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England versus Norway and Germany versus Argentina. And England's


women cricketers winning their 2020 International.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley


and the broadcaster and football commentator Clarke Carlisle.


Let's have a look at some of the front pages. The Financial Times


highlights the advance of the FTSE. It is heading to a record high


despite the unrest in the Middle East and the Ukraine. The Telegraph


talks of a warning that Scottish independence could see a sterling


crisis. The express warns that kettles could be next after


high`powered vacuum cleaners were banned. And the Guardian talks of


the Prime Minister's plans to seek allies to destroy the Islamic State


group. We are going to start with the front


page of the Guardian. Mr Cameron and Barack Obama seeks allies to... That


suggest that They were saying about turning it


into a united Islamic front. They are trying to mobilise the entire


extremists leg against them. They want a caliphate. They are thinking


two steps ahead, but there are reports of the Taliban joining in.


If the British get involved, then you might crush an uprising there,


but you are pushing outside and it will start to pop up in other little


pockets. You have to beat aware of the ramifications. This is why they


are hesitant in the first place. The hesitancy that they are pointing


to. Staying with the Guardian front page, police have told victims to


solve crimes themselves! This is an interesting story. It is an


interesting story. The story is inferring that police, when there


are small crimes, criminal damage or theft from properties, they are


questioning the victims over the phone, and asking them to do a


little bit of investigative work themselves. Checking CCTV footage,


that sort of thing. Seeing if there were any witnesses. You can


understand that line if you just want background information before


you send an officer on the scene. But for that to replace the officer,


that could be the entire investigation, that is wrong. But he


had to play devil's advocate. There are a lot of high impact crimes


which do need investigating. The police force have had 20% of their


funding cut in four years. We have had extensive job losses. They do


have to prioritise. As long as it is prioritising and not replacing, that


is the thing. Moving on, a report from Her Majesty 's Inspectorate


Delap they have given up investigating


certain crimes. Roger Baker is quoted as saying that what is


happening as many crimes up on the verge of being decriminalised. I


think it is disgusting. The police exist that in order to do their own


job. They Delap it is what they are there for us.


Roger Baker says that when the crime is committed, it is the job of


the... I am not going to go knock a libertarian here, but if my phone is


not working, and they tell me to fix it myself, I am able to change


myself. The natural `` estate monopoly means that I can do nothing


about it. `` state monopoly. You complete your sleuthing shoes on! Do


I have a local chief constable? ! Quickly onto the Daily Telegraph.


Will Pooley. He had Ibo le, now he does not. An amazing recovery. ``


e`mail. The question is that it is


incredibly expensive and it is experimental. He was able to get the


drug under humanitarian grounds. It cannot just be handed out. So it is


a tragedy that eight white Anglo`Saxon European`American gets


it, it is an unfortunate coincidence. Let's move on briefly


to the Financial Times. A Scottish Tory has boosted the note campaign


in the independence referendum with a claimed that David Cameron is


going to lose number ten anyway. So don't vote just kick him out. He is


going to be gone. Because it will happen anyway! It is one of his own


kinsman. It is quite unbelievable, this story. But it is true. I do not


understand why this is rallying the no campaign, because how much


control is our government currently having? How much control does David


Cameron have other than deciding the amount of money that goes up to


these purse strings Scottish Parliament? They are making a


majority of their own decisions in the Scottish parliament. The point


of the story is that a lot of traditional Labour voters are moving


to the yes campaign because they are sick of David Cameron. For the sake


of union and the country, it is tied to the Tory party to announce that


they were never be in charge ever again! That is an interesting


strategy! Yellow macro in philosophical terms, it is


depressing and bizarre that it is not campaigning by an independent


Scotland. But because of the Tories. It is offensive, because it suggests


that all endless people are Tories. You guys are leaving the studio, and


you will be back in an hour's time. Stay with us here on BBC News. We


are going to have much more on what the perceived strategy that seems to


be developing, some would argue, as to how to deal with the crisis


threat. `` Isis. Hello and welcome to Sportsday `


I'm Nina Warhurst. England manage a one nil win


in their friendly against Norway at but only 40,000 are


there to watch it. Argentina reap revenge on Germany


after being beaten in the


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