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tennis and the best of the day's reaction to the final football


transfers in Sportsday in 15 minutes after the Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me is the broadcaster Lynn Faulds Wood and the


president of YouGov, Peter Kellner. Tomorrow's front pages.


Many papers lead with the apparent murder of the American journalist


Steven Sotloff by Islamic State. Many papers lead with the apparent


murder of the American The Metro reports the militant's threat to


kill a British hostage next. The Daily Express calls it a


chilling new threat. The Daily Mail carries comments from


the Prime Minister who said the video is disgusting and despicable.


The Guardian notes the British accent of the jihadi on the footage


is the same as in the killing of James Foley.


The Independent pictures Steven Sotloff before his abduction last


year. As does the Scotsman, which also


features the criminal charges being dropped for Ashya's parents.


Another story leads the Financial Times. It says the prospect of a


close vote on Scottish independence is sending jitters through the City.


We must start with the story of Steven Sotloff, apparently a second


American journalist murdered in a video posted on the intranet. It is


interesting how the papers have decided to feature the story with


their cover photographs of `` Internat. The independent has a


photo of Mr Scott lost `` Independent `` Steven Sotloff. The


picture ranges from this nice photo to some horrible photos. It is


interesting to see the editorial decisions behind this. The Scotsman


shows him as the journalist, the man, and well done the Independent


for choosing to tell a horrible story in this way because some


images were so graphic you think they would appeal to the nasty side


of human nature. It plays into the recruiting element that this video


is fair to achieve. `` there to achieve. Most people don't go


looking at 6`8 papers so closely. I find it numbing. The horrible ones


or so horrible, they leave you gasping for understanding. In an odd


way, the front page of the Independent and the Scotsman is in


some ways more powerful because you see not a victim but a human being.


And, the life that has been lost. Not only have the Independent taken


a sensitive view, but actually, the front page I think has more in


packed than some of the more ostensibly gruesome images. I hope


so. These are a horrible people that are doing this, we know that, who


are asking the families for a enormous ransoms to spare the lives


of their children and they aren't these idealistic people who want


this Islamic State, they are thugs and we feed into their thuggery if


we show them brandishing knives and we give them the oxygen in


publicity. Let's bring up the Guardian front page if we can. The


BBC News channel has decided they won't show anything from the video


itself. Nothing more than a picture of Mr Sotloff himself. This is the


front page of the Guardian. Why do you think the Telegraph has used a


more graphic picture? I don't know. Maybe it sells papers. I don't want


to buy a paper with a man wielding a knife. I feel I am helping to...


There are hard judgements to make because we have both been


journalists for a number of years and I don't think on this situation


that editors and news editors take the decision which will send the


paper flying off the shelves tomorrow morning. They might on


other occasions but this time I think they are making... They are


wrestling with a difficult judgement as it were to get the full truth,


which is the horror and the knife, or finding another way to tell the


story that is less brutal and perhaps if you take the view of the


Independent, they don't want to play into the hands of the Islamist


agenda. I don't think there is a clear right or wrong I just refer


the Independent's approach. I am not sure the Telegraph are doing it to


sell copies. I think they have the view that I disagree with. It is a


powerful and legitimate front page. I think the jihadis use these videos


for recruitment. One paper has studied them carefully and think


these people have been killed on the same day at around the same time


because all of the backgrounds are the same, the filming is the same,


the editing is the same. It is quite likely that the British hostage is


also now dead and there are another 20 hostages there that... Western


hostages. The Times mentions about the British hostage who isn't being


named by British media at the request of family but has been


identified by the international press. As far as I can tell, they


named him in tomorrow's papers, the name is out there, it is no secret.


This is a judgement of taste, decency and respect for the family


as much as anything. There is the question of the photos, the naming,


and anyone who says there is an absolute right or wrong way to do


this and some papers have it right and others don't, I am jolly glad I


am not having to decide the front page the night. Any suggestion of


other hostages being killed is speculation, we don't know. It does


look quite possible. Working in TV, if something looks the same in every


shot, it is likely it was done at the same time. The front page of the


Guardian, again, Spanish judge frees Ashya King's parents from jail after


a U`turn from prosecutors. This is an extraordinary saga. We reported


minutes ago with the hospital bringing out a statement. The story


isn't over. I have a feeling there are a feeling there are labourers to


the story that we don't know. What we do know is that the Crown


Prosecution Service went for the parents and they have now pulled


back. We also know that David Cameron and Nick Clegg and the


Guardian leans into this, say they shouldn't be prosecuted. In terms of


the substance, my sympathies are with David Cameron and Nick Clegg,


in terms of process, it worries me. I don't think politicians should


tangle themselves with legal decisions even if the politicians


are right and their lawyers are wrong. This is slippery slope


territory. Although I am glad the case has been pulled back, and I


support the sentiment expressed by the Prime Minister and his deputy, I


feel queasy about the way... (CROSSTALK) there has been criticism


of the hospital involved in Southampton. Bafflement. We don't


know what went on. Not understanding. Not until you read it


out. The hospital has released a statement making it clear it was


concerned for the well`being of this five`year`old for a number of


reasons, for instance, because a power cable for the nasal gastric


tube used to feed the five`year`old had been left behind. It can work on


a battery but only occasionally. The child still seems to be OK. Yes, but


if you are a hospital trust, will you take that chance? This is the


dilemma. They have known this for four or five days. It happened last


Thursday, was it? Why haven't we known any of this before now. Why


did they issue an arrest warrant, a terribly heavy pool to use to get


this family back. `` tool. Let's invert that. I don't know if we know


the truth. Supposing the hospital said, we disagree, but they are the


parents and supposing heavens above, he died, will we not be saying, why


were you so laid`back? I am not saying laid`back. Don't take a


sledgehammer. You and I have been through enough stories to know that


this kind of thing was probably a lot more to come out on both sides


and I am not going to... I don't want to rush to judgement. They now


say they are appealing for a second appealing `` opinion. There is no


right or wrong necessarily. They often have five options. With this


family... I have seen the data for Europe and Britain isn't great with


cancer. We have seen stories in the press about that. These parents


thought they could go elsewhere for a second opinion and better


treatment. The impression from the statement is that they were in the


middle of this discussion as to what the next course of treatment should


be and it seems according to the hospital that the conversation came


to an end. Why doesn't everybody stop talking about it? You parents


have suffered four or five days in prison, they have been handcuffed,


their trial has been without parents for several days, why do they stop


until the parents return to Britain, kept them together with


hospital and have someone sort out the truth. At the moment, we are


speculating. At the heart of it is a little boy. This information is


difficult to put in the public domain. Patient confidentiality. The


hospital felt it was backed into a corner and had to put this stuff out


there. It seems to be explaining the reasoning behind their actions. They


could have put some out. I think there have been mistakes made all


round and what the... The way they have resolved those mistakes was


heavy`handed. Let's move on to the Financial Times. Scots vote, fears


rattle City. I am sitting here, you are sitting there, we are looking at


this man, a man who can wipe billions of stock markets. With the


flick of a finger. I teased him about that earlier because I am


Scottish. But, I didn't mean it. Billions probably have been wiped.


It is the fact that the YouGov poll yesterday came out and suggested


that this rate is very tight indeed and YouGov has been Conservative


with the small seat in its predictions with the vote. Your


pollsters have changed things a little bit. The Scottish people have


changed it. We genuinely simply report what is happening. Since we


got figures yesterday morning, I have been speaking with people on


the ground, people with their ear to the ground who know what is going on


and everyone says, yes, on the ground, they can tell it is


tightening. They can see that in working`class areas, traditional


Labour voters, as the poll suggests, have been switching in large numbers


from No to Yes. Alex Salmond has broken through on the issue of being


run by Tory London, dangers to the NHS, real or fantasy, that argument


is beginning to get... And, winning voters as well. To a small extent.


There is still a big gender gap. Until one month ago, men were


divided evenly between Yes and No, women were two to one on Yes to


know. It is now on balance. There is still a quite wide gender gap. If


you tie it back to the first story in Syria and Iraq, there is a gender


gap. Well you have a risky option, sending weapons into Iraq or


Scottish independence, men tend to be more in favour. Where it is


cautious, security, we aren't sure about this... Sensible women tend to


be on that side of the argument. It was happening with Afghanistan and


Libya. You are a Scot, explain why you think it is time. I left


Scotland and awfully long time ago. If you ask what I am, the first


thing I say is Scottish. Scottish people are very proud of being


Scottish. You get English people... This article in the Financial Times


has some quotes in it that will make the Scots go and vote Yes. You can't


tell the Scots what to do especially if you are English and especially if


it sounds like you are patronising. This is it because a lot of British


people are looking at the debate and thinking, all of this stuff about


not having the sterling, not being part of the union, the economy going


down the tube, the North Sea oil running out, all the economic stuff


is trumped by the heart. Is that what you are saying? I was speaking


with an oil man on Sunday who said there was lots of oil and there is


lots of gas in the North Sea, I love the Scottish line that we have to


keep our oil, we needed for our trips. The Scots can take the


proverbial apple themselves. They are basically the proverbial out of


themselves. We have three polls between now and polling day and I


think there is now a battle between momentum, which is clearly with


Yes, and something that often happens in referendums around the


world, at the last minute, people draw back from change, looking over


the cliff edge, they think, I am not so sure about jumping off. I don't


know which of those impulses is going to win the day. There is a


rocky ride in the polls, possibly their financial markets, have a lot


of turbulence over the next few weeks. It started with the Scots


saying they thought they wouldn't get a fair deal. If they did some


horse trading, some earlier horse trading, it is too late now. They


would probably have said that it would do nicely. It has gone too


far. Put that on the table. That is one side of the debate. Probably


wasn't generous enough. It has been great having you in to look at the


stories behind the headlines. Many thanks. Stay with us on BBC News.


More at the top of the hour on the release of the video by Islamic


State militants claiming to show the killing of an American journalist


Steven Sotloff. Now, it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Nina Warhurst. Given a wildcard for


his Ryder Cup debut ` Stephen Gallacher makes the European team,


but four`time winner Luke Donald will miss


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