue `` think that's probably the no campaign will win. I


am saying there is now a 20% to 30% chance of victory. In no victory is


more likely than a yes victory. Given the consequences of a possible


yes victory, it is criminal that in the Treasury in Downing Street they


are not doing anything about it. What they have to understand is the


Scottish psyche. I love Scotland a long time ago but I am... The


proudest thing about me is I am Scottish. The Indus people and I am


assuming `` the English people, to talk like that with no contingency


plans, it sounds so arrogant and the Scots hate it. I do not think you


can say anything any more. Is the BBC telling me what I can and cannot


say? Yes. Lots to talk about at around 11:25pm. We will have a


second look at some other headlines on the papers and all the stories


behind it. Stay with us here on BBC News. At the top of the we will have


much more on the release of that video by Islamic state militants


which is claiming to show the killing of another American


journalist. Now it is time for the sport.


Making his Ryder Cup debut, Stephen Gallacher is given a wildcard.


But four`time winner Luke Donald is out.


Embarrassment for England at Edgbaston.


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